Another IKEA love

Everytime Ikea launches a new collection that "speaks" to me I just feel so proud being a swede!
Now they are collaborating with one of Sweden's most famous glass and ceramic designer, Ingegerd Råman, and have come up with beautiful "must have" things. The collection is called Viktig meaning important.
The pure and simple design goes straight to my heart and hopefully straight into my kitchen too when it is arriving here in the US. 
Even natural fibres are included in the collection and are made in Vietnam by local craftsmen.
Beautiful beautiful!
I will have to line up before the doors open the day they launches this collection. 
The designer self said the whole collection represents love to her...
Me like a lot!
( pictures from IKEA)

Toasted happiness

I'm good at different kind of happiness. 
Right now in this very moment I'm very happy for something very materialistic and superficial...
My new toaster!
The magpie in me immediately fell in love with this clean, glossy and cold surface that together with its bulky and soft rounded shape will fit in perfectly on my kitchen counter. 
The previous one we had was not to trust and left the kids very frustrated once in a while. 
The positive side with that is that I then found this new jewel instead to take care of whatever needs to be toasted and at the same time be able to do that in style.
Love, flower and a new toaster...
That seems to be all I need to be happy:)

Dentist time!

Today we had a very exciting break from our usual daily routine since Bella had a dentist appointment. 
Well, not only a dentist appointment but also a manicure included in that package. 
I just love how this dentist clinic manage to take away a lot of that drama that very often is associated with a visit to this kind of business.
While Bella was watching her favorite show or movie she got her nail done. 
Before that she of course had important things done in her mouth ( she is going to get like "space savers" so her teeth does not move too much in the wrong direction) and she had this deep talk with the dentist about what was going to happen. So funny to listen to, the dentist was so good in explaining the dental problem to my six year old child, that I think the world in the the future will be blessed with another dentist.
My daughter looked very important when she looked at me afterwards giving me the " big look":)
Yup a dentist visit is not what it used to be. 
My daughter walked out from that office with new colours on her nails and I think even a broader smile than ever. 
And the mom walked out with a happy daughter and so much love in her heart that the snow was melting...

A weekend with contrasts

Is it not amazing how fast the world's appearance can change!
From a monster storm to a fairytale picture. 
The beauty and the beast...
Must be the extreme contrasts that really appeals to me. 
Yin and yang in full action:)
It was all the sparkling and glimmering when I woke up ( I'm sure I've been a magpie in an earlier life) that made me put on my smurfhat and the world's most comfortable winter boots, meet my beautiful friend and start our meandering between the snow walls. Everywhere surrounded ( still) by completely untouched surface that even reflected the branches from the trees. 
This first snow makes the world look so pristine.
So beautiful!
So energy lifting!
So welcomed!
One white, quiet and lazy day and one day full of colour, sunshine and activities. 
Yin and yang again:)
A perfect weekend in my eyes. 


This is a state of my mind that I'm only dreaming of!
What is the key, treatment, solution or action plan to end up there?
All advices are welcome :)

Roller skating fun!

Yesterday Bella went to a roller skating birthday party. 
She has never ever been wearing those kind of rolling boots but her attitude was positive. 
It was going to be so fun and so easy!!!
The kids had the whole place all to them self so there was no need to be afraid of getting ran over by some "showoff-er". 
So wonderful to see Bella with friends helping each other out.
So much energy, so much positive attitude and fighting spirit...
To fall, yup, no big deal, up again:)
Yes I know, no helmet but my muddy brain thought a place like this provided those kind of safety kit...
Practising practising practising.
While the others went crazy playing games Bella decided to change her roller skates to roller blades. 
No she was able, with the help of the wall, to take a lap around the rink.
Mission completed!
Proud mom and an ever more proud daughter.
It was so fun and SO EASY so she now wants a pair of rollerblades for her next birthday!
Love love love that spirit. 
I want to conserve it, fill up some jars with that spirit and then serve it for breakfast every morning to my family:)

Back in the feng shui world:)

Ok now I'm really back to reality!
No more winkle in the navel...
I have people in Sweden waiting for me to take on their house and with my magical feng shui wand create balance, harmony and to fill their house with good energy.
Better start working on that then.
With beauty in front of my eyes in the form of a hydrangea, an apple to keep up the energy and water to stay out from dehydration I think I managed pretty well to create a good and positive environment this first day in reality:)
I had to shake loose my memory for a while there but only enough to "start the engine" and from there all the doors were open. 
Exactly what I needed.  
I feel so energetic now and filled of ideas.
Not to mention that I will actually be able to help someone else.
To help...
No matter what it is. 
That is such a great feeling. 

