Birthday girl!

Busy doing nothing I still found time to visit a place where I could find internet. 
Almost starting to get used to not being available in cyberspace...
Well time is passing and my fantastic daughter turned teenager!!!
She is the most funniest, wonderful and beautiful big little girl on this planet! ( might be a little biased) 
Birthdays mornings all follow the same routines. 
Breakfast, flag and presents on a tray together with singing, cheering and kissing.
My daughter is also very polite and pretended to be asleep while we were preparing and managed to look dazed and surprised:)
I know she had been awake for hours waiting for this moment...
And she very quickly got into the right mood!
Now we are talking Olivia spirit!
She has the effect on people that she is not leaving anyone unmoved. 
She is happy, social, and funny. 
Hardworking, goal oriented and ambitious. 
She is also a teenager with everything that comes in that package. 
Banging doors, emotional roller coasters and vanity!
And I'm so so proud of her!
She makes me feel I'm alive.
She is cracking me up and although we sometimes have different opinions ( mostly) she is adding that extra sparkle to my life. 
A girl full of life!
My girl!

Joy of life!

I have for sure not got used to the lack of internet and is still suffering:)
Im sure it's good for all of us though not being reachable the whole time...
Someone not bothered at all is my little princess. 
She is just one big smile!
Whatever she gets in to she does it with such a positive attitude that you would think this is her favorite thing. 
Her little 5 year old body is surrounded by sparkles and stars and makes all of us feel very special. 
She is stumbling over her own feet and she is falling of her bike because her front wheel goes in another direction but almost everytime she stands up, shake a little and says "don't worry mom, I'm ok!" giving me a confirming smile:)
And my heart melts!!!
How is it possible that such a small person can give so much joy and reasons to smile?!
How is it possible that such a small person own so much personality?
And how happy am I to be a part of that life with her?
Feel so so privileged.
I love every minute with this little lady ( well maybe not every)!
I wish all of us could have that easy attitude to life with no big problems other than where to find the shoes of the barbiedoll...
This summer I think we all got affected by her way of living because the only thing we are concerned about is what ice cream to buy or which bikini to wear...:)
Joy of life is easy with my Bella!!!

A cast iron dream

I have been talking about small things that makes your heart smile.  Not health or kids or something with depth this tiime. No superficial it is today:)
This time it's a perfect little cast iron set that is the object of my smile:)
I think it has such old fashioned beauty that complement our summerhouse in the most perfect way!
It's so funny that this romantic piece of furniture makes my heart beat a little faster but I'm blaming the sun, the warmth and the good atmosphere here:)
Slowly slowly all the pieces in the summerhouse puzzle are coming together...
Like everything else during this summer the tempo is a non excistent ingredient:)
This is the seat of the chair.
Like a sun!
Just to sit on it makes even your bottom smile:)
And look how nice the sun shines through the chairs and table?!
The pattern it makes and how beautiful it decorates also the ground. 
I can definately see my self with a nice cup of tea sitting on the sun in the shadow of the trees. 
So be it!!!

Summerdays continues...

"Suffering" from a lack of internet so sitting at the tennis club to get updated. 
Days all look the same with that big yellow globe shining in and on our lifes!
Busy enjoying and just being!!!
My favorite beach babes!
Dressed to match the sky!!!
Will give a more detailed update as soon as my internet is fixed but might take another week:(
whoopi doo

Adventure golf

I don't know why we keep on playing this form of golf!
It is just another way to tear a family apart...
I kind of always hope that playing with friends would make the kids behave but the competing amongst the kids show no mercy...
Half way through they normally are chasing each other with theif clubs high up in the air while shouting. 
But the other day was an exception...
Chaos of course with the kids everywhere ...
But this time a good atmosphere ...
Thanks to this little "camera friend"!
She popped up whenever there was an attempt of documenting this very important competition. 
She played very well which might have been a reason to her good mood but it indeed affected us all :)
I so love my little "lens louse"!
She makes me smile from deep inside my heart. 
Her good mood made us able to ( between the smiles) concentrate on our game. 
I even had to tie up my dress in order for me to "swing" that club:)
Some of us gave up but helped out with filling in the score card. 
And some of us showed us how to play this game:)
Actually I think he lost in the end..
Its amazing how a little hole like this can create so many different emotions. 
From sunshine to thunder and lightning.
From smiles to tears.
And from love to hate. 
Im so happy the sun was up the whole time that day!
Gives me hope for the future...

