Miami week

Long time no see:)
Life definitely takes up some time...
Back from a trip to Miami and overloaded with sunshine, warmth and new memories again. 
Our days consisted of family, laughing, beaching, shopping and togetherness. 
But of course also hugging, wynwooding, eating and dogging...
Fueled up on so much positive energy this week.
Our beautiful friends were the perfect hosts. 
Not only did they offer a bed to sleep in but they were the best guides, booked the best restaurants and were the best company. 
A week of teas and talks later I feel a little bit more energetic, more happy and more ready to face the winter‘s bitter cold. 
And that’s because of all the warmth I’ve been exposed to. 
Literally and physically. 
Lucky lucky me!

Our Christmas holiday...

In the midst of the excitement of soon going to Miami I realized I never got to tell you about our trip to gran Canaria. 
A trip where the whole family came together and enjoyed ( well most of the time) each other’s company in a relaxed way far from the everyday life. 
Our hotel offered a nice surrounding, good food and beautiful sunsets :)
I like to explore to get to know a place so we did a few excursions outside the hotel but it always felt good to get back in the night to our rooms so I guess we can give it a good rate. It could of course have been the chocolate on our beds though that every night appeared on our pillows 😉
We went to see friends, the mountains, old towns, incredible sand sculptures, volcano craters  and small villages.
We experienced sunshine, rain, warmth and cold and we laughed, cried, loved and fighted.
Yup, everything that fitted into a family on holiday we experienced. 
But we did all of it together.
We shared, we bonded and we created memories. 
So grateful!!!

A gym with a view.

Usually I try to run outside with my dog but sometimes that is for some reasons not possible.
It could be the weather, time or something else not making it possible to enjoy the outdoors but luckily my gym offer almost the same beauty as the nature I’m running in. 
It’s only the coldness and the fresh air not being the same. 
And of course i can’t bring the dog...
The pictures are from just outside the gym.
Almost good enough, is it not?
No matter time of year, it seems that every season has something beautiful to offer around here. 
I’m so grateful for that. 
Makes boring activities like being on gym machines much more appealing:)
Life is good!

A little chipped...

No evil that is not good at all!
Despite the heartache of having two of my kids sent to boarding school, it is still close enough to go up visit when something is going on. 
So when my oldest daughter felt a little chipped both in her soul and her heart it was easy enough for me to come with my special Mama power just when she needed it the most. 
This adorable little place where they live happened to offer her choice of cafe with no people, giving us enough time to feed both our tummies and souls without too many ears and eyes surrounding us. 
A few hugs, a lot of listening and some encouragement later I could start detect a smile in her beautiful appearance which traveled all the way into my own heart. 
I felt so grateful being able to be there for her when she was in a need of a hug from her mom.
It also kind of disguised some of the guilt I feel for not having been able to find a solution schoolwise at a closer distance...
But, a mom would anyway go over and beyond for the sake of her kids. 
Wherever they are.
So being able to be on my daughters side only after a car ride of an hour or two must count as a positive thing:)
Although the kids might have a slightly different opinion 😉

Flower power

For a flower nerd like me, I love the fact that that there are places where you can pick your your own flowers.
At the moment only tulips are offered for self picking but that is definitely good enough:)
Garden center or nurseries are in general almost always so inspirational and good for my soul and I feel it’s such a treat coming there. 
“Fields” of tulips just waiting to be picked and arranged into beautiful bouqets. 
Or used as a solitaire in a vase. 
Just as beautiful!
Wherever you look there is beauty.
Arranged in colors, themes or family you just don’t get anything but inspired. 
Maybe broke then too...
Its not cheap.
But inspiration is for free and if you can shake off the desire to buy everything you see you can get back home with tons of ideas, tips and dreams. 
In my case a bunch of tulips too:)
The power of a underestimated!

Sweet moments

For all those years we were away from Sweden there were a few things I missed a lot apart from being away from family. One of those things were our Swedish sweet bun filled with whipped cream, the “semla’  
This wonderful treat is to indulge more of less from after Christmas to just before Easter and then they disappear from the bakeries again. 
And oh my what I’ve been treating myself:)
Since I love both sugar, fat and kcalories in general I take every moment to gulp this wonderful baked invention down my pipe knowing it is just for a short while I can do this. 
Together with a cup of tea and in the company of a friend or a family member it becomes a special sweet moment and is definitely putting a golden edge on my day.
At least a creamy one...😉

Fallen down stars...

