Friday wisdom!

This sun full of beautiful words and phrases will today replace my Friday bouquet of flowers.
This sun is made by the students at my youngest daughter's school and is hanging on the wall at a strategical place at school. 
I just get so warm inside reading the messages and despite the simple words they all stand for great meaning. 
"The sunshine words are kind or polite words that promote warm and happy feeling in others"!
I know I'm a softhearted nerd but I cant help but loving that message. 
That is what we all should apply on each other no matter what age, gender, profession, country or colour. 
The school says that using and receiving sunshine words help all of their students to be friendly and kind citizens. 
Since I believe in the law of attraction I can only agree with that statement. 
Positive attitude creates positive feelings!
Think of the power words have in general!
If we think and talk positively to each other already from the beginning at school ( hopefully even earlier) I'm sure it will follow us into the future and create smiles and good feelings along the way:)
Have YOU used a sunshine word today???
I have!!!

I love the fall!

Yesterday after I had written a long story for my blog it all disappeared!
Completely vanished!
Like the stains on my clothes after using my husband's company's products:)
So today's blog is more photos than words. 
I LOVE the fall!
I love the crisp air.
I love the change of colours in nature. 
I love fall for letting nature go to sleep in style
I love fall for using the best artists in creating beauty to my eyes
I love fall for never giving up ( every year we can count on fall)
I love to stay inside when the wind or rain is raging outside.
I love that a hot chocolate soon will be on my menu again.
I love that boots, shawls and big knitted sweaters are about to announce their entrance.
I love the peace that comes with fall.
I love the  darkness that wraps the world in a soft blanket so I can light up the candles.
I love the everyday routines that sets in the fall after the freedom of summer
I love the cold mornings 
I love the smell from leaves and wet ground
I love fall for accepting,encouraging and embracing all colours. ( he he a hidden political view here)
I love fall for being strong and untameable.
I love fall for aging with grace.
I love that the world is glowing even for a short period of time. 
I love that I am able to see, smell and feel the fall. 
I guess i have made my point about fall!!!
In case someone missed the point, here it is again:

Magical pumpkins!

When it's time for Halloween I usually don't do anything in terms of decorations. 
I blame that on coming from a non - Halloween culture but through the years and specially living in this country I must say that I'm definitely affected by the spirit!
I would not say I'm going wild and crazy but a few pumpkins has found its way over here:)
My pumpkins are not only simple pumpkins.
My pumpkins are magical!!!
I set them up with Bella in a certain way and the next time I see them they are reorganised!
I think you can say I got a lot for the money I spent on those pumpkins...:)
It might be that Bella has a finger in this game though. 
A pumpkin is an easy way to add some warmth to an entrance and I think now is a good idea for me to squeeze in a Feng Shui advice:)
An entrance is the mouth where the good energy finds it's way into your home so we really want to lure it inside by make the area around the front door inviting. 
The five elements have to be present in order for it to be balanced (Earth, metal, water, tree and fire).
We find the metal in the white pillars, Earth in the bricks, water in the black flower pots and the candle holders and the tree element in the green door. Finally we get a lot of fire in the pumpkins ( do not have to be magical ones) and from the candles( when lightened).
With this simple action you have made way for the good energy to enter your home. 
And good energy we all need! 
Especially during a renovation chaos...
Magical pumpkins or not!!!

Stone decisions...

