A grey Saturday with a colourful ending

Woke up to rain and sleet but now the sun is out and i feel eel grateful to quick turnovers. 
Its been raining the whole weekend so a little sunray makes good for your wellbeing:)
Our poor visitors just had to deal with it and make the best of their trip. 
We took a horse carriage in Central Park to get some protection from the rain...
Despite the bad weather it was big business that day ( probably from people like us seeking shelter from the rain)
Can't help feeling sorry for the hoses though...
They are so beautiful and look so proud although I can sense some tiredness from them. I wonder how many rounds they take every day?
They did manage to take us to my favourite place in the park, the Boathouse though...
Usually a vibrant place and impossible to get a table but felt empty and abandoned when we got there. 
I can very easily imagine a crowded terrace, a mild breeze from the green trees and women in sandals, dresses and just a light cardigan to protect them from being chilled. 
Now it does not feel so tempting to take a romantic boat trip...
But oh I love that place! An oasis in the concrete jungle!
It's kind of hard to imagine the beauty of this place when all the pictures are so grey but if you can see beyond that it's like watching a piece of art!
Inside offered a warm and welcoming atmosphere with good food, fireplace and a the music from a piano. 
Some of you might recognise the man in the front:)
We stayed there for very looooong and had a looooot to eat while we waited out the rain. Eventually we had to leave although it was still raining but they didn't offer beds so could not stay for the night:)
So with a tummy filled with food, smiles on our faces and ants in our pants ( from all the sitting) we decided to go bowling!
That on the other hand offered colours in abundance!
How can a boring and ugly place look so appealing when they change the lighting?
And all ways are good ways in terms of technique:)
We managed to change the grey start to a beautiful ( and dry) ending of the day!
Thats the way we like it!!!

Some feng shui entry tips!

I am about to finish my first course in feng shui and have three more to go. 
What I have learned so far has more or less been a selfish confirmation that i am going in the right direction with my home styling tentacles. That feels soooooo good for my ego:)
So if I'm summing up important things to think of in different rooms it would look like this regarding the entry and hall:
Remember it's the last thing you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you are coming home again. 
It should be easy to find your entrance. Lights, sign or number is a good way to show the way!
Use the main entrance instead of a side door! This is where all the energy comes in to the house and we want all the energy to be positive so it should be light, open and welcoming!
No mirrors directly in front of you when you enter!
The first impression is important! So next picture is a no no...:
What signals are we sending out in this case? ( I know it is a little excessive but just to make a point)
Make sure there is a minimum of clothes, shoes and furniture! Work with hidden storage to give the eye a calm experience and to let the energy flow without interruptions. 
The hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house!
All the five elements should be represented to create harmony! ( fire, earth, metal, water and tree)
With this simple suggestions we are making sure the energy is laughing and what better start can we get coming home?!
Happy weekend!

Antique additions

i really love to visit antique stores or flea markets!
There is always something calling my name clear and loudly:)
This time was no exception!
i mean how cool is not this lamp?!
The alert one can see the photographer in action...
Its from the seventies and absolutely fantastic!
It does not go with anything in our house style wise but I think since I love this piece it will work fine anyhow. 
We can call it an eclectic mix just to put a name on it...
The same goes for these female figures from that same antique store:
Heavy, confident and golden they just sit there on my mantelpiece!
Looking goooood!
Things that put a personal touch to your home don't have have to have your own history to become interesting, just a history is good enough. 
And then I have to confess that I have prestarted the Easter season:
This tradition of feathers on a branch fills me with hope and confirmation that spring is on its way and that makes me so HAPPY!!!

