Friendship in the city

So it was time again for a little getaway!
This time into the busy and big city. 
24 hours of friendship, eating, shopping, galleries, walking, picture taking, yellow cabbing, dressing up, laughing and listening. 
24 hours of melting temperature, joy, jumping, traffic, more laughing, deep talks, understanding, planning, skyscrapers, rooftops, birthday's, smiling hearts and aching feet. 
24 hours of beautiful friends and beautiful friendship in a beautiful city!
What more can you ask for a memorial weekend?

A very special package...

A package arrived in the mail the other day
A package of romance and vanity.
A package of lace in the color of love...
Only the box the dress arrived in was worth the wait.
It feels so luxurious to get a package with a beautiful dress wrapped in tissue and a neat bow and then placed in a marbled box.
It felt like Christmas opening it.
That actually made my day:)
'Now I only need an occasion to wear this wonder to, even though my husband probably would be happy ( he is not so picky) if I wore it doing the dishes or ironing the clothes...

My awesome daughter...

The other day was a tough day for a mom!
My youngest daughter has unfortunately not developed a friendship with her toothbrush.
They just don't click...
So she had to pay the price and got a small cavity that needed to be taken care of. 
And wow, she was the bravest, coolest and toughest little girl I have ever seen. 
The dentist put a mask with "ice cream" gas ( because it smells like ice cream) to make her relaxed, a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes from the light and then asked Bella to wiggle her fingers while she was making her numb. 
Bella did all that without saying a word!
I just know myself and my fear for dentists ( sorry dad, nothing personal) so I was just so impressed with her cool behaviour.
An important soft toy, many helping and caring hands and the world's best dentist combined with my daughters positive attitude was absolutely a winning concept. 
Somewhere deep inside me in a dark little corner of the mean me I was kind of hoping for some "uncomfortability" so she would think to herself that she better start brushing her teeth so she does not have to go through something like this again...
'But I'm afraid I have to persuade, remind and encourage her from a different angle now because this experience was to her nothing. ( which I'm very happy for, we don't want any tears going to the dentist)
So we left the dentist office witha fixed tooth and smiles on our face and in our hearts. 
If Bella was high on fumes i was high on pride.
The only difference was her's faded but im still feeling proud...
Did I ever tell you what an awesome daughter I've got?!

A new baby...

Another kind of baby has been added to our family.
Perfect in form, as all babies, strong, roars when in that mood, quick when eventually let loose but needs a strict hand to tame and has that natural self-consciousness that all babies seem to own.
This one will probably get a tiny bit extra tender, loving care from the dad though:)
The kids got so excited when the "baby" arrived they ran out without shoes to greet the new wonder.
Im not in to cars that much but for some reason it is kind of tingling a little extra in my tummy when I look at this one. It definitely has something special that appeals even to a "tractor" lover...
A true family car that promises a lot of driving the kids to this and that. Or not:)
Well I can only congratulate the happy and proud dad.
"Because he is worth it" :)

At the garden center...

Today it was time to pave the way for the summer!
One way to do that is to simply ( I wish) buy some garden flowers to make up for what's missing in the flowerbeds. 
Just to walk around in the nursery surrounded by that sea of colours makes me want to move in knowing there will always be an alternative to the sun. 
 Its amazing how many different shapes, colors, lengths, form, scents and textures there are out there and that are represented under that one roof. 
Just like people in the real world but in peace...
I anyhow got completely overwhelmed since I don't know anything about plants and therefor only ended up with two hydrangeas (?) and a pot of lettuce and parsley. 
I guess I will have to learn a little about which plant is good for what place and with all those colours still in fresh memory on my retina I am determined to make a little plan for how to best create balance between the five elements from the Feng Shui world, in my green-only garden.
And of course a plan to help bring out the colourful summer.
Bella has actually the same effect as a flower but since she refuses to stand still and I only have one Bella I guess I will have to go back to that garden center with my plan within a near future.
Tonight I'm happy to only dream of a "bed of roses" though...

Bye bye Long Island...

