Food and flower fulfillment:)

One of the most important thing we always do when arriving to our summerhouse, is to go grocery shopping. 
Its part of a routine that brings us closer to our dream and kickstart our summer experience. 
And of course some flowers will come home with us from the store before i head out to pick them myself:)
These my friends are not pictures of some random food!
Those are carefully selected items, from the bottom of our hearts and from small incapsuled needs hidden in the braincells of me and the two kids that came with me to Sweden this first round. 
Like "filmjölk", ( a sour and thicker breakfast milk), warm smoked salmon and dipping sauces to go with, kids favorite bread and my just wonderful butter with sea salt. A Swedish type of salami, other sausages, a certain type of cinnamon rolls, liver paté, creamy hard cheese, Swedish tea and of course a big bag of "pick your own candy", some Swedish magazines and saft, like a strawberry concentrate you mix with water and a lot more...
Everything on that table represents a dream or something that has been missed and, as a mom, those kind of things are easy to help out with and are definitely giving us a good start of this new adventure of ours:)
Now when the fridge is filled we can move over to the just being mode...


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Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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