Skopelos, our last island to visit.

Our final island on this trip was Skopelos, the true Mamma Mia island. 
A beautiful and green island with dramatical cliffs meeting the turquoise sea and small beaches around every bend of the coastline. 
Just stunning!
Skopelos town was as cute with white houses climbing up the hills, narrow and beautifully paved streets filled with shops, tavernas and people. 
And yes, of course we went to see the church where the wedding took place in the movie:)
Well worth its climb. 
With a nature so majestic it invites you to deeper and philosophical thinking, tavernas everywhere with fresh fishes and other beautiful food and the relaxed friendliness from the people these islands are made for feeling good. 
Thank you Greece for everything!
Definitely leaving this country with a heart full of love, tummy full of food and a soul full of new memories. 
Till next time:)

The summer on the islands continues

Island number two is covered!
The internet is very slow so it’s difficult to upload pictures but here we go again:)
After Skiathos we took a ferry to the neighbor island Alonnisos to spend a few days of quality time there. 
A little less developed island but very green and beautiful.
Many swims have been taken in the crystal clear water, many goats (!) have been overtaken on the roads and many breathtaking views have been experienced. 
A charming little village in the mountain which was ruined during a big earthquake in the 60ies has carefully been restored and renovated and offred great view, small winding lanes, tons of tavernas everywhere, and colorful flowers outside the white houses. Unfortunately we only got their in the evenings so almost no pictures to show.
The rest of the island offered beautiful beaches, fishtavernas en masse and the surrounding green vegetation and blue water made you slow down your pulse, eat a lot and just be.
Greece delivers as usual!

Making holiday memories!

For a couple of days now we have been back to our dear Greece for a little holiday on the islands. 
Ever since we lived there the spot in my heart where I kept my Greek memories had been tickling and jumping as soon as Greece been mentioned so I’m very excited to finally be back. During our times there 10 years ago we covered a few islands so this time we are focusing on, for us, new paradises. 
Skiathos was our first destination...
Despite the boys missing we are creating new beautiful memories.
Beautiful nature, stunning scenery, clear blue water, the sun and warmth, simple tavernas with wonderful food, small and narrow lanes in blue and white, and friendly people have made this trip a success so far. 
Tomorrow we are off to the next island...

Miami week

Long time no see:)
Life definitely takes up some time...
Back from a trip to Miami and overloaded with sunshine, warmth and new memories again. 
Our days consisted of family, laughing, beaching, shopping and togetherness. 
But of course also hugging, wynwooding, eating and dogging...
Fueled up on so much positive energy this week.
Our beautiful friends were the perfect hosts. 
Not only did they offer a bed to sleep in but they were the best guides, booked the best restaurants and were the best company. 
A week of teas and talks later I feel a little bit more energetic, more happy and more ready to face the winter‘s bitter cold. 
And that’s because of all the warmth I’ve been exposed to. 
Literally and physically. 
Lucky lucky me!

Our Christmas holiday...

In the midst of the excitement of soon going to Miami I realized I never got to tell you about our trip to gran Canaria. 
A trip where the whole family came together and enjoyed ( well most of the time) each other’s company in a relaxed way far from the everyday life. 
Our hotel offered a nice surrounding, good food and beautiful sunsets :)
I like to explore to get to know a place so we did a few excursions outside the hotel but it always felt good to get back in the night to our rooms so I guess we can give it a good rate. It could of course have been the chocolate on our beds though that every night appeared on our pillows 😉
We went to see friends, the mountains, old towns, incredible sand sculptures, volcano craters  and small villages.
We experienced sunshine, rain, warmth and cold and we laughed, cried, loved and fighted.
Yup, everything that fitted into a family on holiday we experienced. 
But we did all of it together.
We shared, we bonded and we created memories. 
So grateful!!!

Sweden's most southern point...

There are a few things that I have to do every time I'm here in my summerhouse. 
One thing is to go visit the very south end of Sweden. 
That little tip of the country always offers different sceneries depending on the weather, wind or time of the day. 
I prefer to do the early night "shift" since there are less people and the light usually would turn into something magical and I get the feeling of walking around in a painting. 
All "objects" seem to catch the visitors attention and could be worth taking pictures of:)
Plus, if you are not too late ( we were) they serve both smoked fish and creamy ice creams...
Happy eyes, happy tummies and happy visitors. 
Life is good.