What a weekend I've had!!
Surrounded by beautiful friends, stunning nature, happy kids and a proud husband I feel the days were sprinkled with gold. 
Sunshine, rainshowers, cloud, sand, ocean, vineyards, rocks, shells, ice cream, organic food, chocolate, laughs, cries, hugs, kisses, imaginative worlds, flowers, heart rocks, chilliness, warmth, love and togetherness...
I felt that our whole experience was wrapped in a blanket made of peace and calmness that just embraced us and gave our time together a fluffy and soft feeling. 
It's so wonderful with friends that you are so comfortable with, so easy to be around and with that bridge connecting your hearts that makes every moment together special. 
Yup, that was my weekend in Long Island
Three days that will go straight into my heart account for good memories:)
Bye bye till next time!

Another good day

So another day has come to an end here in Long Island. 
So did the bike ride my husband with friends were doing. 
While they were pedalling up their way from Babylon to Montauk we were slowly strolling around on the beach surrounding the light house in Montauk...
While they were looking for the miles to pass by we continued to look for shells. 
While they were trying to reduce the wind factor we tried to reduce the amount of sand between our toes.
While they were sweating and getting sore we were freezing and discussing the cosiest place to have a hot chocolate...
While they were listening to their supporting and encouraging shout outs we were listening to the sound of the waves, to the passing fishing boats and the screaming seagulls.
Different worlds yes, but the outcome for both was a warm, happy and satisfied feeling. ( minus the butt pain for some of us)
Definitely another good day:)

A day in Long Island.

Me and two kids are spending this weekend in Long Island together with beautiful friends. 
The purpose is to cheer on our husbands when they finish their bike ride from New York and all the way to Montauk ( 108 miles or 170 km, gulp ) but we decided to not only applause them but also enjoy all the beauty this area has to offer.
We therefor rented a little cottage in East Hampton since all the hotels were fully booked, and is now experiencing the relaxed Hampton life for the whole weekend. 
The weather was really on our side and put that golden edge on everything we did today. 
None of the kids wanted to go to the beach but when we eventually got there they did not want to leave. 
All of them behaved like they had never seen the ocean, ran barefoot in the sand or jumped from rock to another. 
A perfect way to get rid of some extra energy...
'I can't help but love when the entertainment is so accessible, outdoor and of "natural" kind. 
Water was so cold I thought my feet would fall off ( to Max's big joy) but at least I dipped them in the ocean so check on that. 
The younger ones decided they did not get enough seashells at the beach so they got very happy when they realised the restaurant had a bed of shells surrounding the house and it was just for them to grab a full hand and start filling their bags. It is such a joy watching them being so focused, enthusiastic and pleased. 
And when the eyes get their dose of satisfaction too from the beauty of the places we went to i could feel the big smile in my heart :). 
Life is good!

My new toy!

I have got a new toy!
A BIG iPad!
A wonderful, light and thin computer that transfer photos into another dimension regarding colours, brightness and details and a whole lot of other things.
I only need to learn all the technical features and the new areas of use that comes with this new iPad and then I'll be able to tell if this is a hit or a miss. 
So far I'm anyhow able to tell that size does matter...
My dear husband let engrave the words "carpe diem" on the back since this is the way he thinks I live but I wonder if it is not also a reminder that there is a real world out there and not getting completely absorbed by this new device.

Art show

Yesterday I helped to set up the lower schools art show that took place tonight.
Lucky me I would say.
It was such an honor displaying these kids work, the result of enthusiasm, passion and skills. 
The art teacher at school is just fantastic.
She has the ability to turn every little student into a Picasso, a Miro or a Giacometti...
So proud of all the freespirited small souls work in there and I just loved to try to see beyond their pieces to understand their thought behind their choice of colours and shapes. 
So interesting. 
One of the things that puts a smile on my daughter's face is just this, to create small wonders with her hands and from her heart. 
Unfortunately I missed the show itself due to "taxi duties" but I'm sure all the parents attending tonight felt the same pride and admiration for all that artsy beauty that I did...
Oops got to go deal with a flat tyre...

Off to Europe!

It's been a very intense weekend with a lot of emotional roller coasters, especially for my youngest one.
I have a feeling it's somehow connected to the fact that my oldest one left for a two weeks school trip to Europe this weekend. 
Those two has a special bond, like there is a rainbow between their hearts...
So when we got to school to drop him off at the waiting bus that was going to take him and his friends to the airport I think it suddenly got real.
What Bella only knew as a plan earlier became very clear and something she could touch, feel and see for herself. 
All those "storms" inside her lately immediately got explained when I watched them say goodby...
'Oh boy, and this is only for two weeks.
I wonder how it's going to be after summer when he is leaving for college.
We shall see!!!

