A walk with the girls.

If ever feeling a bit down or low, just invite two teenage girls to join you for a walk. 
It is so entertaining to listen to their conversations, to their quick change of subjects, to their singing and to watch their dance moves and silly walks. 
And everything sprinkled with laughs and a great portion of positivism:)
Of course other people are also present via cyberspace.
I guess this is how the world is now a days...
So much positive energy in that tree:)
So not only did we get to move our legs but also ventilate, laugh and solve worldly problems. 
It was a great challenge though trying to follow every sidestep the girls brains took them and which they so easily immediately continued for a bit till next opportunity to change subject occurred. 
Wow, I'm so impressed of their capacity to follow every thread their minds were offering. 
I think my brain got as much workout as my legs.
And my stomach and facial muscles of all the laughing:)
A teenage girls walk. 
What a treat!!!


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