A Nantucket morning walk.

The weekend we spent in Nantucket not long ago was experienced by foot a lot.
One early morning before anyone else was up me and my beautiful friend took a morning walk to just enjoy the surroundings in a more quiet and peaceful setting.
The tide made it possible to walk far out "on the sea" and the salt filled air cleared my mind in a soft way.  
The lack of wind and the morning fog created a serene atmosphere and the occasional color splashes against the grey made this morning stroll almost magical.
Together with my beautiful company it really set the mood for the rest of the day. 
Loved loved loved every minute of that walk and those days. 
A weekend to look back at with a smile in my heart.

St Martin here we come!

Ok, enough!
Enough of the cold, upcoming threatening snowstorms and thick winter coats. 
Bring in the warmth, the white sand and sandals. 
Oh St Martin I can't wait to meet you!!!
(Pictures from TripAdvisor)
'I understand you are divided in two sides, the Dutch and the French.
Ive heard you are beautiful, friendly and has lots of wonderful food to offer.
Not sure I'll be able to update you though due to lack of wifi but stay tuned...
Im packing a few books, some sea salt caramels ( addiction), a bikini and flip flops. 
Relaxation, here we come!!!


On my way to the capital of Sweden!
Have not been there for a few years so very much looking forward to a visit. 
Just by looking at pictures of Stockholm makes my heart beat a little extra. 
Maybe it's the well known, maybe it's all the memories or maybe it's because my sisters are living there...
Im definitely excited:)
I know a lot has happened since we moved out in the world the year of 2000 but hopefully it's not only to the bad. 
We will for sure find out...
Meanwhile I'm dressing up in my positive thoughts, my open heart and I'm going to put on my euphemistic glasses because i don't want to be disappointed. Not now.
So a few days packed with sisterly visits and date times with hubby...
Yup, one can have it worse:)

Three more days...

Three more days!
Three more days till we swap winter for summer, cold for warmth and boots for sandals.
A vacation meant to get us relaxed, fuel up with energy and reconnect with each other.
(Pictures from Club Med's web sight)
Club med Cancun Mexico will be shaken, but not stirred, by this holiday eager family looking for a break in their normal routines.
Sports of all kinds, food and spa experiences will be indulged like there is no tomorrow and the sun-chair will be calling out my name loudly if I'm late in the morning.
Yes, this vacation trip feels more important than ever. 
Only three more days...

In in the middle of a postcard

When we dropped Alex off in Colorado we took the opportunity to go visit the Garden of the Gods.
A National Natural Landmark which consists of towering sandstone rock formations against a scenic backdrop of Pikes Peak. 
It was stunning!
Luckily, since we not really were dressed for hiking, we were able to follow a paved path with no more challenges  than the signs warning for rattle sneaks if leaving the path...
Do I need to mention we stayed on that path the whole time?!
A weird but magical place.
Nature is such a powerful element and have a tendency to fill me with reverence.
Mountains have always had an appealing attraction to me and in this case I almost got the feeling of walking around in a postcard (!)
It's definitely worth a visit when in Colorado Springs. 
Magic mountains.
Me like!

A day in Long Island.

Me and two kids are spending this weekend in Long Island together with beautiful friends. 
The purpose is to cheer on our husbands when they finish their bike ride from New York and all the way to Montauk ( 108 miles or 170 km, gulp ) but we decided to not only applause them but also enjoy all the beauty this area has to offer.
We therefor rented a little cottage in East Hampton since all the hotels were fully booked, and is now experiencing the relaxed Hampton life for the whole weekend. 
The weather was really on our side and put that golden edge on everything we did today. 
None of the kids wanted to go to the beach but when we eventually got there they did not want to leave. 
All of them behaved like they had never seen the ocean, ran barefoot in the sand or jumped from rock to another. 
A perfect way to get rid of some extra energy...
'I can't help but love when the entertainment is so accessible, outdoor and of "natural" kind. 
Water was so cold I thought my feet would fall off ( to Max's big joy) but at least I dipped them in the ocean so check on that. 
The younger ones decided they did not get enough seashells at the beach so they got very happy when they realised the restaurant had a bed of shells surrounding the house and it was just for them to grab a full hand and start filling their bags. It is such a joy watching them being so focused, enthusiastic and pleased. 
And when the eyes get their dose of satisfaction too from the beauty of the places we went to i could feel the big smile in my heart :). 
Life is good!

