Playground fun

We have a new playground in our yard!
Best thing ever according to my youngest one.
Actually according to her big sister and her friends too.
She can slide, climb, do monkey bars or just relax in the hammock.
She can swing, play circus artist or just be in the playhouse. 
She can spy on us, hide or just follow the change in colours of the leaves.
She laughs, she runs and she is constantly out there playing.
And I am watching her thinking I am the luckiest mom in the world!

Whitney museum of American art

During me and my beautiful friend's fast and furious 24 hour in New York we paid a little visit to the Whitney museum of American art. That museum just opened in a new fantastic building at the very beginning of the High line in Meatpacking district. 
I just say WOW!
A wonderful mix of art for all tastes.
Modern, surrealistic, weird and colourful. 
Some of them really worth sitting down in front of and just let sink in to that fantasy world, contemplating or just trying to understand the message from the artist.
Despite all beautiful art inside it really was the outside that touched me the most. 
The outdoor terraces with its view of the city was stunning. 
A great mix of architecture, colours and atmosphere that offered the best "artshow" I could have ever asked for. 
And I experienced all that with a very special friend. 
Feeling grateful again:)

Party time!

New school year means new birthday parties!
This weekend it was time for the first one...i guess a few more to come:)
One and a half hour filled with physical activities that aim to entertain and tired out. Within this timeframe there is also an intake of food and birthday cake.
Fast and furious!
To watch these kids, so enthusiastic and positive to all the fun they are being offered makes my heart smile. 
I can not by wonder in what age all this energy starts to fade, and what is causing it...
Just hanging around in this vibrant environment kicks some life into a sleepy mind ( and some defness to otherwise fully functional ears)
A typical party with balloons, a lot of laughing and spontaneous side plays.
A corner for encouraging, patient and supportive parents is always thought of too and offers a short time of connecting and catching up. If one can hear what anyone says...:)
One and a half hour later sharp party is over and everyone is leaving to continue their day somewhere else. 
Happy, tummy full of goodies and car full of balloons.
Sometimes life is just one big party!!!


Ha ha the other day when we went out hiking I had to use my husbands pictures when I wrote about it. 
My camera decided to not cooperate and went its own way...
The only thing is I can not really get rid of them because to me in a way they pass on that magical feeling we all experienced that day.
Ok they are blurry but still, the soft colours and the light make them in my eyes so beautiful...
At least I get a feeling of a little elf following us in the wood:)
I rather have small elfs around us than those snakes they were warning us about since we were considering a different hike...
Luckily this was only a hike and not the moment when your first child was being born...
Actually there was not even a film in the camera at that time:)
Blurry is better than nothing and in this case the photos still remind me of the beauty of that day.
Positive thinking or...?!

My photogenic kitchen:)

We had another photo shoot in our kitchen the other day. 
This was for the cabinet maker and their catalogue and for advertisements in magazines. 
So they came, removed all our life from the kitchen and started to build up their own "picture perfect" scen. 
Very meticulously they thoroughly moved something, moved it back, added something or removed it again, all through the lens of the camera. 
It is not a very efficient or fast moving job so to speak but the most important was of course that they were happy with the pictures. 
The photographer said I have a very photogeinc kitchen...
The in styling mandatory lemons were used, so were the bread loaf, the pumpkins and the fresh flowers. 
It is so funny to see how the kitchen can change character only by its decorations.
And how easily my kitchen turns into someone else's kitchen...
Not even the light in my kitchen stayed the same.
They had to put a black curtain in front of one part of the window and instead use spotlights. 
The good thing though is that I see my kitchen from a different view and with different eyes.
Definitiely made me realize ( when I saw all my things they put on the dinner table) that I might have a "few" extra things in the kitchen that might not be necessary to keep there:)
Thats what happens when the kitchen is used as a living room I guess...
Nine hours later all photos were taken, my kitchen was back to its normal look and I was a flower bouquet and three beautiful pumpkins richer. 

Help! I'm choking!