From springfeeling to winterspirit in a blink. 
Fast turns as always when you are dealing with our climate. 
But it is only to like the situation and make the best out of it. 
Taking one of my usual rounds jogging I could not anything but loving the beauty...
The sun did not seem to be able to make up its mind.
I did. 
I simply decided to “ go with the flow” and not fight the change, but embracing it and enjoy that special beauty nature offers when everything is sprinkled with fallen down stars...

A few days in my paradise

  Im back in my own little oasis. 
I’m breathing, relaxing and listening to the silence.
Love this place!
And of course I went for my usual walk along the beach.
The whole area was wrapped in a soft blanket of fog which smoothed out sharp lines just leaving magic.
Well almost 😉
The sun was trying the whole day to break through but never really made it.  
It kind of didn’t matter, I know it’s up there.
It is always so beautiful and peaceful here no matter weather, season or mood, just in different ways.
Just like life itself.
This time you could also feel some tension was building up in the nature, like it was slowly preparing for spring times to come. 
And I was here to experience all of it.
Lucky me!

Sunday was funday

Sunday was  a funday:)
I took three kids ( one was busy with friends and homework) and a husband and went to a street art exhibition. 
That was such a fun thing to do for all ages and all of us:). 
Street art, optical illusions and interactive learning.
Remember it is only optical illusions so nothing is what it seems to be...
So freakin cool!
Then of course we had the usual graffiti that once started as vandalism and now is considered art.
Amazing artists and skills and all of their art has a story to tell. Either political, environmental or just informative.
Loved, loved loved it. 
Happy kids, happy parents happy life:)
Yup, a street art exhibition is highly recommended a normal Sunday.

We did it!

We made it!
My sister and I ran 10 kilometers!
Its not that of an achievement lengthwise but it is a first timer for both her and me. 
And that should count:)
The happiness inside me comes from having had a plan and following through.
It was about persistance and not giving up despite injuries and sickness. 
It was about keeping a promise...
It was about building up something and reaching a goal. 
At the same time we exchanged fresh air in our lungs three times a week.
Our legs that carry us through our lives and now also around in the wood became target for admiration and gratefulness:)
We became role models to our kids, and possibly my husband too 😉
We proved that small steps could take us far.
So this 10 K was not only a number. 
Hooray for us!

A “golden” day!

If there is a rainy day in your life, become the sun by wearing a golden jacket and have afternoon tea with your sisters!
So enriching, filling 😋 and cozy. 
Worldly problems were ventilated, many laughs were shared and a feeling of togetherness we’re running through our veins. 
I also love to spend time in this beautiful store which also have this little tea room in it. 
They have timeless furniture, both colorful and calm textiles and accessories that really are calling my name:)
The showrooms are completely styled as if someone would live there and makes the whole impression welcoming and warm. 
And on top of that a nice cup of tea with my sisters ( unfortunately one was missing)...
A truly golden day!
Grateful is what I am!
Thank you sisters for sharing your time with me!

A look back at our Christmas ...

I think I’m back!
We will see how I feel but today I’m giving it a go:)
We are on vacation right now but unfortunately I left my phone at a friend’s house a couple of days ago so no pictures and documentation yet. 
Instead im giving you an update of our Christmas. 
We did not have a lot of decorations for various reasons and I kept my table setting for Christmas simple.
Instead I filled the rooms with family, love and laughs.
A wonderful start of hopefully a new tradition!
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas too where at least some of your wishes and dreams became true...

To be or not to be...

This blog is right now hanging in the air.
Im doubting its existence.
I started to write to keep our family and friends updated in our doings, beings and thoughts.
But is this really of interest to you?
This is pictures from our place yesterday. 
So grey you cant even see the other side any longer. 
It kind of mirrored exactly how I feel about my blog. 
Totally lost. 
The only splash of color I found was that decoration bird.
Artificial made to make reality look more beautiful. 
And not even that helped.
Maybe it’s not only the blog feeling lost. 
I seem to suffer from a mix of adjustment difficulties, climate change, house crises and an empty nest feeling. 
I look at life with the same grey tone as my pictures.
I’ve lost my spirit.
I so hope I can find it soon.
Thats on my wishinglist for Christmas. 
Meanwhile, to be or not to be?

