We got a windy start!
Oh my, I thought both kids, dog and house would blow away...
But you never know, the wind is suppose to last a couple of days:)
Our days are short due to the jet lag ( we sleep the whole day) but after waking up there is some energy that needs to let loose so a walk (or a scoot) down to the beach is of course a "must".
This place is truly magical.
The beauty, the colors and the good energy that surrounds us are a welcoming break in our lives. 
Slowly slowly the power of this magical is penetrating our minds and bodies and replacing all worries, stress and anxiety with peace, calmness and a feelgood feeling:)
Maybe the wind is helping by blowing everything away...
Whatever it is I'm so grateful and happy that the world offer places like this where I'm able to just be, reload and recharge.
Lucky lucky me!


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