I don't know what's going on with me but I have been suffering from abruptly awakenings gasping for air several times during the past few month which scares the life out of me. 
I wake up with the feeling I'm choking...
First few times I thought I only was dreaming that something flew into my windpipe and stopped the air from coming in or out.
Then it changed character and now I wake up with a feeling that the whole breathing system is collapsing. 
Terrible terrible terrible!
I know there is something like sleep apnea but usually you snore and have a severe overweight and I don't fit in in any of those criteria. 
Im scared to go to bed now, im lacking energy and walks around with an anxiety all the time that is so tiring. 
I will go and see a doctor but if any of you have some experience of what I'm going through please advise or explain to me! 
Yawn yawn

Hiking in Harriman park

The weekend has passed in the speed of hertz!
I don't know what's going on but time seems to fly...
The girls, me and Ajax did try to catch the beautiful days though and went one day to Harriman park for a hike.
Up up and up...
Bella and Olivia were jumping like mounting goats on the rocks and did not seem bothered by the elevation at all unlike their parents who was puffing and panting all the way up. 
It was totally worth it though and the reward was breathtaking. 
The sun, the blue sky and the colours together with the physical challenge, the beauty and the company made this whole experience almost magical. At some spots I was kind of expect ion small trolls and elves to peek out and greet us:)
Im saying it once again, our world is so beautiful!

More New York!

I just can't stop raving about New York City. 
The architecture, the people and the food.
The colours, the smell and its friendliness.
Modern and old.
Buildings as high as Mr Trump's own confidence...
Craziness and individuality.
People everywhere at anytime ( picture above is just before midnight)
I just love the mixture of everything the world can offer in people, art, architecture, time era, food, atmosphere and everything in between.
I just love how the whole world come together in this wonderful city.
And they do it in peace!
Sharing all these with my friend puts an extra golden edge to my experience too!
Tjing tjong!

Love, fun and friendship!

Im back!
Back from a dreamy bubble with my friend.
Back to the real world:)
I picked my friend up from the airport on Sunday morning and drove in to NY for a fast and furious girly 24-hours getaway.
We laughed, we "SoHoed", we shopped.
We photographed, we Chanel "exhibitioned", and we dined. 
We laughed more, we walked 5th in the dark and we talked.
We sorted out misunderstandings, we hugged and we dreamed.
We "museumed", we lunched and we Time Squared.
We walked more, we talked more and we giggled. 
We continued at home with outlets, more shopping and more lunches. 
We watched soccergame, picked up from school and hung out in the garden. 
A few days filled with love, fun and beautiful friendship.
My heart is now wrapped in soft velvet that will keep me warm till we meet again!
What a wonderful way of starting off the fall:)

My fish recipe!

Some of you wanted to know how to make my fish.
I got this recipe from my beautiful neighbor so now I will spread it even further :)
This is what you need:
Mix the mayonnaise with the pressed garlic and the oil.
I squeezed in a little lemon juice too but not too much.
Salt and a little pepper on the halibut and then the mix evenly spread over the fish.
Cover with lemon slices. 
To accompany the fish in the oven I halved grape tomatoes and thin green beans and I also had boiled potatoes from earlier, sliced them and let them go with the fish in the oven. 
Bake in 450 degree F ( 230 celcius ) in the middle of the oven for 25 min. 
Easy peasy and so tasty!

Here we go again:)

Not that I don't have anything else to do but suddenly I'm sitting here again with some rooms being empty and others filled to its limit. 
Its like you start to renovate and it just creates chainreactions. 
So when we had our dining room and bar room painted we discovered that now the floors look kind of old and scruffy. 
The only thing was that we wanted to cause as much disturbance as possible in our normal life so we decided to wait till we were settled and had put all the furniture in place before taking action of our floors. 
So now we are back from being away (!) and it was time for some stirring in the rhythm again:) 
We moved all the furnitures, rugs and plants from these rooms so the floors could be treated they way they deserved. And every time I realise we kind of have a few things...
Actually a lot!
All the small things, decoration items and vases i put on the windowsill but I almost run out of space. 
The big pieces had to make friends with the rest of the furniture in the living room and the sunroom. 
There were four men helping me carrying all those heavy furnitures. 
There were four men not telling me when they were coming back to put everything back into order:(
The floors are shining and happy and so ready to carry the interiors with pride but I guess that have to wait then.
Although I think a family of six easily would blend into that mess without any problem but still, the stagnation of energy that comes with an overfilled room is not good for my weekend vibes 😜
It does help a little though that the floors in the rest of the rooms are almost glowing.
Perfect dance floors actually.
And it's friday!!!
hippy happy weekend!

Back to normal!

Back to normal!!!
In my everyday uniform ( gym clothes) making and serving food:)
Gathering around the dinner table in the evening going through best and worst of the day.
First day of school yesterday created a lot of impressions, opinions and experiences that needed to be shared.
The dinner table is a perfect place to ventilate at.
And if you are treated with a nice meal at the same time it seems to put fuel on everything that has to be said. 
 Dr pepper is NOT part of our usual meal but my son had been out after soccer practice and had treated himself to one:)
My fish went gone in a second but I think by judging by the giggling, exciting and positive vibes around the table the impressions of the first day at school will definitely last longer. 
Everyday routines, welcome back!!!