Magical photos

It is said a "picture tells more than 1000 words"!
I can not but totally agree with that!
Look at these pictures from Elena Shumilova, a Russian mom who takes stunning photos of her two boys and their animal friends from the farm the family runs. 
I am touched all the way into my heart ( and that is nowadays a loooong way since there is some fat to penetrate first)
She has managed to pass on a beautiful and heartwarming world through her pictures that leaves me completely spellbound. 
And so full of love!
Where dreams come true...
And life becomes a fairy tale ...
(All the pictures from Elena Shumilova and borrowed from boredpanda.com)
Love love love all the pictures!
They really inspired me to see the beauty beyond the everyday routine and the interacting with other creatures. 
What at a gift this mom has!
Maybe I should try to use something else than an iPhone...
happy tuesday

Another celebrity home visit

Sun is shining but it is freezing cold and snow is expected to cover our spring signs, that just started, tomorrow night :(
Oh i am really so tired of this and so so ready for some warmth.
Meanwhile i am dreaming away and since I am of the curious kind i stumbled over Courney Cox retreat in Malibu.
It was this picture that caught my interest!
I thought it was so peaceful and i i can imagine the ccol breeze coming from the ocean while im reading a book in that white chair.
If we continue around the corner we have more seats to choose from in case the first spot was not good enough...
Love love love it!
My whole family plus a few extra would easily fit in that sofa...
Living area with a view...
Also from the livingroom with a Kent Williams painting.
This is the kitchen's sitting area placed on a rug from the Rug company ( love those rugs)
Kitchen! Note the fresh flowers again and imagine the ktchen without it...
In her tennis house... ( tennis house, really?) There is a court attached to the house too of course:)
Master bedroom.
When the bed is placed in the middle of the room it is very important with a protective headboard to make you feel safe while asleep.
Master bedroom also overlooks the poolarea and the ocean.
I could have stayed in bed the whole day for sure. It must feel like being outdoor anyway when the doors are wide open...
The master bath's shower sheated in onyx tiles which gives a very beautiful pattern and look.
Yep this is where we started,outdoor but now under the pergola.
So thank you Courtney for sharing your home 
And just for fun, this is how the house looked when she bought it:
And this is the result of her wishes of her new home to look like a modern barn:
i think they did a pretty good job!
( all photos from elle decor)
Ok now i have fueled up on summer feelings so bring on the snow while im still warm!!!!

Phone fun

Home and back to reality!
Jetlagged so went to the grocery shop at 7 am this morning. I had by that time been up for two hours already...
Decided to edit some photos and came across a couple of new ones, not taken by me though:)
Let me introduce my youngest "selfies"
Excuse the bad quality of the pictures but i think the object herself does not really care...
I so want to know what is in her mind...
She seems to have fun though :)
How long can it be?
Or if i stare really hard maybe my eyes will pop out...
Ha ha just kidding.
Ah ok i make one more funny face before mom is finding out i am using her phone :)
Ok enough of selfies.
Today is a day full of preparations for the day tomorrow!
School starts and holiday is over. Welcome back routines!!!
Happy sunday!

Perfect ending

A week has gone and tomorrow we are going back to reality!
A part from a mental list of what to do nothing has been done to our summerhouse so the status is intact:)
Our last day offered a nice and sunny day perfect for a walk/ bike ride along the sea. 
If only I could pass on the smell, the sound and the feeling. Would be fantastic if a camera could capture everything this environment does to you.
On the other hand I think smiles tell a lot:)
Some of us does not seem to look at it the same way I do though...
Bur it changed quickly while on the bikes...
Specially if big sister wants to race.
Just need to tighten a screw to make the bike go faster:)
Luckily there were also perfect trees to rest at during our tour. 
And still manage to look cool...
Not exactly like "Ellen's" selfie at the Oscars but good enough :)
Paasing small fishing cabins just waiting for the fishermen to return...
Happy spring and thanks for a wonderful week!

Aqua fun

Tjing Tjong
So what do you do when the kids are bored and do not do much but fighting?
Yes you cancel your own plans and take them to a pool preferable with a water slide, climbing wall and jumping board. Yaaaay!
Well a very small pool will do too...
Luckily it was again not so many people around so sometimes they had some areas completely on their own. 
What a freedom...
They could jump as they wanted...
Or just wave...
Climb The wall...
Or at least try to...
Some of us are happy with just a little slide:)
Playing bikini model :)
Or resting on a floating device. 
That goes for the bigger one too...
So maybe it's time to leave. 
One should stop when on the top:)
happy kids happy mom

