Fallen down stars...

From springfeeling to winterspirit in a blink. 
Fast turns as always when you are dealing with our climate. 
But it is only to like the situation and make the best out of it. 
Taking one of my usual rounds jogging I could not anything but loving the beauty...
The sun did not seem to be able to make up its mind.
I did. 
I simply decided to “ go with the flow” and not fight the change, but embracing it and enjoy that special beauty nature offers when everything is sprinkled with fallen down stars...

A few days in my paradise

  Im back in my own little oasis. 
I’m breathing, relaxing and listening to the silence.
Love this place!
And of course I went for my usual walk along the beach.
The whole area was wrapped in a soft blanket of fog which smoothed out sharp lines just leaving magic.
Well almost 😉
The sun was trying the whole day to break through but never really made it.  
It kind of didn’t matter, I know it’s up there.
It is always so beautiful and peaceful here no matter weather, season or mood, just in different ways.
Just like life itself.
This time you could also feel some tension was building up in the nature, like it was slowly preparing for spring times to come. 
And I was here to experience all of it.
Lucky me!

My kids

I found an old picture of the kids!
Almost 8 years old.
A lot has happened since then...
So small, so young and so cute. 
So innocent, happy go lucky and easy. 
Nowadays they are just a little different.
Small kids small problems and so on...
Hormones, annoyances and frustrations.
Love, care and affections. 
In a wild mix.
Im still so freakin proud of all my kids.
Their different characteristics, the way they laugh, their big hearts and their loyal behavior.
And sometimes so disappointed, so irritated and so tired of being a mom. 
But, the second I’m cursing them , maybe a liiiitle bit longer sometimes, I change my mind and embrace the fact that they are just stirring in some reality in my life, mostly bringing me sunshine when it’s cloudy and definitely are putting cherries on my cake. 
Unless they eat it first:)
I love love love the fact that they are making the world more beautiful, more hopeful and more happy just because they are who they are. 
And im their mom so I should know!

Sunday was funday

Sunday was  a funday:)
I took three kids ( one was busy with friends and homework) and a husband and went to a street art exhibition. 
That was such a fun thing to do for all ages and all of us:). 
Street art, optical illusions and interactive learning.
Remember it is only optical illusions so nothing is what it seems to be...
So freakin cool!
Then of course we had the usual graffiti that once started as vandalism and now is considered art.
Amazing artists and skills and all of their art has a story to tell. Either political, environmental or just informative.
Loved, loved loved it. 
Happy kids, happy parents happy life:)
Yup, a street art exhibition is highly recommended a normal Sunday.

Fun, funky and quirky

It’s time again to share some fun, funky and quirky news from Ikea. 
This time they have created a collection in collaboration with Bea Åkerlund, a stylist who has styled stars like madonna, Beyoncé and Rihanna for example. 
The collection features everything from a B shaped lamp, a studded leather chair, lip-shaped cushions and large glass hats to 3D shaped jewelry displays, a leopard printed rug, hangers and a few more ‘essentials “. 
(Pictures ikea)
Black, white and red sprinkled with gold. 
The idea is for people to have a little fun in their lives, the stylist says. 
So from March 2018 Ikea lovers, you can add some eccentricity to your home:)

We did it!

We made it!
My sister and I ran 10 kilometers!
Its not that of an achievement lengthwise but it is a first timer for both her and me. 
And that should count:)
The happiness inside me comes from having had a plan and following through.
It was about persistance and not giving up despite injuries and sickness. 
It was about keeping a promise...
It was about building up something and reaching a goal. 
At the same time we exchanged fresh air in our lungs three times a week.
Our legs that carry us through our lives and now also around in the wood became target for admiration and gratefulness:)
We became role models to our kids, and possibly my husband too 😉
We proved that small steps could take us far.
So this 10 K was not only a number. 
Hooray for us!

A “golden” day!

If there is a rainy day in your life, become the sun by wearing a golden jacket and have afternoon tea with your sisters!
So enriching, filling 😋 and cozy. 
Worldly problems were ventilated, many laughs were shared and a feeling of togetherness we’re running through our veins. 
I also love to spend time in this beautiful store which also have this little tea room in it. 
They have timeless furniture, both colorful and calm textiles and accessories that really are calling my name:)
The showrooms are completely styled as if someone would live there and makes the whole impression welcoming and warm. 
And on top of that a nice cup of tea with my sisters ( unfortunately one was missing)...
A truly golden day!
Grateful is what I am!
Thank you sisters for sharing your time with me!


Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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