Our sun in Patagonia

I can not help but going through my photos again from our Argentina trip. 
I so like that an experience like this really kind of builds in your heart and mind and whenever it pops up in my memory it creates this smile on my lips.
Bella ( among a few others) had definitely a lot to do with these positive memories. 
She was just in such a good mood the whole time and never complained on anything. 
Instead she was so enthusiastic and had so much energy everybody else could fuel up on her. 
Think of how much experience this little girl has already, so many countries, places, activities and everything else that makes for a memorypacked life journey.
No wonder she sometimes seems so advanced and sometimes so lost...
Anyway, up here in beautiful Patagonia just in front of one of the big glacier she became that sun we never saw in the sky that day:)
Love love love her 💗

Snowflakes and tulips

So finally it arrived!
A little taste of the winter through some snow flurries. 
I must say when we now are blessed with seasons we should really experience the full capacity of them. 
Not only the cold. 
I do hope these flurries count as full capacity though:)
At least it lightend up like fallen stars...
( it's not blood on the window if anyone would think so, it's a red leafed branch)
Unfortunately it was not enough snow to make snowmen so Bella decided to stay indoor playing with her new lego passion. 
Definitiely fine with me since I'm just feeling sick, grumpy and tired, probably due to another sugar detox...
My body must be terribly poisoned since I suffer so much:(
Pink tulips are never wrong.
No matter what weather they always bring hope and wonderful good energy. 
Lets hope this little taste of a winter wonderland and the power of a bunch of pink tulips can help my mood...
Im missing myself!

Movie Sunday!

Ok i fell for the peer pressure. 
I have never been a fan of space movies, war on another planet or spaceship. 
But since this was a family thing I had to swallow that disliking and go watch the new Star Wars movie. 
We all look like we are coming from another planet though but I did not feel more "at home" anyway:)
I so remember why I don't like these movies. It was sleepy, not really a story behind and too dark and busy ( specially the fighting). My eyes did not know what moving part to follow...
I think what I miss in the movie is the kern. A genuine feeling of a strong story.
Ok it had positive parts too of course, some funny moments, cool special effects and some love but It never reached my heart.
Still I love spending time with my family and if it takes a Star Wars movie, popcorn and soda to do that I just take a deep breath and join with a smile. 
Maybe some grunting also:)

Cardigan love

I love big fluffy knitted cardigans!
When it is cold both outside and inside and even the heart feels a little frost bitten a big cozy warm long haired cardigan will definitely do its job. 
Dressed in this one I feel like I'm wrapped in a soft blanket and slowly slowly I defrost...
Like I'm wearing an armour that protects me from the bitter cold wherever it comes from. 
With that warm feeling spreading out through the body, replacing the shivering with a peaceful feel-good feeling, and the world looks like it does, I'm almost urged to shout out:

My little difficult girl

How is it possible that so much resistance can fit into this wonderful little six year old girl?
How is it possible that so much anger, frustration and stubbornness can fit into this very same girl?
Must be a lot of fighting inside her with all these emotions looking for attention...
I wish I knew how to support her when all this fighting is raging inside her.
I wish I knew the right words or the best action for me to help her.
I wish i knew what kind of thoughts she is battling. 
Instead I can just hug her and hold her tight.
Instead I can show her that I'm here for her. 
Instead I can try to guide her and hope that something of what I say is slipping threw her fence of difficult emotions. 
I feel i would walk over fire, fly to the moon or get her that pot of gold from the rainbow just to help her get back to her usual inner peace.
If only i would not feel lost too...
Tjing Tjing 

The man behind our trip

Before I'm completely back in reality I just want to mention the man behind our Argentina trip. 
This is my friend Savas!
According to himself he is designing dreams...
Im totally with him in that sense:)
He and his company Farscape is helping individuals, families, groups and companies to get as close as they can a dream holiday, getaway or conference. 
Anywhere in the world.
This whole positive experience was partly due to perfect arrangements, organisation and details from him and his company. Very impressive to get everything so smoothly functioning. 
Just take our little picnic breakfast we were greeted with in Uruguay when arriving with the boat.
A table dressed in white tablecloth, put in the shade from a couple of trees in the middle of a meadow down at the river.
Two chefs making blinis, squeezing juice and serving typical food from the area..
Just that moment of an unexpected nice gesture and wonderful surprise set the standard of that whole trip. 
And not to mention all the guides, the rides and the detailed schedule.
Everything was made with our needs in mind and everything worked out. Wow!
So thank you my friend again for putting together such memorable holiday. 
I can't see how we ever is going to go on holiday now without your help:)

Real flowers and verbal flowers

Christmas is over, out and passed down to the basement. 
Left is an empty feeling ready to be filled with new and fresh energy. 
To start with a pink bouquet of ranunculus or an orange bunch of tulips is a wonderful way to embrace the new year and to kickstart the coming lighter times. 
Christmas was bringing warmth, coziness and a kind of a motherly feeling to the home but when the new year has arrived I immediately want to replace that with the lighter, brighter and more uplifting energy that comes with happier coloured flowers.
Almost every family room in my house is now dressed in this new costume and everytime I pass I get reminded of how much beauty and wellbeing just a small bunch of flowers can pass on and then I would like to think that also one nice word to another human being has the same power and effect. 
This new year I have decided that I will try to pass on as many verbal flowers I can to people around me...
But I don't want to start today ( grrrr) so I'll start tomorrow:)

Travelling with friends...