A sunny weekend packed with sleepovers, soccer games, haunted house party for some and birthday party for some. This always mean a loooooot of driving, dropping off and picking up but in between we shared a few laughs, a few disagreements and had the sun watching over us the whole weekend. 
In my mind im constantly dealing with different kinds of decisions regarding the renovation. 
One is to find a suitable stone for the island in the kitchen and the perimeters. 
I have decided I want to have white carerra marble but the problem is our island is BIIIIG and the marble usually come in a little bit smaller pieces. 
We eventually found a place which actually had two slabs that would be perfect and by the look of my face I seem to be very happy with that :))
It is amazing that in this white sea of marbles there are only two in the size we want at this particular place but None at the others. 
The problem is I don't want the stone to have a seam!
I want to have one whole peace of beautiful unbroken stone...
And I think I found it!!!
The little rectangular peace of grey at the bottom of the picture is the colour of the kitchen cabinets. 
In certain lights the grey has a small hint towards green so the marble then has to have the right grey to match that but also there I'm happy with what we found. 
Its a big island so in order for it to look balanced we also needed to look for quite a thick piece...
And guess what?
Right thickness! Check!
Next question was if I wanted a polished or honed (matte finish) surface. 
It was easy though to choose since the "stone man" told me that the honed version ( my favorite) was the easier one to maintain so that was a no brainer:)
With all those criteria fulfilled I just had to take in the look of the stone, see the artsy pattern of grey veins and see the beautiful result of what nature has been producing during looooooong time and now is going to end up in my kitchen. 

Kitchen update

Our new kitchen is coming closer!!!
Every morning when I get back from having dropped off the kids I anxiously look for some kind of signs while I'm driving up the driveway. 
Signs that would tell me the heroes have arrived!
The heroes that are dedicating their time to work on our kitchen, bathroom, basement and third floor in order for us to be able to again have a stove, a shower, a tv room and a guest room. 
I must say to their defence that lately they have been present every day and because of that its starting to show some results. 
In the beginning of the week it looked like this...
The blue line on the floor is our future island. 
And towards the end of last week they had begun to tidy up. 
The support structure in the ceiling is in place in the kitchen. 
Since we removed the fireplace with the chimney they had to come up with a solution of how to carry the weight of the house that was attached to the chimney. 
A tricky problem to solve...
But with steel beams all over I hope we can trust its support
At least it almost look beautiful to me...
Not that beauty ever have replaced strength but still :)
The rectangular deeper area to the right is where the island is going to be underneath on the floor. 
We will have a "dent" in the ceiling above the island with a string of led light around which will give a cool effect of different dimensions. 
Ladder has been moved...
Another sign that tells me something is going on:)
This peace of broom though has just been moved around from one place to another in the room without any attempt of being used I assume by judging by the huge amount of junk on the floors. 
Olivia's bathroom is still fluffy and pink though but soon...
Changes is in the air!!!
Meanwhile we continue to eat rice, instant mashed potatoes, sandwiches and takeouts. 
Will probably not look at that direction any more when all this is over but so far it works. 
Its only until Christmas...


What kind of monster am I turning in to?
Today I passed a dead deer on the road and I just looked at it without feeling anything!!!
No lump in my throat...
No tears in my eyes...
No urge to stop to look for signs of life...
I just calmly passed and did not look back:(
That scared me!
Does it mean I'm loosing my empathy?
That I don't care any more?
If I'm beginning to feel cold towards dead animal , is it just a matter of time till I treat humanbeings like that?
A terrible and horrible thought!
Tonight I will snuggle up a little extra with my kids, give out more kisses and warmer hugs and hope that the monster (my new me) will return to where it belongs!!!
Good night!

At the movie with the dentist!

A couple of weeks ago Bella got an invitation from her dentist (!) to go see a movie on this passed Sunday. 
Not only my daughter was invited!
The dentist had rented the whole entire movie theatre and invited all her patients with their families to come see Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!
A wonderful film about Alexander, who is turning 12 years, and begin to wonder if only bad stuff happens to Him. 
He will soon notice though that each member of his family are also going through their own terrible day...
The funny thing about this movie is that it is based on a book by Judith Viorst!
Well that was not actually what I thought was funny BUT this author is our main attraction at our upcoming book fair at school!
She will be coming to our school to talk about this book and maybe sign one or two copies:)
So now after having watched the movie I know what the book is about and how great it is and that it will have a given place in my heart and our daughter's bookshelf. 
The dentist herself was welcoming all of us enthusiastic movie guests. 
I loooove going to the cinema my self but very rarely do it and if I do it's mostly kids movies...
Nothing wrong with that though!
The expectations, the atmosphere and the excitement are all the same:)
To listen to all the giggling, the awww's and the oooh's while the movie was playing felt like music to my ears. Starting up a normal Sunday this way set for an all-day-in-a-positive spirit-mood and was a great ending to a busy week. 
Thank you you dear dentist for contributing to our family fun!

