Halloween parade time!

Finally it was time for the annual Halloween parade at Bella's school. 
It has never been so easy to wake her up in the morning...
Bag was packed already last night with her very important stuff. 
Red gloves, the dress, her bridal veil and of course the coloured hairspray.
To watch all of these kids showing off the most fantastic outfits, the one more creative then the other, was as always so heartwarming. 
They are so proud, some shy but all of them eagerly looking for their parents while waiving to the encouraging audience. 
If Bella was difficult to catch on a close up the headmaster and the head of lower school willingly posed for my camera. So did all the teachers that went all in as bumblebees, minions and supermen. 
I love when there is a tiny bit of childish behaviour in an adult:)
Add some kind of another dimension to the person. 
A love letter from a friend, candy, arts and crafts and a well needed hug from another friend ended that schoolday in a perfect way. 
Bella, the most prettiest little devils bride on earth had bubbles of joy in her veins and her mom had a heart full of love and a camera full of pictures. 
What a beautiful Friday!
Happy Halloween!!!

Peace, hope and understanding

Just had to go out in the morning to document the beauty of a new and freshly washed world outside my front door. 
No matter what's going on around you, nature continues its rhythm in the same pace and the same way as usual.
There lies a safety and security in that which made me take a step back and look at life from a different perspective. 
To kind of being able to see the whole and what's important and not in the puzzle of life...
Love when even the world offers comfort to an aching heart. 
I just can't feel anything but peace, hope and understanding, 
And that has to be good enough a Thursday like this:)

A magical pill

I so wish there was a pill that could treat all friendship problems. 
A pill that would make everyone wanting to clear things up.
A pill that would take away the sharp edges, the rolling eyes and the avoiding. 
A pill that would make an apology accepted, braveness to be honest and the will to try. 
I so wish there was a pill that would bring noise to the silence, a saved seat on the bus or just weekend plans.
A pill that would bring air to the balloons, light to the darkness and music to the ears.
In this country of supplements, vitamins and other pills, where is that magical pill that fixes a broken heart, a lonely soul and an extremely sad child???
Tips anyone?

My little assistant

I have the world's most prettiest little helper. 
I know I'm probably not very fair to all the other beautiful little assistants out there but this one is very special. 
So positive, so loyal and so eager to help. 
She dresses in typical workers clothes (!), grabs her measurement tool and is ready to measure every angle, length and height. 
Maybe she will take take a few breaks while playing with a dog, chat with a friend or forget why we came in the first place. But still...
She is keeping me company, she is asking how I'm doing and now and then she will wrap her arms around me telling me that she REALLY loves me. 
It might have helped that I suggested we go find her a halloween dress afterwards. 
Not that I think I bought her company...
Only encouraged it.
Whatever I did it was totally worth it though:)
I got my job done.
We enjoyed each other's company.
She got her outfit for the coming  weekend.
A win win situation!

Kitchen photos

The other day I received the photos from the photographer that was here a month ago. 
They wanted to use my kitchen for advertisements and in a catalogue. 
Pictures were beautiful but weirdly enough I did not really recognise my kitchen. 
The kitchen on those photos belonged to someone else, I thought.
They removed all "life" from this area before setting up another world ( that suited their purpose better) but by doing that I also felt they took away some of the kitchen's identity. 
I love my golden colour in that vaulted ceiling but they photoshopped it so its not visible in the pictures. 
I love all the signs from the kids presence like forgotten drawings on the countertop or homework piles waiting to be organised. 
I love my eclectic mix of bowls on the shelves that has a lot of memories in each and every of them. 
On the photos they removed everything like that and just kept colour coordinated items. 
Not that I was offended in any way. 
More like a feeling of being lost in my own kitchen...
I think I must have looked a little confused because the stylist said to me:
"Remember there is the picture world and there's the real world".
And my kitchen just happens to star in both of those worlds!
What a great accomplishment. 
So now I'm going to have a big cup of tea under my golden ceiling in my star shining kitchen:)

Fall greetings from my summerhouse

Its not only here the fall is paying a visit!
My parents sent me pictures from my summerhouse and my heart made a little jump looking at them. 
I so love that place!
The light, the smell, the sound from the sea...
Like something made from an artist. 
I so wish I could have been there to see for my self. 
Happy that my parents wanted to share thsee photos with me though when life does not really agree with me being there now. 
Once again I'm completely blown away by all this beauty our world offers. 
And so grateful that I'm being exposed to it!
Thank you!