I'm so lucky being surrounded by so many beautiful and wonderful friends. 
Travelling with us to Argentina was one of those...
Being an outsider and spending two weeks with a family of six consisting different characters, with everything that is included in the dynamic of different wills, requires patience, tolerance and humour. And love. 
My friend has all of that plus a beautiful heart and a beautiful wise mind. ( yes I know, almost unbeliveable)
Just to so openhearted accept both goofy me, my kids, our habits and bad habits and at the same time make me giggle like a teenager or even laugh out load is very impressive and extremely luxurious.
When you are spending every minute together you want to feel safe, accepted but also appreciated by your company and I think we all managed to pass on that feeling on each other.
The boys /kids had a great time together and exchanged life experience, rooms and brotherly love...
Another positive side that comes with travelling with friends is that we view things differently. 
And together all those ways of seeing and interpreting add on to the whole experience and make it deeper, rounder and more full. 
Its like getting more value for the money or " buy one get two" kind of things.:)
Through rain and shine, hard winds and warm humidity, through snow and ice and everything else we experienced there was like a rainbow connecting us and our friendship and I feel so enriched having shared so many special moments with this family. 
Hooray to friendship!

Iguazu falls

Sorry for bombing you with details from our trip but it was truly memorable and has made a big impact in my heart. And I really want to share all of these wonders...
After Patagonia we flew up to the north of Argentina in to the jungle to visit the Iguazu falls. 
Waterfalls that have been declared National Heritage by the UNESCO and is one of the new seven wonders of nature.  
Amazing, powerful and majestic falls that one could hear from far away and never get out alive if fallen into.
Just this last fact has unfortunately attracted a lot of people with suicidal thoughts...
The beauty of the falls are one of its kind.
It gave me a weird feeling in my tummy though with all that water thrown down into a gigantic pool.
It was difficult to grasp the power and forces that were involved in this scenery with the camera. 
I think the only way to fully understand the magnificence of the falls is to be there on site...
We took a speed boat to get a chance to get closer to the falls from a different level and I can tell it was a wet experience but for sure it also added another dimension to this whole event. 
We were of course not the only visitors to this place but one thing we had in common...
We were all there to see, feel, hear and experience the wonder of the Iguazu falls.
Check on that :)


Going through my photos and I'm kind of reliving my holiday again:)
So much beauty this world is offering. 
And little me is lucky to get a chance to experience all this...
In Calafate in Patagonia we explored the glaciers, the icebergs, the mountains and the lakes. 
The light, the nature and the bare beauty was almost magical. 
So many different types of nature within this area and it was all created looooooong time ago. 
Respect to that!
Talk about aging with grace:)
It was like the nature was wrapped in a peaceful blanket and passed on a feeling of some kind of immortality.
It had always looked liked this and will always do ( unless mankind decides differently)
Endless expanses, bottomless lakes and a never ending wind filled us all with positive energy and a desire to take in all this "freedom" by running, jumping, walking and looking at everything with wide open eyes. 
I totally got a little enchanted by this old old piece of nature. 
Sunshine, snow, rain, wind and cold did definitely not stopping us ( only a few planned excursions were cancelled due to bad weather) from enjoying this unique part of the world. 
Again I feel so grateful...
To be continued...( again)

Colourful Buenos Aires

Something I really enjoy in life is colours. 
To me the colours enhance the beauty and put some life to the view from my eyes, and in the capital of Argentina I considered myself being part of this gigantic art gallery where all the colours decorated and complemented the city in the most fantastic way. ( even my kids blended in beautifully)
I found the street arts very interesting and we were told many beautiful stories about the paintings. 
In many cases they unveil the truth and denunciation of corruption for the society and the interpretations of this art is a way of reading the mind of the citizens in Buenos Aires through the murals and paintings of these artists.
But not only the murals were of interest. Some of the houses and walls were also painted but with no motive and in the most happy spreading colours and all in all it just made our experience more nuanced. .
Of course this was not everywhere but I'm so glad we got to experience those parts of the city that actually were actively engaged in this art form. 
In rain or shine all this together added warmth to the buildings, to the people and to our staying.
To be continued...

Home again!

Im back! 
Back at home, back with Internet and back in reality!
What a trip we have had!
There has been laughing and crying, snowing and raining, sunshining and "cloudying".
There has been visits to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
There has been warmth and cold, colours and grey, hiking and boating.
We have been waterfalling and quad biking, hiking and relaxing, biking and "trucking".
We have been exploring and "spa-ing", sweating and freezing, wow-ing and aww-ing.
We have been mosquito bitten and frost bitten ( felt like it though), blown away and melting.
We have been iceberg-ing, mountain-ing and beach-ing.
We have been ice-creaming, meat-ing and pick-nicking.
We have been fooling around, we have gotten wet and we have been butterfly-ing.
We have been laughing even more, we have been sightseeing but best of all, we have been TOGETHER!
I have about 500 000 more pictures and stories to tell but those we take another day. 
For now i need to fill the fridge, empty six suitcases and make myself at home again:)
Hippy happy new year!

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