Back in my summerplace

I have been down at my summer place again to be with my mom. 
It is still very heavy and I can suddenly burst into tears no matter where I am if reminded of something, a place, a habit, food or a sign of what he was doing just before...
My mom still seems to be in shock phase so although I’m not really in the best place to encourage or entertain I can at least be there next to her and share her moments during the day.
Spring is in full bloom trying to make its best to soothe and comfort.
Her little “hut” down at the beach will be out on the market soon so if you already now know of anyone who has a dream of having a traditional “badhytt” let me know!
I’m completely exhausted, listless and have no spirit at all but, even then I get a warm feeling in my heart looking at the white blanket of “stars” covering the ground, my dog and my beautiful family, in this case Bella was the one keeping me company, and I’m so happy for life. 
I still think it is amazing how strong joy and laughter are and how those qualities manage to squeeze in to someone’s sadness and grief just to lift the mood for a second and give it a break.
Keep hugging each other and tell important people in your life that you love them!


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Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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