A little slice of our week...

So are we back to winter wonderland. 
A beautiful, relaxing and recharging week is over. 
A lot of sun, a lot of warmth, lots of food and wonderful company. 
I did not take many pictures ( and the ones I took I could not download) but instead I kept all the beautiful moments and filled every little cell in my brain with those precious memories. 
A little slice of our week...
We had a beautiful house. Made for being together but still allowed privacy. 
Stunning view and some "pearls" here and there in the garden and in the house. 
St Martin itself offered a colorful carrebean mix of wealth and poverty, sunshine and rain and croissants and plantains. 
Loved loved loved the week together with our friends and really feel I'm so spoiled being surrounded with high quality friendship, experience fantastic destinations and being exposed to kindness, love and support. 
Life is good!!!


Ja precis så ska det vara.Något att verkligen vara tacksam för

Svar: Mycket att vara tacksam för! Känner mig rik:)
Maria Lacik

2017-03-21 @ 09:56:58

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Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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