Our sun in Patagonia

I can not help but going through my photos again from our Argentina trip. 
I so like that an experience like this really kind of builds in your heart and mind and whenever it pops up in my memory it creates this smile on my lips.
Bella ( among a few others) had definitely a lot to do with these positive memories. 
She was just in such a good mood the whole time and never complained on anything. 
Instead she was so enthusiastic and had so much energy everybody else could fuel up on her. 
Think of how much experience this little girl has already, so many countries, places, activities and everything else that makes for a memorypacked life journey.
No wonder she sometimes seems so advanced and sometimes so lost...
Anyway, up here in beautiful Patagonia just in front of one of the big glacier she became that sun we never saw in the sky that day:)
Love love love her 💗

The man behind our trip

Before I'm completely back in reality I just want to mention the man behind our Argentina trip. 
This is my friend Savas!
According to himself he is designing dreams...
Im totally with him in that sense:)
He and his company Farscape is helping individuals, families, groups and companies to get as close as they can a dream holiday, getaway or conference. 
Anywhere in the world.
This whole positive experience was partly due to perfect arrangements, organisation and details from him and his company. Very impressive to get everything so smoothly functioning. 
Just take our little picnic breakfast we were greeted with in Uruguay when arriving with the boat.
A table dressed in white tablecloth, put in the shade from a couple of trees in the middle of a meadow down at the river.
Two chefs making blinis, squeezing juice and serving typical food from the area..
Just that moment of an unexpected nice gesture and wonderful surprise set the standard of that whole trip. 
And not to mention all the guides, the rides and the detailed schedule.
Everything was made with our needs in mind and everything worked out. Wow!
So thank you my friend again for putting together such memorable holiday. 
I can't see how we ever is going to go on holiday now without your help:)

Iguazu falls

Sorry for bombing you with details from our trip but it was truly memorable and has made a big impact in my heart. And I really want to share all of these wonders...
After Patagonia we flew up to the north of Argentina in to the jungle to visit the Iguazu falls. 
Waterfalls that have been declared National Heritage by the UNESCO and is one of the new seven wonders of nature.  
Amazing, powerful and majestic falls that one could hear from far away and never get out alive if fallen into.
Just this last fact has unfortunately attracted a lot of people with suicidal thoughts...
The beauty of the falls are one of its kind.
It gave me a weird feeling in my tummy though with all that water thrown down into a gigantic pool.
It was difficult to grasp the power and forces that were involved in this scenery with the camera. 
I think the only way to fully understand the magnificence of the falls is to be there on site...
We took a speed boat to get a chance to get closer to the falls from a different level and I can tell it was a wet experience but for sure it also added another dimension to this whole event. 
We were of course not the only visitors to this place but one thing we had in common...
We were all there to see, feel, hear and experience the wonder of the Iguazu falls.
Check on that :)


Going through my photos and I'm kind of reliving my holiday again:)
So much beauty this world is offering. 
And little me is lucky to get a chance to experience all this...
In Calafate in Patagonia we explored the glaciers, the icebergs, the mountains and the lakes. 
The light, the nature and the bare beauty was almost magical. 
So many different types of nature within this area and it was all created looooooong time ago. 
Respect to that!
Talk about aging with grace:)
It was like the nature was wrapped in a peaceful blanket and passed on a feeling of some kind of immortality.
It had always looked liked this and will always do ( unless mankind decides differently)
Endless expanses, bottomless lakes and a never ending wind filled us all with positive energy and a desire to take in all this "freedom" by running, jumping, walking and looking at everything with wide open eyes. 
I totally got a little enchanted by this old old piece of nature. 
Sunshine, snow, rain, wind and cold did definitely not stopping us ( only a few planned excursions were cancelled due to bad weather) from enjoying this unique part of the world. 
Again I feel so grateful...
To be continued...( again)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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