Butterfly fun!

Today Sunday has been such a beautiful spring day my heart is singing. 
It brought me back to our holiday a few weeks ago where Bella and I were visiting a butterfly farm. 
We took a guided tour in this little greenhouse and we learnt a lot about these beauties. 
Bella was in honor's of the day dressed in a flowery dress to attract the butterflies:)
If you look closely on this last picture above you can see how they dance around her ( difficult to capture with my iPhone but still...)
We learnt they they love the alcohol in rotten fruit, they are actually drunk when they fly around (!). 
Butterflies are also very important in our ecosystem and we can all help them to survive by simply google what attracts the most common butterflies in our garden whether its parsley or a flower and then start growing that specific plant. 
I mean who does not want butterflies in the gardens?!
Sunshine, flowers and butterflies.
Definitely a day to remember:)


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