Do blondes really have more fun?

whoot whoot!
On Saturday it was time for the annual Halloween party!
Both me and my husband had been sick for the whole week but I was feeling so much better and the thought of dancing boosted my immun system on to a higher level. 
Unfortunately I had to go without my "hubby"...
But fortunately I found out that one of my good friends also were going which ment I would be able to share this experience with someone who has a place in my heart but I would also have an anchor ( instead of my husband) at the party to return to when needed, so many people I didn't know. Scary:))
I felt so sorry for my husband who really had been looking forward to this party beacause it was in his eyes the "only true party" with loud music and wild dancing ( I usually stand for the dancing though...)
It's nice to do something "crazy" with your other half now and then.
This time I also wanted to find out if "blondes " have more fun...
I only had to do it on my own that night. 
"when the going gets tough, the tough gets going"!
But fortunately it was not that hard at all:)
I never drink any alcohol but I feel the dancing definitely takes me to another dimension but luckily without the hangover:)
Just love to dance!
And I go wild...
I got so happy when I found out that the female half of this couple ( my anchor) also loved to dance!
The dancing brought me closer the dancing chef...
You would also risk dancing into Mrs Doubtfire...
or other kinds of loose creature:)
My dear and happy host bumped into me now and then too. 
We had an experience earlier this year where we were almost the only one in a costume but at this party everyone had made an effort. So difficult to capture all the people though. 
Too much dancing, too little light and a lot of people in a small area...
The dance floor got crowded, wigs got loose and the smiles got bigger. 
 And all the pictures suddenly started to look blurry...
I guess the night ended like that for most of the party crowd:)
But I'm sure it was worth it!
I do not know if it was because I was blonde or not but I sure did have fun!!!

Manhattan get away!

Its needless to tell how much impact a 24-hour visit to Manhattan has on me!
To be able to escape from the "daily routines" for a little while is the hight of luxury in a stay-home mom's life. 
No drop offs, no pick ups, and no peace making. 
Just a possibility to finish a sentence, a thought and a sleep. ( Bella still comes every night to our bed) 
But doing that in New York creates a little extra dimension in my heart. 
Already in the car my tummy was filled with butterflies looking at the skyline which was calling and welcoming us. 
Not knowing how the day would turn out was part of the excitement but also the fact I was going with a friend  
It is something special with sharing...
Our hotel was located in the middle of Time Square and we were lucky to get a room with a view. 
Pretty ok to me...
I never seem to get tired of Time square!
I love the buzz, the colours and the people crossing each other's life from all directions. 
It might be that I'm only visiting for a short time though, knowing that I can leave this behind,what other people might call stressful.
The rest of the day was stuffed with laughing, shopping, walking, selfies ( some of them were photo bombed) an Italian lunch and Soho. 
Towards the evening we had the pleasure to experience a "dry bar" where you just walk in, have your hair washed and then blow dried and styled the way you wish. 
The night was calling...
More taxi trips and city lights...
Love love love to sometimes be a part of this city!
At this time I suffered from a sore throat and a little fever but the day was almost ending so no complaints:)
I still got to enjoy the food and the atmosphere at Tao. 
And the city could not care less. 
It still continued to deliver but also decided to offer some swedish comfort: H&M 
So proud to see that sign lighting up the sky in this big Apple. 
This text was written on a wall in Soho and I can not but agree and embrace the context. 
To be able to experience a 24-hour Manhattan in full speed has been like a dream to me and I had to pinch myself in my arm just to make sure it was for real...
And to be able to share this with a friend was truly the double of joy!
Thank you my friend!

