Walk and lambs

A beautiful day in a beautiful place!
Olivia and i decided to defeat the winds and went for a walk along the beach.
So so beautiful and i can not wait till summer and i will be able to spend every day like this.
The colours are still fade but it is just a matter of time till it will burst out in a warm and welcoming palette.
Meanwhile the sea has to talk...
And the sky...
Even my daughter seemed to enjoy...
After our walk we went with our neighbor to explore another thing spring is bringing...
The cutest little lambs ever...
The oldest lambs were 3 weeks and the little black one Olivia was holding was born yesterday.
So soft and pretty and i think our hearts were singing a little extra "trudelutt" of love after our little experience.
Born yesterday ( the lamb, not Olivia)
Bella was scared though since they were "beheeeeing" with a very deep voice so she preferred to stay outside on the swing.
Yup this was our very exiting day and it feels good to know we have another one coming up tomorrow.
Can not wait to see what tomorrow will bring...
Tjingeling and goodnight


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