A walk in the “hood”

I was right!
The sea and its surroundings looked exactly the same, only more “naked” and almost vulnerable. 
So beautiful, peaceful and quiet.
Safe in its knowledge that this is just temporarily, a routine needed for recharging...
During my walk I was struck by the serenity of the whole scenery.
Despite nature going in to sleep mode it was still able to deliver beautiful energy and passed on a message promising it will be back again in full swing next year.
This place!
So grateful…

Summerhouse in sleeping mode

We are down in my little heaven in Ystad for a couple of days.
The joy factor is as high as always although I have a daughter with fever so we don’t do much but reading books, drinking tea and hugging.
Everything, both inside and outside has kind of adopted a sleepy mode preparing for the winter season and the area is empty on people.
I still haven’t had a chance to go down to the sea yet but I have a feeling i will get the same feeling there although the waves are rolling in the same way as usual. 
Its a liberating feeling when nature is slowing down its pace.
It affects me the same way with no pressure, no demands, i can just be...
A couple of days of just being, that’s not too bad.
Life is good:)

Beautiful apartment for sale

I love browsing houses for sale!
It is a great place to find inspiration without buying expensive interior magazines.
Most of the homes are very Scandinavian with its light and straightforward yet functional way of furnishing.
But sometimes you stumble upon something else...
And my eyes begin to sparkle:)
(Pictures from Per Jansson Fastighetsförmedling)
This apartment gives you a very warm, comforting and embracing feeling we all need when it’s getting colder outside.
And they definitely get away with that dark color painted up on the ceilings too.
Yup, could move in any time but since we just bought something else the inspiration only will have to do:)

Ingredients and recipe box...

I'm probably the last person jumping on that ingredients-and-recipe-service-delivery train but yesterday I got my first box filled with ingredients for four dinners.
Wohoooo was the first word to come out and wohoooo still slipped out after our first meal:)
I have been lacking both inspiration and desire to cook so needed some external influence. 
Even Bella felt excited and wanted to engage in the food preparation too.
She read the recipe, picked the ingredients we needed and helped prepare everything with a concentration almost touchable:)
Such wonderful help and company made me make a few dance moves and best thing was she finished everything on her plate. 
Variation, convenience and nutrition in a box.
Maybe this is what we all needed as a little sidestep from our usual routines. 
Will definitely give this whole thing a chance. 

October bouquet...

I just can't help but love this season and Its colors that are warming up both our homes and our souls and in a positive way, at least when the sun is present, prepares us for colder times to come.
On a walk with Elvis the other day I could not resist but picking up pieces of that glowing nature to bring home to brighten my room. 
It does not have to be a complicated bouquet to deliver beauty. 
I really think even the simplest bunch of leaves and grass brings enough warmth and colors to make the room glow. 
And with candles, sheepskin and a big cup of tea I believe we have set the ambiance...
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"!

I'm challenged...

I've accepted a challenge.
Im going to run 10 k.
It does seem to me like I'm going to run up Kilimanjaro in heavy military boots, bag pack and a kid on my shoulders. 
I know, it's all in my head...
Luckily im following this program that slowly builds builds you up without leaving you with a feeling of exhaustion.
Instead I'm actually starting to love the routine.
Its such a good way to let your thoughts loose, to inhale some fresh air and to admire our beautiful world more closely. 
I mean who wouldn't enjoy building up stamina, muscles and fighting spirit in this environment?! 
This is my third week running according to the schedule and I'm still smiling!

An ordinary fall day...

This boat!
Im telling you, it really does something to you.
It's like it is glueing us as a family together, making us want to spend time with each other, exploring.
Not to mention all the feeding of our souls by the beauty of our nature...
Olivia took one of the jetski's to drop it off for winterstorage and rode behind us for half the trip and rest of the journey we enjoyed the colors, the fresh air and of course some food:)
Yup, it's amazing how an ordinary fall day can fill your heart with such joy and satisfaction. 
So so grateful!

I did it! Again!

I am going to start my new week in the most positive way!
I namely received my certificate from the color course I've been taken.
So from now on I'm also a certified color expert.
Whoop whoop! 🎈🎈🎈
I think this a beautiful addition to the interior business I'm thinking of starting. 
So now I have the tools from feng shui to create balance and harmony, I am able to stage and redesign your home to make it sell to a better price and I can offer guidance in finding the right way in the jungle of colors.
I think I'm on for a great start!
The only thing I have to do now is to actually start my business.
I wished I knew how to...