Walk and lambs

A beautiful day in a beautiful place!
Olivia and i decided to defeat the winds and went for a walk along the beach.
So so beautiful and i can not wait till summer and i will be able to spend every day like this.
The colours are still fade but it is just a matter of time till it will burst out in a warm and welcoming palette.
Meanwhile the sea has to talk...
And the sky...
Even my daughter seemed to enjoy...
After our walk we went with our neighbor to explore another thing spring is bringing...
The cutest little lambs ever...
The oldest lambs were 3 weeks and the little black one Olivia was holding was born yesterday.
So soft and pretty and i think our hearts were singing a little extra "trudelutt" of love after our little experience.
Born yesterday ( the lamb, not Olivia)
Bella was scared though since they were "beheeeeing" with a very deep voice so she preferred to stay outside on the swing.
Yup this was our very exiting day and it feels good to know we have another one coming up tomorrow.
Can not wait to see what tomorrow will bring...
Tjingeling and goodnight

Happy cousin galore

An intensive day with cousins galore!
Its like we have to squeeze in as much time together as possible during one day since we don't see each other that very often:)
It was so nice to see my sisters (my youngest were missing) and looking at my parents, they walked around with a content smile on their faces, so much enjoying to have their daughters around. ( we all live far from our parents although I'm the worse)
My oldest daughter was the one responsible for all the "selfies"...
All the cousins are much younger than my kids but that does not appear to be a problem...
Funny faces...
They all had a great time although we were missing my youngest sisters two boys:(
Next time sister!
Where did all go? 
Suddenly on our own again...
My forth one is in England and "hubby" is in the US so only a small family in our little paradise. 
Tomorrow we will go and look for spring...


Friday burger

After fighting the sleep demons that had me completely knocked out I woke up past lunch and woke up the rest of my family so we would have a chance to see daylight. 
i can't believe it is so difficult to adjust to the time difference...
We went to renew the passports, went for a walk and suddenly it was dark again!
Decided to go wild and crazy and took the kids to their favourite hamburger restaurant:
Friday night around 7pm and the restaurant was completely empty...
 So we had everything to our selves...
Max was eager to get to Max hamburgers although he always goes for nuggets...
Does all the empty chairs mean we are the only one who likes this place?
 They started up their business even before the American hamburgerbrands invaded Sweden so they should know what they are doing...
Oh wait I forgot we were in a tiny little town where Friday nights mean pizza and beer in front of "let's dance" on TV. 
Too hungry to remember to take pictures of the food...
Another fan of this place...
And with no people around I'm probably allowed to sit wherever and how I want ,Bella thought!
Little sister has not been punched in her eyes but found a pink eyeliner and wanted to look pretty this Friday night...
And even mommy seemed to be happy for this restaurant choice:)
Yup that was our Friday night...
Hope you had a good one too!!!

Scandinavian touch in the Caribbean

Jet lagged!!!
She is 2 am and I can not sleep!
Looking for inspiration for my summer house and got carried away all the way to St Barth and the beautiful home of the owners and design duo  of the fashion and interior brand Day. ( Keld Mikkelsen and Marianne Brandi )
The beach house has a mix of Scandinavian design and timeless coastal island style. A beautiful and heavenly nice combination. Love love love it!!!
Facing the house gives me "want-to-have" feelings but turning around...
There is no way back:))
Love this very balanced kitchen...
Where  modern meets arts and craft.
And there is always a way out...
No words needed:)
Guest room! I wouldn't mind sleeping in there...
Master bedroom! I can feel the breeze from the ocean all the way up here in the cold north...
A nice and cool living room ...
With a pretty ok view.
Nice idea for us collectors, hang it on the wall!!
Oh and don't forget to open the doors...
Ok so as wonderful and amazing this home is I still kind of love what I have here in the very south part of Sweden.
And I'm finally tired now...
good night

Swedish grace

Goooood morning!
Very exited today since i am taking the kids to our summerhouse in Sweden for a week! Yaaaaay!
Love love love to be there,
Swedish candy, walks along the beach and seing my family are on my list ( not necessarily in that particular order ) hi hi.
Stumbled into a new collection of wallpaper inspired from swedish art deco.
It's light but with graceful and playful decorations and suddenly i thougt it was a nice change from all the painted walls. Will see how the summerhouse reacts to that idea... or my "hubby" :)
(All the pictures from Sandbergs)
Only one wall would be be ok if it is a lot to take in for your eyes...
So beautiful to match with all the white...
MMmm me like!
This is too dark for me though but in a small place like in a hallway...yes
So pure, so clean...
So crispy...
And why not go wild and crazy...?
Or stay traditional...
I think definately it is time for me to think wallpaper from now on. Either in Sweden or in the US...
Now time to pack!!!!