A tribute to HUNÖ!

Summer is passing at the speed of lightning!
We are filling the days with sunshine, friends and strawberries:)
A couple of days ago we went to another piece of paradise where I have been spending some days every summer since I was in my early twenties. And that my friends is looooooong time!
If you can see beyond that blurry picture you can hopefully catch a glimpse of the summer on an island in the archipelago outside Västervik at the Baltic Sea. 
The people who live there are the parents in the family I was an aupair in when they lived in the UK 25 years ago. 
I stayed in their house for a year but they have since then stayed in my heart!!!
They are the most beautiful people I can ever think of from inside and out and they have a heart bigger than the  continents. 
Which means I always feel close wherever they are. 
I feel so lucky they chose me to come help them out with life that day 100 years ago:)
At this place days are passing by in a dream!
Swimming fishing and laughing are the main activities for the kids...
And jumping to reach the sky...
And boating!
Who needs the sun when you see a smile like this?!
Its so beautiful...
And very peaceful!
The beauty to the right is the daughter in the family and the one I took care of ( together with her brother) back then. Love her to bits!
We do not do much but chatting, hugging, giving advice about life and eating. 
Surrounded by the sound of the waves reaching the cliffs...
The contrast we all need from our daily life and routines we have the rest of the year. 
Every moments are playtime moments:)
A perfect place to build up strength and courage to take that first step on the springboard into the scary depth for a 5 year old girl. ( she did not do it in the end though but I know she thought she could)
And a perfect environment for a 46 year old woman to nurture her heart, mind and tummy!!
Life is beautiful!!!

Ystad in my heart

I feel the need of showing you a few pictures from this medieval town in the very south part of Sweden were I'm spending the summer. 
Its an old fishing town with those typical small houses situated on narrow cobblestone roads. 
They are normally painted in a pastel colour with a lot of flowers decorating the walls. 
To stroll around in this colour palette makes my heart sing and my mind smile!
There is history in every corner...
...because most of the houses in the central of the town have a few hundred years of age in the walls. 
And I can just imagine what all those old trees been witnessing.
Not to mention that church which is about 700 years old if I don't remember it wrongly.
I mean who needs the sun when you are greeted like this?!
Love love love it!
About 20 000 inhabitants have access to all this peaceful settings all year round and so many more during 
the summer months. 
This is just a little teaser to show and share what I find so appealing with this town. 
There are many more things like tons of outdoor cafés, the beautiful beach and of course the tempo of life itself. 
Yes I'm in love:))

Inside Malene Birgers west Mallorca home

My hubby has arrived and that usually means the sun is taking a break to give space for some rain:)
Its hard to believe but wherever he goes the rain will follow. 
He goes to the desert and there will be rain...
So while the rain is pouring I browse warmer and sunnier places on internet and again came across the Danish designer Malene Birgers Mallorca home. 
It was for sale already a year ago But is now sold. 
If only I knew...
Its a two story farmhouse and renovated in her own authentic individual style. 
The lavender seems to be welcoming you wherever you lay your eyes outside:)
ITo be honest I prefer the outside but that is because I'm missing all the green inside. 
It is only black, white and nature and although I loooove those tones I would like to mix in more colours...
I find more colours in this room but where are all the plants?
I do love the combination of modern, rural and Nordic light which makes it very vivid ( despite the lack of greens)
I do love this place and I still sometimes daydream about it. 
Specially when it's cold and rainy...

