One of my design projects...

I thought you maybe wanted to have a little sneak peak of one of the interior design projects I've been working on.
Its been a rewarding ( sometimes frustrating) journey filled with aha moments and love. 
It has involved colors, furniture, style and ambience in close interaction with my clients. 
This room is still not finished but I hope everyone is getting a feeling for what its going to look like.
My clients were looking for a traditional and entertainingfriendly style.
For some reason the picture does not show the right colors but regardless it is a big change from the original look. 
It was a room with great features that just needed some updating and some new furniture that would invite people to come sit for a while, breathe and take a break from the everyday rush. 
Sometimes it can be good to be drastic...
And it's amazing how powerful color is:)


Duktiga du!

Svar: Tack kompis! Det var ju ett ganska tacksamt objekt att jobba med...😘
Maria Lacik

2017-06-21 @ 09:40:48

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