A look back at our Christmas ...

I think I’m back!
We will see how I feel but today I’m giving it a go:)
We are on vacation right now but unfortunately I left my phone at a friend’s house a couple of days ago so no pictures and documentation yet. 
Instead im giving you an update of our Christmas. 
We did not have a lot of decorations for various reasons and I kept my table setting for Christmas simple.
Instead I filled the rooms with family, love and laughs.
A wonderful start of hopefully a new tradition!
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas too where at least some of your wishes and dreams became true...

To be or not to be...

This blog is right now hanging in the air.
Im doubting its existence.
I started to write to keep our family and friends updated in our doings, beings and thoughts.
But is this really of interest to you?
This is pictures from our place yesterday. 
So grey you cant even see the other side any longer. 
It kind of mirrored exactly how I feel about my blog. 
Totally lost. 
The only splash of color I found was that decoration bird.
Artificial made to make reality look more beautiful. 
And not even that helped.
Maybe it’s not only the blog feeling lost. 
I seem to suffer from a mix of adjustment difficulties, climate change, house crises and an empty nest feeling. 
I look at life with the same grey tone as my pictures.
I’ve lost my spirit.
I so hope I can find it soon.
Thats on my wishinglist for Christmas. 
Meanwhile, to be or not to be?

Fifty shades of grey…

King Winter decided to pay us a visit again so I took the opportunity to enjoy the special light that comes with the snow in the forest. 
I always love to be in the forest but when everything is wrapped in this blanket of snow it gets extra quiet and peaceful. 
The only noise is coming from my excited dog...
I had to swap my trainers into snow boots, my knitted gloves into ski mittens and a hat on top of all that.
But then I was all ready to enjoy the beauty:)
Fifty shades og grey.
The light was so weird, both dark and almost blinding st the same time. 
I did not meet a single person but I would not have been surprised to see an elf behind a tree...
Such a magical walk.
Recharging, energizing and good for my soul. 
Very well needed:)

Christmas baking

A weekend full of activities, laughter and togetherness has passed, especially for my husband. 
He had old friends from his childhood visiting and it was wonderful to see that despite many years of not seeing each other, they acted like no time had passed. 
Bella and I took the opportunity to make our saffron buns and gingerbread cookies for Christmas while the guys were busy somewhere else. 
The gingerbread cookies disappeared immediately.
Bella and her cousin just filled a bag with all the cookies and went up to her room.
To be honest there were not so many cookies because the dough had for some reason ended up in the kids mouth before it even became a cookie...
The saffron buns I luckily managed to put in the freezer before they too would vanish. 
A couple of them I saved for my evening tea though. 
They were perfect as a part of my me-time:)

On our way to school...

Everytime I take Bella to school i feel so grateful that we are surrounded by all this beauty. 
I do think every day is as beautiful but when there are signs of sunshine and the landscape gets a glowing face the impression just raises a level.
A sunrise is definitely as powerful as the sunset. 
I have to pinch myself in the arm, just to make sure this is not a dream.
Everytime we pass by on our way to school Bella is looking at me waiting for me to say
- Are we not so lucky to live like this?
And her respons is always the same too, yes mom, this is so so beautiful. 
So not only am I grateful for the beauty in our place but also for having a child who are able to see and appreciate that too:)

Skansen Christmas market

One of the things I love with the month of December is the Christmas market. 
They are everywhere, at schools, at different places in the city and even some churches offers those markets where you can buy gifts, crafts, food, decoration, everything that one could possibly need for making the Christmas ambience come through. 
In this case we went to Skansen, an outdoor museum in the central of Stockholm. 
Me, my friend and Bella manage to cover almost all the shops, some candle making, horse kissing, the aquarium, a lot of freezing, hot chocolate and tons of Christmas spirit. 
These markets are like waterholes in the desert. 
Tourists and locals, children and elderly come together in peace and want to have a share of what is offered.
There is no obligation to buy anything, just to stroll around indulging the atmosphere is good enough. 
Yup, a Christmas market definitely brightens up this dark month and my beautiful friend was even able to bring back some Swedish Christmas light to her own country. 
I almost feel it is a little piece of me hanging there in her windows...:)

Sunday funday...

This weekend I had the pleasure of having a beautiful friend visiting me from the Netherlands.
Someone I have not seen in real life in a couple of years but lives in my heart and thoughts so we kind of just took off were we ended last time. 
This time I was able to also add some Christmas feeling to her Swedish experience:)
A typical Swedish Christmas smorgasbord, on a small island in Stockholm, was indulged with all the ingredients one need to feel that Christmas is approaching.
If you then mix that up with hugs, Christmas markets, dog walks, laughter, horsecarrier rides, long chats, tons of tea and chocolate, togetherness and friendship, then you get a feeling for how our weekend turned out. 
So so happy for all those people in my life that contributes to a more beautiful world!
Thanks friend for who you are ❤️


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