To loose a tooth

No the romantic weekend I was looking forward to did not occur but on the other side there are 3 more weeks to go:)
I'm sure it will be possible to squeeze in some romance during that time...
At least he is here. 
The weekend was very eventful to my youngest daughter though. 
She lost a tooth!!!
Such a big milestone in her little life:)
So important so she had to tell her tennis instructors, the man in the bike shop, the glazier and the woman at the nursery and a few 100 more including the landscaper that she had a wiggly tooth:)
The toothfairy came, traded the tooth for a few coins and then left. 
But for the first time she also left a note...
That was thanks to my oldest daughter and her special relation with the fairy :))
I think that note was more important to Bella than the coins were. 
She lost her tooth but got coins, a note and her daddy back. 
In her world that's everything she could ask for:))
Romance! What's that?!

Romance is coming up! I hope:)

its Friday and my dear " hubby" is coming tomorrow!!!
And staying for three weeks!
And what is not more suitable than showing this ultra romantic pictures with wedding inspiration...
It is just the feeling I'm looking for...
Not a new man:)
 So beautiful and so romantic bunch of flowers!
I can even spot that dirty pink I'm so inspired by:)
Love love love that white dress to that bold door...
For clearance! This is not me!
I can smell the romance...
I love this floor even though it reminds me of the one we have in our bathroom...
In this case I prefer the more romantic version:)
Like in a fairytale...
The gate to heaven?!
I kind of feel now I want to get married again...
Here at the Chateau la Durantie in France. 
With my husband!
I really hope I have not put any pressure at all on him.
Just a little hint of what I expect...
Bring the romance on!
"Single" goes double for a couple of weeks!
( photos from Erich McVei via Dustjacket)

Livingroom thoughts 2

One of my problems regarding the living room is which colour to add to bind together the interior and create some depth. 
Its a summerhouse so I want to go "natural" but I know myself, I always end up with some kind of deviation from my original plan. 
Im not romantic nor sweet in my taste so pink has not been an obvious option unless it's cerise, as an eye catcher. 
But I have had my eyes on this dirty pink for long time and I think I'm willing to offer that colour a place in my home:)
I think it will match the neutral and natural tones very well but still add some life to the decor without being too romantic. It's so soft and mild so it will melt in and just leave a feeling that something happened right there. 
I would not go totally wild and crazy and make a wall in that pink but maybe a cushion, a candleholder or a painting that has some of that dirty pink in it. 
Harmony, balance and good energy!
Thats what I'm looking for!
The fireplace has a painted decoration in pastel colours and would probably just stand out more if I enhanced with a little dirty pink here and there:)
My luck is also that this colour seems to be one of "the colours" for this coming fall. 
It seems I can expect a pink future:))
( pictures from Tine K)

Living room thoughts

I have to admit that my inspiration and desire to decorate and finish my living room has taken a break.
Maybe there are too many kids asking for attention, too sunny or just too busy with life itself. 
Because im plowing through interior design magazines, I'm visiting every website and going over every furniture store in the neighbourhood. 
And i loooove what I find. 
I just can't apply it in my living room:(
I do have a base. Sofa, armchairs i bought in a rush last year just to get us something to rest our aging legs in and old rattan chairs that i kept from the previous owner. 
The room has a beautiful light, high ceiling and gorgeous oak floor and of course the most stunning fireplace you can imagine. 
Would be many peoples dream to decorate...
And here I am...
Instead asking my self what bikini to wear today...:)
Maybe all the ideas and inspiration will settle soon while on the beach!
Sunshine from me!

