Clearing the clutter and some other stuff

In feng shui we say it is important to clear the clutter to make room for new energy.
For some reason I have not applied that to our storage in the basement...
I think we started off in a good way by using shelves and boxes but sometime along our stay here we ( read I) kind of lost it. 
It became a room perfect to just throw in stuff I didn't want to deal with in that very moment and then shut the door.
But with our move coming up soon we decided to clean out the whole house including this room. 
It's a lot of history in that room dating all the way back to my childhood so it takes a lot of time for me to process but our goal is to minimize (!) our container size, so the only thing to do for me is to dig in. 
I can't wait for that new fresh energy to fill the wholes in both my house and in my brain...
Doing it with Bella though takes time since she seems to think its Christmas with all these "new" treasures and is kind of working against me.
I sort and throw and she finds it again and picks it out to keep...
Well well we still have a few weeks before it has to be clean, in order and mentally processed. 
'It's a tough job but somebody has to do it:)


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