High line 2

When I picked up my friend from the airport it was such a beautiful day so I decided we should go into the city and walk the High Line again. 
My friend knows New York much better than I do but she had never done this elevated park so that was a must. 
It was that kind of day the whole entire world looked appealing to you. While I was driving in my friend tried to capture the beauty of simple things that we always take for granted. 
At the High line I was again struck by the beauty of the surroundings. 
I so so love this place!
It is something with the skyline, the architecture, the colours, the atmosphere ...
Not everything is gold what is shimmering but it sure has the same effect:)
 And when you have someone to share that with all the joy doubles:)
This time the last bit of the old train track was also open to the publics. 
A new experience even to an old high Line fox like me. 
A wonderful experience that took you down towards the Hudson river. 
It was created the same way as last time with lots of art installations along the way. 
You would for example find these concrete cubes with different objects in like sneakers, shells or even bones buried in the concrete. 
And in the middle of everything the train park which when the sun is out reflects the sunbeams and make everything around it glow. 
A beautiful day with a beautiful friend in a beautiful place!
What more can you ask for on a Sunday?!


We are still out of internetpower which means I can not upload pictures or even write a blogg, kids can't do their homework and life has gone into a still mode. 
I've had the pleasure of having a friend visiting for a couple of days so hopefully I will be able to upload pictures from those days soon. 
Renovation is in full action though...
They have installed a small sink, a dishwasher ( which was considered luxury and created a few rollin eyes) and a small cabinet for us in the "bar room". 
I exchanged the bottles of alcohol with bottles of water. 
i exchanged the wine glasses with plastic glasses..
Added on packages of serials, nuts, tea, instant mashed potatoes and tins of sardines. 
And chocolate!!!
So far we also still have a fridge which been pulled into the doorway of the original kitchen and stuffed with milk, hardboiled eggs and cheese. 
We are since a week now rocking a life without a stove ( but with a microwave in the living room)!
What we still have though is fresh flowers!
I mean why change a winning concept?!
I feel it is now in this mess we are surrounded by it is more important than ever to lighten up your room with some fresh beauty. 
And tea light holders...
 All these beautiful colours send out some encouraging not worry!
Just go with the flow!
 One would never guess that a big part of the blogger's home is out of order...
Some things and habits need to be kept as normal so flowers, candles and chocolate definitely do the job!!!
happy Friday!

"Gone kitchen"

Been out of Internet for a couple of days again!
That does not mean life has been standing still though...
While you have been working, sleeping, eating, shopping or cooking  we have had the "demolition team" here again. 
They arrived, sealed the doors with plastic and put masks on their faces. 
This is the result of their activity!
I think they worked their way through at least three previous kitchen...
Since I have decided to meet this project in a positive way I am trying to ignore the dust, the noise and the unpractical part of not having a kitchen. ( so far)
Instead Im looking at the walls and trying to see the beauty In them. 
It is almost as I am looking at pieces of art...
Art with a history. 
Think of of how much history this house hold.
Its built 1905 which is considered very old in american measurements. 
The previous kitchens there are signs from are probably not that old but has definitely stories to tell if they would have been able to talk. 
I would have loved to listen to those stories...
Especially now since we will be removing every single sign of those kitchens. 
Erasing the survivals for the future...
Its also weird how lost you feel in an empty room when your eyes and brain have another picture in mind. 
I kind of loose my bearings...
Find it difficult to visualise the new coming kitchen and have to force myself not to regret what I'm doing now. 
Too late for that anyway:)
I will just have to stick to my private art museum for a while now ( they say till Christmas) ,embrace the untold history and welcome the changes ( as a matter of fact I can not wait!!!)
A new kitchen!