Fifty shades of grey…

King Winter decided to pay us a visit again so I took the opportunity to enjoy the special light that comes with the snow in the forest. 
I always love to be in the forest but when everything is wrapped in this blanket of snow it gets extra quiet and peaceful. 
The only noise is coming from my excited dog...
I had to swap my trainers into snow boots, my knitted gloves into ski mittens and a hat on top of all that.
But then I was all ready to enjoy the beauty:)
Fifty shades og grey.
The light was so weird, both dark and almost blinding st the same time. 
I did not meet a single person but I would not have been surprised to see an elf behind a tree...
Such a magical walk.
Recharging, energizing and good for my soul. 
Very well needed:)

Christmas baking

A weekend full of activities, laughter and togetherness has passed, especially for my husband. 
He had old friends from his childhood visiting and it was wonderful to see that despite many years of not seeing each other, they acted like no time had passed. 
Bella and I took the opportunity to make our saffron buns and gingerbread cookies for Christmas while the guys were busy somewhere else. 
The gingerbread cookies disappeared immediately.
Bella and her cousin just filled a bag with all the cookies and went up to her room.
To be honest there were not so many cookies because the dough had for some reason ended up in the kids mouth before it even became a cookie...
The saffron buns I luckily managed to put in the freezer before they too would vanish. 
A couple of them I saved for my evening tea though. 
They were perfect as a part of my me-time:)

On our way to school...

Everytime I take Bella to school i feel so grateful that we are surrounded by all this beauty. 
I do think every day is as beautiful but when there are signs of sunshine and the landscape gets a glowing face the impression just raises a level.
A sunrise is definitely as powerful as the sunset. 
I have to pinch myself in the arm, just to make sure this is not a dream.
Everytime we pass by on our way to school Bella is looking at me waiting for me to say
- Are we not so lucky to live like this?
And her respons is always the same too, yes mom, this is so so beautiful. 
So not only am I grateful for the beauty in our place but also for having a child who are able to see and appreciate that too:)

Skansen Christmas market

One of the things I love with the month of December is the Christmas market. 
They are everywhere, at schools, at different places in the city and even some churches offers those markets where you can buy gifts, crafts, food, decoration, everything that one could possibly need for making the Christmas ambience come through. 
In this case we went to Skansen, an outdoor museum in the central of Stockholm. 
Me, my friend and Bella manage to cover almost all the shops, some candle making, horse kissing, the aquarium, a lot of freezing, hot chocolate and tons of Christmas spirit. 
These markets are like waterholes in the desert. 
Tourists and locals, children and elderly come together in peace and want to have a share of what is offered.
There is no obligation to buy anything, just to stroll around indulging the atmosphere is good enough. 
Yup, a Christmas market definitely brightens up this dark month and my beautiful friend was even able to bring back some Swedish Christmas light to her own country. 
I almost feel it is a little piece of me hanging there in her windows...:)

Sunday funday...

This weekend I had the pleasure of having a beautiful friend visiting me from the Netherlands.
Someone I have not seen in real life in a couple of years but lives in my heart and thoughts so we kind of just took off were we ended last time. 
This time I was able to also add some Christmas feeling to her Swedish experience:)
A typical Swedish Christmas smorgasbord, on a small island in Stockholm, was indulged with all the ingredients one need to feel that Christmas is approaching.
If you then mix that up with hugs, Christmas markets, dog walks, laughter, horsecarrier rides, long chats, tons of tea and chocolate, togetherness and friendship, then you get a feeling for how our weekend turned out. 
So so happy for all those people in my life that contributes to a more beautiful world!
Thanks friend for who you are ❤️

Almost first of December ...

First of December and starting date for the advent calendar are almost here. 
I have a few enthusiastic kids waiting to dig in behind the doors. 
No matter age, an advent calendar seems to pass on a magic touch to every person involved:)
Four different styles and content but four of the same expectations. 
They have all been shaking, listening and squeezing the boxes or bags. 
Everytime with a shimmer in their eyes...
I love December:)

A house of inspiration

As I told you before I am far, stylewise, from the minimalistic Scandinavian functionalism and embrace a more warmer and richer style. 
My heart skips a beat when I find homes that show signs of like minded people.
This is a beautiful house that was for sale here in Stockholm earlier this fall.
(Pictures Per Jansson fastighetsförmedling)
I love the mix of old antiques and modern furniture as well as the wild colors, patterns and different materials. 
Not to mention the terrace...
I can so picture myself in one of those chairs wrapped in a blanket with a big cup of tea in my hand:)
Yup, a little slice of a not so traditional Swedish home!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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