Friday , fail and fall

I knew it!
I knew that I would be stuck at one point writing my certification assignements. 
That day happened to be today, Friday.
Only because I have probably been working with the wrong degree. 
There is a slight risk of me having to rewrite everything I've done so far in this particular job. 
Thats ok, it's only about 20 pages...
Positive thinking from now on!
If i would not have been stuck I would never have realised how beautiful it is outside our house.
I would never have been aware of how the fall slowly is wrapping its colourful blanket around our world. 
I would never have got this experience and hopefully will learn from my confusion. 
I again also are reminded that our globe keep on spinning despite the feeling that everything is over...
Taking into consideration what happened in Sweden yesterday makes me feel almost grateful that I'm only dealing with this kind o superficial stuff. 
What is going on there? What has went so wrong?
Hug, hug and hug each other. 
We can never get too much love. 

Balm for the soul

No matter what state our mind is at I think we all benefit from a 15 min break doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the beauty of the fall. 
So leaving all my feng shui assignments behind I left a little bit earlier than usual picking up the kids and headed to my own pearl here in the neighbourhood and just wandered around breathing, contemplating and reloading. 
So energy giving with the crispy air, the beautiful colours and the peaceful atmosphere.
It is something with the fall that seems magical to me...
Actually the word "power walk" turned into something else. 
This time the walk Gave Me power.
Just enough to keep me going.
Just enough to smile to the world before continuing with my never ending assignment writing. 
Like balm for my sore soul.
Definitely well spended 15 minutes!

Writers celebration!

Today was a special day for Bella!
It was time for the "writing celebration"!
All students had each wrote a book and also illustrated it accordingly and today they presented it to all the proud parents that were there to listen and be amazed. 
Bellas book was about her iceskating party on her birthday last year.
She wrote and illustrated how fun she thought it was, that she fell on the ice a few times and she also had pictured some of her friends on the ice. 
A book full of memories, happiness and best of all: made by herself!
The icelandic troll has been with her the whole time and serves as a "guardian" apparently:)
He brings good spirit and makes her believe in herself so she was able to make this incredibly book.
And as you see we can probably expect more books to come...:)
So i left the school with a smile in my face, love in my heart and still with the warmth from a proud little writer's arms around my neck.
What a beautiful way to start a Thursday on. 

My sleep study experience.

So now I am another experience richer!
I can at this moment check the box for having had a sleep study done too. 
I checked in at the hospital last night. 
Got my room which was made to serve as a room in a normal home. 
I fiiled in paper and changed into a pyjama and socks ( required).
Then the technician started to hook me up.
In wires!
i was informed it would take about an hour.
It took 45 min but he seemed to be quite experienced and worked fast. 
After he was done it was time for the even more challenging part. 
The sleeping!
I had wires and electrodes everywhere. 
My head, nose, arms, heart, legs...
They would check brain activity, heart activity, oxygen, jaw movement, eye movement, limb movement and everything else one could possibly think of in sleeping context. 
Must be the most comprehensive test on the market i would say.
Only to see what causes my choking sensations ( which is much better by the way since a few weeks). 
Did i sleep?
As much as I could being all tangled up in wires and ropes that every time I moved were hugging me tighter.
When I left in the morning they said it was interesting data they observed so I must have been gone in dreamland for some time though. 
Did I choke?
Of course not!