Project Beach 2014 coming up

With the sun and the warmth comes the bikini anxiety!
In our basement it is prepared...
So no excuse any longer!
Can not blame the weather:
Can not blame the distance to the gym,
Can not blame the lack of technology.
Can not blame the lack of alternatives.
Nor the lack of possibilities...
Everything is thougt of,
I even have shoes,,,
So here we go!!!!
Watch out Victoria, your secret might not be a secret much longer :)
I might need a new set of matching gymclothes, a nice hairband, a pulsewatch and sporty headphones before i can really start chasing my new body though...

Yet another birthday party...

This past weeks has been just one long party for Bella.
So many friends to celebrate,
On the friday it was time for Bella to be the star of the day!
Since her birthday is coming up during spring break the teachers wanted to celebrate her before.
They have a very nice tradition at school of celebrating in full style...
The parent comes in in the morning with a treat for the entire class and some extras.
The  birthday kid has to stand on a chair with a crown on her head and all her classmates are standing around her singing Happy birthday.
Suddenly some of us felt a little awkward  up there...
Then the parent gets to sit down and read a special book chosen by the birthday girl...
So sweet and all the students listened and commented the whole story through, so funny :)
And then it is time for the highlights of the celebration, the Birthday walk!
They walk with a friend around in the schol visiting all the staff and teachers collecting hugs and small birthdaygifts while the birthday kid is offering whatever treat was brought in ( in Bellas case a cupcake with pink and purple sprinkles). With all those smiles and love following the walk Bella really felt very special and that was exactly the purpose of that day! Hooorrraaayyyy!
And on the sunday it was time for another party in another "party factory"!
They all seem to have the same motto: squeeze in as much stimulation as possible in a maximum of two hours.:)
At this place you could start off with tatoos and then you were "pushed" into an arts-craftsroom...
...and 15 minutes later herded into a gym ( lucky duck if you were able to finish your art) for maximum exhaustion for another 15-20 min.
And look who is always up for a party too?
After the gym it was time for the pizza and cake!
Notice the amount of plates! That is only for the kids...
The very important ballons...
...and the even more important cake!
It was a nice place and very kidsfriendly (really?) and despite the time managment the kids love it!!!
And o a lot of colours which means mom likes it too:)
Now i have to plan for Bellas party and guess where she wants to have her party?
She has been exposed to so many differet ones now but keep on coming back to the same place on and on.
Just for me to fulfill her wish!!!

Flower power

Today it is friday and i think this tired bouquet of tulips will have to symbolize how i feel :)
This is what happens when spring never shows up.( nor water)...:)
But i know there is hope and so even for me.
I can not help but finding them so very beautiful despite their sadness.
Love the crispy colours that so proudly sending out messages about the coming season...
I have on purpose placed spring coloured flowers everywhere in my house and it makes me feel so good!
Even small tiny branches can deliver that feeling...
And they smell wonderful too...
Ok now i already feel more energetic and i promise flowers will do magic to you too!
Happy friday!
Let us go out there and make some magic for someone or to yourself!