Summer longing...

Now when the weather has turned into summer, all the trees are blooming, birds are singing and people are smiling, then these new campaign pictures from a Swedish department store ( Åhléns)  really triggers my longing for my upcoming Swedish summer holiday.
I love the feeling the pictures are passing on, the relaxed, take it slowly and enjoy the moment spirit. 
Exactly the way I want to spend my days in my summer house. 
Now my garden there is no way near this magical dream but the pictures really inspires me and makes me want to create something similar in order to be embraced by that green blanket of coziness. 
Swedish summer at its best.
Lets hope for one this year:)
( pictures from Åhléns)

Bella's writing celebration

Despite me being sick I just had to go on Bella's writing celebration this morning. 
There would not have been any other choice since she and the other kids had been preparing this for month and oh boy what a treat all the parents stood in for...
'The kids had been writing a story of their own choice and the plan was to have two or three pages but they all managed to write a full novel. 
Just amazing!
Bella's story was about a husky that got lost and she had to take him to the vet to find him a good home...
They read their stories with such confidence, such empathy and pride. 
I really think they actually enjoyed sharing their books with everyone. 
What Bella did not enjoy though was to sit in my lap because apparently my beard (!) was tickling her cheeks. 
Yup, it's from a drunken person and children you will hear the truth. Lol!
After the reading everyone went out for a picnic and an ice cream. 
I had to sneak out from the picnic though without eating anything because I needed to get back to rest but instead of leaving the party with a full tummy I left with my heart filled with love, pride and joy. 
Definitely good enough for a normal Wednesday in May. 

Canyon ranch a last time

I just wanted to add a few last things regarding our trip to Canyon Ranch in Lenox Massachusetts. 
My husband and I came back relaxed, mindful, golfed, stretched out, yogad, nourished, spinninged, nutritioned, massaged, shock waved and very very happy. 
No matter what life path your on, what intention or expectations you have I think all the guests at this place kind of felt the effect of the healthy lifestyle and just experienced something very unique, a start to find your own personal
way of physical, spiritual and nutritional happiness. 
For groups of friends, couples, families, kick offs, conferences, or however you choose to travel I really think this is a great way to come together and be inspired of living a healthier life. 
I feel so grateful that I had the possibility to experience this and will try to carry that feel-good spirit I brought back as long as possible, well it actually did not last long because yesterday I got fever and have been in bed since, but mentally I still feel gooooood!

Mother's Day is happy day

I feel so lucky and so grateful!
Departing from a place with the purpose of guiding you into the world of well-being, arriving back to your kids and home and right into true love and feel-good feeling, that I must say is to double the effect.
To be greeted by roses, a jar full of beautiful words describing why my kids (read Olivia) love me and hugs, that made the whole weekend end in sunshine. 
The love from the kids and your own family takes you to another dimension that nothing else can compare with and I can honestly say I'm the luckiest mom in the universe.  There might be a few other moms out there in the world telling themselves the same though but it does not take away any of the special happy emotions that are spreading out all through my blood system :)
Yup, I could not have asked for a better ending of such a great weekend.

Bench talk...

There are benches and other kinds of sitting devices placed all over this magical kingdom. 
Id like to think of them as exclamation marks for people passing by.
Like a reminder to all of us to stop for a little while, to take a moment to relax and reflect before we continue our journey...
It might be the atmosphere here, the whole wellness thing or the peaceful energy that surrounds the premises ( or just the saturday night overwhelmed brain of mine) but nevertheless I like the idea for everyone to take a little power break. 
Instead of escaping our daily life ( which is sometimes a must though and absolutely wonderful) I think it would really benefit us if we can learn how to take those micro breaks, release our concerns and quiet our minds. 
I also know it is not as easy as it sounds but that is why I think starting by sitting down a minute, when the opportunity arises, will provide our mind with some kind of power that will take us through the day with a smile. 
Im very good in catching those "bench" moments myself but the rest, like the "quiet our minds" talk, I really need to practise...
And I do believe both me and my husband are getting a good start here but the tricky part will be to actually bring home this new knowledge. 
At least the intention will be there and for now that's good enough:)

Feeling exhausted...

