Yet another birthday party...

This past weeks has been just one long party for Bella.
So many friends to celebrate,
On the friday it was time for Bella to be the star of the day!
Since her birthday is coming up during spring break the teachers wanted to celebrate her before.
They have a very nice tradition at school of celebrating in full style...
The parent comes in in the morning with a treat for the entire class and some extras.
The  birthday kid has to stand on a chair with a crown on her head and all her classmates are standing around her singing Happy birthday.
Suddenly some of us felt a little awkward  up there...
Then the parent gets to sit down and read a special book chosen by the birthday girl...
So sweet and all the students listened and commented the whole story through, so funny :)
And then it is time for the highlights of the celebration, the Birthday walk!
They walk with a friend around in the schol visiting all the staff and teachers collecting hugs and small birthdaygifts while the birthday kid is offering whatever treat was brought in ( in Bellas case a cupcake with pink and purple sprinkles). With all those smiles and love following the walk Bella really felt very special and that was exactly the purpose of that day! Hooorrraaayyyy!
And on the sunday it was time for another party in another "party factory"!
They all seem to have the same motto: squeeze in as much stimulation as possible in a maximum of two hours.:)
At this place you could start off with tatoos and then you were "pushed" into an arts-craftsroom...
...and 15 minutes later herded into a gym ( lucky duck if you were able to finish your art) for maximum exhaustion for another 15-20 min.
And look who is always up for a party too?
After the gym it was time for the pizza and cake!
Notice the amount of plates! That is only for the kids...
The very important ballons...
...and the even more important cake!
It was a nice place and very kidsfriendly (really?) and despite the time managment the kids love it!!!
And o a lot of colours which means mom likes it too:)
Now i have to plan for Bellas party and guess where she wants to have her party?
She has been exposed to so many differet ones now but keep on coming back to the same place on and on.
Just for me to fulfill her wish!!!


Så mjuk i hjärtat en mormor kan bli när hon ser den fina uppvaktningen av en liten prinsessa och den där lite större prinsessan som med jämmna mellanrum kikar fram lite här och där.

Svar: Hon älskar att vara med på alla partyn och med di smau! kram
Maria Lacik

2014-03-10 @ 21:58:26

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