Symbols in Feng shui

Traditional or classic feng shui has many symbols used for various purposes. 
They become very powerful in your home when they really represent something important and when you actually feel connected to the energy they represent.
A symbol is " everything that speaks to our subconscious".
Here are some examples:
Maybe we are familiar with the traditional Chinese symbols such as the dragon, the three legged toad, the guardian lions etc but those might not mean anything to you and in order for feng shui to work in your home we have to apply symbols that resonate with you in your cultural way.
In the picture above you have two symbols from our culture, the heart and the roses. Both symbolizing love.
Whereas in China you will see mandarin ducks for the same purpose which at least for me means nada :)
And instead of placing two of these guardian lions or Fu dogs outside in front of our entrance to give luck and to protect us from evil we can in our culture achieve the same by this :
Two of the same but placed on each side of the front door. it is not neccesary to have more but in this case it looks quite powerful.
To attract wealth and prosperity we can instead of using the three legged toad simply use a moneytree!
That will give you an environment that will attract the right feng shui energies in this areas and give you the strength and neccesary support to seek your fortune:)
For our health we can just fill a bowl with fruit and/or buy a gym membership and that will immedeately talk to our subconscious. ( hi hi)
Using symbols empowers us to take charge of our lives, awakens us to the beauty of energy and is based on the fact that symbols go beyond words and language and into the heart.
So go into your own hearts, your own backgrounds and culture and choose something that speaks directly to you.!
Set the energies free and be happy !!!


Forgot to tell that i took all the kids to go see a movie last sunday.
We very spontaneous left without checking times or options so had to deal with what was there at that moment.
To please the boys who always supports Bella in her choice we decided to watch Robocop!
And the funny thing is that it was a swede in the titel role! Joel Kinnaman, Yaaay!
I always feel so proud that someone from little Sweden can be up there with all the BIG stars. 
Way to go!!! 
It is a science fiction about a cop (Joel Kinnaman) who is critically injured in the line of duty, and a multinational conglomerate company sees the chance to create a part-man , part-robot police officer.
It was definately worth seeing, it also had a little bit of love and compassion so i am happy :)
Even Bella kind of enjoyed, as long as she could run up and down the stairs at the theathre a couple of times she was ok. And when it got a little scary it was perfect to cuddle up in big brothers lap :)
Need to go, have an hair apoointment!

In love with dirty blue colours!

I can really feel spring around the corner even though it is VERY cold but still...
Got so inspired with the colours in this home from a stylist in Denmark.
It i so nice with a break from all the whites to this "non-colours" in sand and stone and bluegreen tones mixed with black elements.
The table is from Mulberry and she mixes that with Eames chairs in a dirty blue colour and continue to take up the blue all through with accents like in here in the kitchen bottles.
Love love love...
The blue continues on the walls...
( all photos from Mikkel Adsböl from Bo Bedre)
And in the colours of the textiles like here in the bedroom and the the old studio.
A beautiful home where all the rooms almost melt in together and creates harmony and a very nice flow!
Me like a lot!

Another party for Bella

They said it was going to snow last night with a risk of another snowday but it did not snow at all!!! Yaaay!
I wonder if this means spring is around the corner...?
Bella was busy this weekend with two birthdays parties.
One of them took place in another "partyfactory" but not a hysterical one this time.
They went to a place called:
A place where families can go to paint dishes and pottery, but also to have parties for their kids.
Its a great idea and the kids can choose from a range of things to be painted and then they work very focused and concentrated to make it how they want it. Love this idea...
Things just waiting to be coloured...
... in a all the colours you can ever wish for.
Some of the results waiting for their owners...
... and these peaces of arts will be placed on the same shelf when they are glaced and dry before they find a new home in our kids care :)
Did not manage to get a nice photo of a painting Bella but i can assure she had a great time.
The leftovers ...
I like that they serve fruitsallad, bagels and a cupcake instead of pizza, pizza and pizza.
Time for me to do washing, washing and washing... and ironing and...

friday again

Wooo hoooo!
I can not believe it is friday again! 
Where is all this time gone since last friday?
Anyway fridays are always welcome. Love love love them :)
Last weekend i took the kids to "the big mall" in search of spring inspiration.
Always a safe card is this shop:
A lifestyle brand that sells women's clothing, accessoiries, found objects and homefurnishing. The last mentioned is my favorite. The way they display, the things they sell in this area just make me happy :)
Luckily my youngest seems to share my passion...
Only the colours itself make me feel good...
Brave combinations...
a lot of spring feelings...
Both in colours and in jars...
Love it!!!
Bella she must have gotten very inspired because she decided to cartwheel her way through the mall...
Not so easy to catch with the camera cause she was also wearing her fast boots...:)
I guess here her energy got lost, she just collapsed. good to be near her big brother then...
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a very happy friday!


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