Flower power

Even though I'm not interested at all in gardening I so enjoy visiting parks, gardens or even nurseries. 
I don't know if it's the mix of colours, the fragrances from the flowers or just the harmony you find in nature ( even though it's sometimes man made) that appeals to me. 
In this case it was a nursery with the traditional housetype you only find in this part of Sweden combined with the exotics of palm trees, roses and other beauties. 
I was strolling around and just inhaled all the different smells, admiring the beauty in every flower and enjoyed every moment. 
Also Bella was running around like a butterfly from flower to flower smelling, touching and giving advises about witch flower to bring home:)
Loooove those Hydrangeas!
Those, roses, tulips and peonies are my favorites. 
And a few more...
I can really feel the power coming from all these fantastic creations with the only purpose to please the eyes and make sure nature continues. 
And it's a good power!
A feel good power!
A power that sets the tone of the day!
More flowers to humanity! ( oops got carried away)
Maybe there is a little gardener hidden deep inside of me:)

A sunny and magical day!

It is so amazing how entertaining and joyful the pool area is for the kids! a sunny summerday. 
I think for them it is a magical world...
No wonder how grumpy they feel before but when they enter the gate to the pool their steps are suddenly light and bouncy and can not move fast enough to get through the little entryway:)
 The thing is it is absolutely nothing special at all with this place but it doesn't seem to matter. 
As long as they can slide...
Perferably in the most difficult, funny or silly way possible:)
Up and down, in and out and once again!
But with a sky in a blue colour you could easily drown in and the laughter mixed up with exiting screams even a mom afraid of the water (!) could feel the magic in the air:)
Happy kids means happy mom!
That's kind of magical too!!!

Summer tennis!

I signed up my kids for tennis an hour every day for a couple of weeks. 
I did it mainly for a social reason so they get to know other kids in the same age and from the same area we have our summerhouse in. 
And with the little one it really was a "hit"!
She jumps and she runs!
She is picking balls and she poses:)
She is "forehanding"...
And she is "back handing"
Between her gambolling she finds time to wave to me and throw kisses in the air. 
Then I know for sure she is having a good time:)
If you would only judge from this picture the tenniscamp does not look to seem fun at all so hopefully they don't post this one in the tennis magazine unless they want to risk to loose members:))
But watching them play, laugh and bond makes a mothers heart warm and happy!!!
And when a new friend of Bella's asked her if she wanted to be her best friend Bella replied "yes please"!
A good start of July!!!

A sudden invitation!

Being a newcomer in a foreign country is not easy. 
Everything is new. 
House, cars, schools, routines and friends. 
Specially friends!
Not being able to express yourself the way you want or make jokes that make sense in English or even just quickly give someone the impression that you are of good "friendship quality" is sooooo difficult. 
It is so hard so I can not but being myself. 
I can't pretend I'm someone else even though I would like to be funnier, more charming, more sharp or more of something else that I'm missing:)
I can only be myself and hope that will be good enough!
And when a sudden lunch invite from a "new" friend from the US appears in my inbox here in Sweden my heart starts smiling!
To go and see friends from "over there" visiting here and have me in their thoughts then I realise that I'm probably good as I am:)
It was so nice to invite all of us so we all got "bubbles" in our legs and wings in our hearts:)
To feel included is a very powerful feeling. 
I'm sure my little princess  also knows what I'm talking about since she was not left alone a second. 
She had a little admirer following her everywhere and even repeating her name like a mantra:) 
So sweet!!!
Thanks my friend!
You really made my day!!!

Walking in sunshine!

Day by day goes by in real holiday mood!
Some days are more action filled and other days are just about being. 
A walk in our beautiful nature is the only thing we have energy for...
I love to go for walks!
The landscape in my eyes seems to be from a painting...
It is so peaceful.
So balanced. 
And so present...
Wind, sun, sea, flowers, hills...
Its here and it is now. 
I so enjoy it:)
"Carpe diem"!
That is what I am always trying to do. 
All the moments are forming your life so why not grab most of them and make the best of them?!
To walk in this piece of paradise in sunshine and with the flowers like rainbow sprinkles on icecream is one of those important moments to me. 
A true feelgood walk!
I love our world!
And I love life :)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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