Bella the star!

Yesterday our first gymnastic meet took place.
Weeks of preparations and determination culminated in those hours in that hall. 
One hour car ride one way, four hours competition and five medals later Bella decided that this was definitely something she could think of doing again...
With her tounge helping her to stay focused she mastered the floor, beam, bars and the vault and she loved it. 
She was so nervous in the beginning I thought she would cancel everything but she kept together and made herself and her parents extremely proud. 
We were not allowed to go close on some of her routines so no pictures but we have everything saved in our hearts:)
This little package of joy!
How lucky are we not?


Bella,så duktig du är, att få alla dessa medaljer att ta med sig hem. Puss min älskling

Svar: Så stolt! Roligt att få bekräftelse på detta sättet:)
Maria Lacik

2017-03-07 @ 10:37:12

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