Feng shui chaos

Today I'm showing you the small chaos I have created around me trying to finish a few feng shui projects. 
So NOT feng shui to be honest. 
First of all I'm sitting in the kitchen.
Not in a nicely and well balanced workspace.
Second I mix food, drinks and work paper in a terrible mess that would scare even the most easy going "feng shuist". 
Clear the clutter is for everyone else but me.
Then im completely stressed out because of my lack of organisation, lack of knowledge and lack of time. 
My own fault to 100 percent.
I have spread out over a years study all over the kitchen in which I'm hysterically turning the page back and forth trying to find the answers on all my questions. 
Maybe when I get certified this unfeng shui way of dealing with things will stop and when I have the diploma my way of living will forever be in balance and harmony. 
Who am I trying to fool?
At this very moment I'm heading in to the hospital for a sleep study. 
When I find some time I will keep you posted. 

A few Christmas thoughts.

I know it is kind of weird thinking of Christmas when it's sunny and warm outside. 
But, I went to ikea the other day and their apartment for Christmas stuff was in full bloom.
Some of the items were actually gone, finished and over.
Till next season. 
Those stars from the first picture are beautiful and very easy to accommodate.
Bella on the other hand fell in love with that row of angels...
What still was left was the irresistible wrapping paper that reminded me of and old and traditional christmas at the countryside. Just the way I picture my Christmas...
So if that's the kind of Christmas you have in mind you better be moving fast to your nearest IKEA store:)
After that we can concentrate on Halloween. 
And then Thanksgiving...
Hmmm, maybe we should focus more on living in this very moment! ( says I who already been to IKEA:)
Yes, cuddling time with my youngest coming up!!! 
(pictures from IKEA)

Morning light in my familyroom.

This weekend the world has really shown us how beautiful the fall can be!
Everyone and everything has been drenched in sunshine and embraced in a warm golden blanket. 
That feeling was also passed on into our familyroom. 
Luckily we just had our windows cleaned so the sun did not have to fight to be able to shine in:)
I love when the mornings are like this, so friendly, positive and uplifting.
Like everything gets a golden edge, ( well not my hair roots though, they are still grey 😜) but even my thoughts and my heart feels golden.
Gives me the best start sitting there soaking in every sunray and contemplating about the day with a big cup of tea.
Yup, some mornings are definitely better than others.


I am so annoyed!!!
I am a very slow writer.
i use only one finger to type in the letters and that takes time. 
I am also not a very technical oriented person. 
So when I have been spending two full days writing a project I have a deadline on I do something that turns all my text blue. 
Trying to get that blue to go away I press another button.
The wrong button. 
Everything erases. 
Even everything I have been saving along is gone!
I have since i started with my feng shui thing have had difficulties getting hold of the garden part. 
So many questions and so many unclear parts. 
And now everything I wrote about this garden consultation is GONE. 
Somebody put a spell on me and the garden thing...
But I'm not the one who is giving up!
Dear feng shui garden, I'm going to conquer you!!!
Not just now...
Now I'm going to allow my self to sink into that dark spot where smoke are coming out and fires are burning.

Peace, love and books!

A couple of days now I have been busy decorating the bulletin board at the middle school for the upcoming book fair. 
This year's theme was "peace, love and books" and that was just my cup of tea:)
I imediately pictured flower power, peace signs and a "groovy" look. 
I wanted the bulletin board to pass on a happy feeling...
It is such a grateful and rewarding job to decorate that board. 
To work with all these energy giving colours and shapes makes me feel vital and alive and to listen to all the positive comments and expectations about the coming book fair is just adding on to that uplifting feeling. 
Its like having a  vitamin injection...
We dressed that wall in blue and took off from there...
A tiny difference from the end result don't you think?!
Now we have the little nook to decorate too for the book fair but not until November. 
Will keep you posted on that one too.
Peace love and books!!!

The ultimate energy lifter.

