Surroundings for contemplating

Its so quiet in here 😔. 
Nothing much is happening but I love it:)
The weather has really been doing it’s best so i kind of have moved outside.
As the Swede I am I never know how long these beautiful days will last so better take the opportunity to be outside.
And since I am spoiled with beautiful surroundings around my house it is just such a treat.
Mornings are beautiful and evenings are beautiful. 
And everything in between:)
Love the ”wilderness”, the water, the view and the man made mix.
I must say that the weather and the beauty around here has wrapped my grief and sadness in a soft blanket and kind of put a padding around all the sharpest edges and made it ‘go-throughable”.
Nature is such a powerful tool in over-all wellness.
Yup, weeks of contemplating and philosophizing in this environment has not been bad:)


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