Cuteness warning!

Warning of cuteness!!!
My youngest daughter had been begging for headphones for a little while just because she wanted to keep on listening to her things without bothering us adults. 
Imagine her delight when we stumbled upon these ones...
I mean, what can I say?!
They are the ultimate combination of practicality and fantasy. 
Bella is such a unicorn lover so I thought these head phones had her name on them...
I don't know how long they will last, but watching her happy face while using them makes my heart warm and puts a smile on my lips too, and only that makes it worth it:)
So, useful, practical and cute. 
A great combination:)


We are right now busy trying to find the best way to makes changes to our new house. 
I think I'm the one to blame for that but I really don't like it and did not do it from the beginning either.
It has a wonderful location but the house itself is a mess, both style wise and energy wise and im struggling finding peace...
I gave in for the other members of the family, who like Iike it, by following the advice "we can always change a house but not the location".
So now we quickly have to decide what needs to be done so we can start our project. 
Architects are involved and so far it seems they are listening to our needs and the feeling we want to accomplish.
Never underestimate your gut feeling...
If we just can give the house clean lines instead of this conglomeration of different styles, think Mediterranean mixed with the marine,  I think we are heading in the right direction. 
Stay tuned...

First boat trip to Stockholm...

Despite the rain, cold and wind we took our boat out today for a little trip in to the big city. 
It took about one hour and a half one way but then we also had to go through narrow channels that slowed down the speed a lot.
Also remember we are beginners...
A focused captain!
On our return ride I was the captain.
Just sayin...
All the photos are taken from inside ( it was too cold for a non-Viking like me to stay out in the rain) so excuse some weird glare.
The pictures covered in raindrops I thought were as beautiful as without so could not resist including them. 
The cabin on the boat was doing a great job protecting us from the rain and cold but had a lot of big windows that allowed us not to miss anything going around outside. 
Thanks to our new addition of the boat I felt I was broadening my perspective of life looking at the land, with its buildings, from the water and once again I was hit by the beauty of our world:)
Ship ahoy!!!

The boat is here!!!

So our boat arrived last night!
A proud "captain" drove it all the way from the marina back to our house with flying colors like he had not done anything else his whole life:)
Unfortunately the sun set so quickly it was difficult to capture the event but a little sneak peak on our addition to the Lacik's residence I managed to share. 
We did not even know where to park the boat so had to try different positions:)
This boat is suppose to carry us wherever we want to explore in the archipelago and whatever lunch restaurant that are still open can count on a visit from us.
Not to mention all the fresh air, the beauty of nature and the experience of having water instead of ground underneath our feet, all unique happenings to us that we can write down in our book of life. 
This weekend we know exactly how we are going to kill our time...
Happy weekend!

Pizza restaurant dream

Browsing internet for new pizza restaurants. 
With the colder weather comes the need of warm and cozy places to eat if you don't want to cook yourselves.
Some in our family are very fond of pizza and I happened to stumble into a newly opened pizza restaurant that not only are serving good pizzas ( reviews) but has an interior design that really matches the cozy criteria as well as my dramatic mood:)
Street meets elegance!
Love it!
I so hope also the pizzas meets my expectations because unfortunately interior design is not enough to keep me alive:)

A horrible day...

A grey, stormy and rainy day like we are experiencing today sums up the mood I'm in due to one more horrible human action that took place in the US this morning my time here. 😢
Where are humanity going? Where are the love, the kindness and the caring?
Not knowing what to do and feeling powerless i escaped into wonderful memories from the summer. 
A place we always return to when in the summerhouse is Kaseberga, a little fishing village with a Viking grave as the crown jewel:)
( I actually don't think you are allowed to climb those stones but that night everyone apparently stood above rules)
The view is always beautiful, the ice cream always good and for some reason my kids always make my heart overflow with love there:)
We do prefer to go there late afternoon or even nighttime when crowd is gone and the place breathes peace and almost feels magical. 
I wonder if the people who does terrible things maybe never experienced love or magical places...
So while the storm is raging outside my house and pain has taken over the victims and their families I am trying to send love and hope from under my blanket while feeling extremely grateful for what I have. 
Hug each other and tell the important ones in your life that you love them!
Never give up hope!


Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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