How is it possible to feel exhausted when all you have done is eating, been massaged, tried restorative yoga and then, maybe this was what tipped it over,  a 30 min walk on the premises in between rain-showers!?
The choice you have got here in terms of activities seem to be endless. 
Indoor and outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, 6 fully equipped gyms for different purposes, spinning studio, indoor and outdoor running tracks, yoga studios and on top of that activities for a spiritual wellness, spa and beauty, and of course nutrition and food. 
No wonder we are tired...
My stressed out and hard working husband has come to the right place though. 
Just to watch him wind down, relax and in some time hopefully recharge too is worth everything. 
He is even starting to look at things from a bright side 😜 .
And this is only the first day...
Hopefully when we head back home on Sunday we and especially my dear hubby, who left escaping the daily stress, will feel relaxed, full of vitality and will have taken healthy living to another level. 
Why have we not tried doing this before!?

Date weekend coming up...

Just arrived to the destination of me and my other half's date weekend. 
A much anticipated time to talk, listen and be together without interruptions 😜
The resort's mission is to encourage a healthier lifestyle including nutrition, become or staying fit and stress management.
A perfect match for a middle aged couple like us seeking some quiet and peaceful surroundings where we actually can finish a sentence or a thought or even just sit together wrapped in togetherness. 
I can't wait to explore everything the hotel offer in terms of inspiration for a healthier living. 
I think we are already doing ok but I also believe we can definitely do better. 
I feel like a king and his queen ( never too old for fantasies) this majestic building and we are so going to relax, be cared for, eat well, enjoy the nature but most of all be together. Despite the rainy forecast... 
(Too dark to take pictures so photos from canyon ranch web site)

Kitchen again...

I have not shown you our new addition to my kitchen. 
I don't know if you remember my ikea metallic kitchen chart that I temporarily was going to use till I found something else. 
Well, I did find something else...
Lucky me who has two helper who put their heads together in order to assemble this new shelf construction. 
Bella was so fascinated by this whole show that she pulled an armchair into the doorway so she could watch the transformation from "first row".
It is interesting to study those two working because they are so different in their way of looking at things. One is street smart, a little bit sloppy but action oriented and the other one is a thinker, more careful and methodically.
But together they create wonder:)
So this time they managed to put together a wooden and steel construction that does not crave so much space and brings some warmth through the wooden parts. 
It seems like no matter how much space and storage I have, I still seem to be able to fill every empty area if only with a plant, a candle or something more kitchen related. 
The one who has the most stuff when he dies wins...

Creating good feng shui...

Today I have created some good feng shui in my kitchen!
I have noticed when I feel a bit sad, depressed or low I get a need of making an effort in finishing project in my home or start new ones. 
Like I symbolically am getting rid of bad energy and bringing in new and fresh ones. 
So i cleaned out my pantry and cupboard where I store dry food and even my "green" fridge got a treatment while I was in action. 
Old and outdated things were thrown away and some things moved in to new containers. 
Of course it is of no interest for you how the inside of my pantry looks but I only want to show you how appealing and inspiring it is to open when everything is organised in groups of use, how neat it looks when using containers and just to know that nothing old or unfresh is within the frames of those doors. 
Of course I needed to add colours, a candle, chocolate, a cup of tea and flowers to really drag it to its extent but at that time, after I was done with my pantry ( read mental) clean up, I was able to enjoy it. 
Good feng shui is good energy is good feelings!
I really wish it was that easy... 😔

Wet, cold but happy!

So we finally did it!
We and about 32 000 others. 
We biked the five boroughs, a 40 miles ( 60 km) long tour through the five boroughs of New York. 
It was such a special feeling biking through the city where they had closed of the roads for cars, where people were cheering along the way, playing music and keeping up a positive spirit all through the ride.
It was cold, rainy and nasty but despite the weather it was such a good atmosphere and the loud music everywhere created almost a party feeling. 
Some in my family complained a lot of my slow pace though ( the pictures show the difference in approach to this event 😜) but since I've never biked this long before I wanted to make sure I'd keep a pace I could hold for 40 miles because I really wanted to stay on that bike the whole time...
And I stayed on for just under four hours, and felt as proud as the Lady Liberty looked on the ferry from staten island.
Another activity to tick off from my list.
Wet, cold, a little stiff but oh so happy:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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