Ship ohoj!

So it seems we finally have decided on what boat to trust to carry our family on the seven seas 🙃.
Many marina walks, boat fairs and internet research later I think my dear husband is comfortable in his choice. 
And I am too, as the landcrab I am:)
Many docks later this was actually the last one in search of THE boat.
Someone in our family focused on technical talks and other important stuff...
...while I was admiring the beauty of the white against the dark clouds...
...and the rest was enjoying the comfort of the boat:)
From next week the whole Swedish archipelago will be shaken and stirred by these landcrabs trying to manouver their new boat and trying to find their way around the islands. 
At least we will be protected from rain and cold, have a boat with safe driving characteristics and other positive features that hopefully will turn us all into skippers đŸ˜±  
Whoop whoop, ship ohoj!


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