Making holiday memories!

For a couple of days now we have been back to our dear Greece for a little holiday on the islands. 
Ever since we lived there the spot in my heart where I kept my Greek memories had been tickling and jumping as soon as Greece been mentioned so I’m very excited to finally be back. During our times there 10 years ago we covered a few islands so this time we are focusing on, for us, new paradises. 
Skiathos was our first destination...
Despite the boys missing we are creating new beautiful memories.
Beautiful nature, stunning scenery, clear blue water, the sun and warmth, simple tavernas with wonderful food, small and narrow lanes in blue and white, and friendly people have made this trip a success so far. 
Tomorrow we are off to the next island...


Today is not any day.
Today it is my beautiful wonderful lovable fluff ball’s second birthday!
Two years of love, affection, frustration, fun, fresh air, lots of walks and many many cuddles. 
This dog who was a dream-come-true-we-promise-to-help-to-take-care-of-him-and-take-him-for-walks-kind of thing for the kids but turned out to be only my responsibility and just a softtoy to cuddle with for the kids. 
Not at all, only a confirmation that there Is a crack in everything. 😉 Luckily this is how the lights get in:) 
I got a best friend. 
Someone who gets happy to see me even if I only was gone for a minute.
Someone who is by my side in rain or shine...
A faithful, energizing icebreaker who never seems to get tired of my do’s and dont’s. 
I read somewhere that “dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole”. 
The person who wrote that definitely has a point:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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