At this moment I have totally snowed in (!) on gladiolus.
A giant joy spreader that lighten up every dark corner in our house. 
They come in all different colours so there is absolutely no problem at all finding one that fits in your home. 
Tall and proud they just stand there putting a golden edge to every room. 
No matter what vase they are put in they will still deliver joy, beauty and positive energy. 
The best thing is they really last long. 
So if you count the amount of good energy that flows through your home for so many days I would say it is a pretty cheap way to achieve a positive atmosphere. 
Yup that is my advice for this week in true Feng shui spirit!

Sweets, treats and artful eats.

Bella has unfortunately not been off to a good start at school.
Mostly I think it is because she is six, the age that gives her a first hint of a teen's emotional roller coaster.
She clearly does not really know where she stands. If she is a little girl or a big girl...
Both of them requires different ways of dealing with things and I think this is where she looses it. 
She seems to have a wonderful teacher though who "speaks her language" and makes Bella feel more comfortable. 
And so does arts and crafts!
This is what Bella brought home from her first class of "sweets, treats and artful eats" today:
A class where the kids have fun while making artsy food they can eat. 
At the same time they learn how the food gets from the farm to their plates.
I think it's a wonderful combination and it helps my daughter to forget a little about her inner crisis while she is totally absorbed by the creative activity.
The exciting voice and that big smile she gave me when she got home from school today made my heart soft and gave me hope that maybe she will still give school another chance...
Who knew the minions would play such an important role in our home?!

An abandoned corner of our garden.

Today the sun honoured us with its positive and energylifting face. 
After a week of rain, cold and wind it seemed our world changed its mind regarding the approaching season and gave us another beautiful day. 
The hint of fall is not to be mistaken from anything else though and the crispy air added a wonderful pinch to the skin. 
Our outdoor furniture is kind of screaming "take us indoors", " we have had it"!
This corner of the garden has unfortunately been neglected.
It has either been too many mosquitos or too many bees. 
Both of the reasons had led to nobody wants to sit there, nobody wants to be eaten alive...
And absolutely no "tender loving care" in that corner
It is such a shame. 
Some nice blue pillows ( I saw tiedyed ones that I have in mind) and a green big plant with cerise or orange flowers in that empty pot would fix the lack of balance of the five elements in feng shui. 
Maybe that would have even got us to actually use that area more than we did. 
I enjoyed sitting there a lot though. 
Max and his friends too.
Mosquitos are not really fond of my blood so most of the time i could sit in peace and after we started to spray down the little bugs there was no problem at all. 
Only that the summer was over when the mosquitos were too...
But for next year I will have saved up so much tlc for that little corner that everyone, hopefully not the mosquitos and bees though, will feel welcome and wants to hang out there. 
For now I will wrap my plans in a soft blanket so they don't freeze and when spring is arriving they will wake up from its beauty sleep and be ready to be turned alive:) 
But first a few other seasons to go through...

Hello knitted kimono

Suddenly the fall hit us!
Its rainy, windy and cold. 
And I love it!!!
Bye bye tank tops!
Hello and welcome knitted kimono!
Was not really ready to give up my bare feet and sandals yet so kind of weird combination. 
Like baconwrapped ice cream. 
I like them both but maybe not together...
So let's say I got "cold feet".
Had to warm them up in front of the fireplace in the evening...
Nothing wrong with that:)
Together with a movie and a husband I can definitely think of worse ways of spending a Friday night.
Although I was barefoot wearing a knitted kimono:)

To get some sunshine a rainy day

A rainy day like today I allowed my self to sink into memories from the summer. 
To let my mind rest in a slice of positive energy coming from my parents, my kids ( Max had already left) the beautiful late afternoon and that particular place. 
It is so nice with all these pearls in life I have collected and when there is a need I can just dig into that treasure box and kind of "reexperience" what I pick at that moment once again:)
Recycling at its finest!
I know for sure that a few members of my family with long hair really enjoyed that day too.
I think the strong wind, the sea and the liberating feeling at the end of that pier made for that crazy blast but whatever caused it smiles all over were created.
And those are the kind of memories that are easy to pull out from the heart just to get some sunshine a rainy day!


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