First day of school!!!

The very day has come!
The day when routines, organization and a massive "play date" starts. 
The day when I get some peace, quietness and a chance to end a sentence...
We all have our reasons to be happy today. 
One will start first grade and gets homework, yay!
One starts eight grade meaning last year at middle school. 
One get a chance to see all his friends, every day:)
And the last one gets to drive his own car to school...
Small reasons but big impacts.
They can count on hard work and long days but in a social community that will become their second family for a year. 
Everything sprinkled with butterflies though.
In their tummies.
Cause it is a little scary too.
Pressure, stress and time management can be difficult to deal with. 
But the first day at school is something special. 
The mom is laughing all the way home:)

A normal Monday!

Yesterday was barbequeday at my neighbour's. 
The world's best neighbour. 
She is always there for me, helping out and including. 
I brought the camera to the party but did not manage to take picture until it was almost over. 
So nicely arranged and thoughtful details. 
They have a beautiful backyard perfect for this kind of social get togethers. 
There was room for everyone:)
It rests a melancholy over a place when a party is over. 
Wet towels hanging everywhere, abandoned toys and games.
An empty dinner table.
Taking picture at the end of the party makes the photos look almost sad but it also testifies that something nice had been going on...
Many laughs, discussions and filled tummies. 
Many plans were made and new friends were introduced. 
Many mosquitos were killed...
Such a great way to spend a Monday before school starts!
Thank you my friend for always including us:)
Tjing tjingeling 

My family

I think I have told you before how much I love my family!
We fight, we argue, we bang the doors.
We sing out loud in the car, we dance in the kitchen and we dream together.
We get disappointed, we tease and we cry.
We understand, we support and we encourage. 
We love, we laugh, we listen.
And we eat chocolate:)
It's not easy to gather eveyone together nowadays but yesterday we made it!
We headed out for a late lunch to kick off the new school year starting this week. 
Future plans, wishes and dreams were discussed while good food was indulged.
What a perfect ending of the summer and new start of the year. 
My family!
My nutty family!
Im so grateful!

A waiting period

Its not easy to be six and have to wait for the school to start so she can get homework. 
To have to wait for a tooth to fall out is even more challenging:)
This tooth has been hanging there a couple of days. 
Part of the game is not to pull it out but wait for it to fall out on its own. 
Such a stubborn and resistance tooth just hanging there, teasing and provoking...
Bella seems to be impatient in a patient way but the mom is having a hard time not sneaking in to her bedroom while she is sleeping and just dislodge that tooth:)
Oops not necessary anymore!
The tooth came out as im writing!
Waiting period is over!

Girls on the beach!

The days are just too beautiful not to take advantage of. 
To avoid the bad experience again from our pool me and the girls decided to try out one of the beaches along the shore instead. 
Sandy hook was first on the long list of potential pearls.
An hour drive later we parked at lot D ( the only one with food trucks) and had an absolutely blast in the waves. 
I think the girls have hidden gills because they dont seem to need any brake at the dry land...
Me, I also felt like a mermaid riding those waves:)
Although I was very happy laying in the sand too, but probably looking more like a whale that had been washed ashore than a mermaid:)
On our way home three happy girls drove around the peninsula and enjoyed the beautiful scenic view.
With the skyline of NY in the background, the sandy beaches and the blue waves...magical!
Life is beautiful!

Pool fail ( again)

This is the look of a disappointed daughter!
Im not a fan of our golf club's pool area and they seem to hammer home that impression into my bone. 
Maybe this person working there has joined in a secret pact against swedish families...or at least against a swedish mom with four kids. 
Eager and willing to give it another chance ( because I've heard that the golf club pool is SO great) and I'm always willing to try to make things better,  I  took Bella, Olivia and her friend up there to swim yesterday. 
Within 30 minutes we were being told off and yelled at five times!
We pay a fortune for being members of that club. 
We pay a fortune to be shouted at too...( how sick is that?)
Maybe there was a small clause in the contract saying that " including in the fee is use of golf course, pool and being the object of fulfilling an angry person's shouting dreams".
Next time I will read the contract more carefully...
Instead of having a swim Bella ended up winkling her toes.
A lot of money has been paid into that club for Bella to be doing that...
I so understand there has to be rules.
I actually love that there are rules. 
But you can be informed of the rules in a friendly and human way.
As far as I know both the kids and I are actually normal people whit normal hearing and intelligense. 
Although it was a lion with her cubs who left that place :)
We came to cool off our bodies but we left half an hour later with frozen souls. 

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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