My soccer star

To Max life is at the moment all about the ball!
Strangely enough not about the academics:)
Five days a week ( sometimes six) including two games he is completely absorbed by that sport. 
In rain or sunshine, hot or cold he is always ready to get out there for a play date with a ball. 
Does he ever complain?
He loves it!
He was lucky to be chosen to play in the varsity team at school even though he does not have the age for it. 
I think the coach saw the passion Max has for it and maybe some potential and decided to take advantage of it.
He is fast , technical proficient and passionate!
He has been playing soccer for many years but was never really able to develop his skills but mainly maintain them. 
Being a part of that whole machinery in a team of older players was the ignition he needed to take that step forward. 
He is much more aggressive in his playing now and does not give up that easily. 
Not only does he benefit from playing with older boys, most of them also have driving licences. 
Which means he is no longer dependent on his mom for pick ups...(gulp)
That is just giving his mom hick ups...( haha I do have a poetic vein)
But i think it is kind of scary with boys and driving...
But I will still be there watching!
Cheering, encouraging and applauding. 
Sharing their loss (many) and their wins ( not so many)
To see the look in his eyes when he is playing,
to see his feet fooling around with that ball and 
to recognise someone for being in his  right place. 
That is worth everything!
Early mornings, late nights, smelly socks and cleats everywhere!
Ill do it all over again!
Im so proud of my own little blond soccer star!
According to the girls the blond also definitively counts:))

Jeff Koons

Sometimes life requires more from me than usual which means i do not find time to write in my blog.
And it is a lot going on now...
I did manage to drag my dear husband, my oldest and my youngest child along to the Whitney museum of american art though on the saturday.
Jeff Koons A retrospective had invaded three floors of that museum and filled them with colours, stainless steel sculptures and humour.
Such a treat!!!
Who has not heard about Popeye and his need for spinach when he wanted to become really really strong?
The artist says "art is our spinach". "It can bring about transcendence and empowerment".
I though that was beautiful and very true.
Art can definitely make me see and feel things differently.
Most of his sculptures are made of metal and this "balloon" is 10 feet ( 3m) and weighs over 2500 pounds (1100 kg)
Paintings drenched in colours that brightened up the rainy day...
Some sculptures were made of wood or porcelain and had unexpected details not obvious at the first look.
Like three arms on Michael Jackson...
He was fond of making trivial things like small souvenirs or cheap toys into big giant copies.
Koons believes that all kinds of objects can be fun to look at, not just the things we usually call art.
One of my favourites...
Love this painting in his Celebration serie!
It is so full of pink rock chic femininity.
My total opposite, probably why it appeals to me.
And when we eventually got tired of all the beautiful art my daughter could continue admiring herself in a mirror in the restroom.
Do not need much to entertain this little lady...
And i think that was one of the highlights at the museum:
my kids enjoying art that would meet their individual level.
Tjohoo for Koons
A rainy saturday that turned out to be sunny in the end :))

A quarter of peace!

it is something extra with Fridays!
Especially when the sun is doing its best in reaching into the smallest space or coldest heart just to spread light and warmth. 
I just had to catch the moment before picking up the kids and went to my little public garden here in town to see how the fall has been treating it so far:)
i think this was the most autumny I could find. 
The rest of the garden was pretty intact from the impact of the change of season. 
I love love love to be there!
it is like walking into another world where only the nature rules ( with a little help from mankind though but anyway). 
Where all problems vanish, your senses become bigger and your mind takes a power nap. 
The last couples of days have been quiet busy...
So strolling around where beauty meets peace is like cotton for your soul. 
I don't seem to be the only one getting inspired in this garden. An older woman was trying to capture its beauty through her brushes while some people tried to do the same just pressing the button ( no names needed)
I had 15 minutes and I took those minutes and decided to imbibe all impressions, all scents and the whole entire atmosphere. 
That you could call power charging!
Fast and furious:))
So good to end the week like that!
So wonderful to start the weekend like that!
A quarter of an hour. 
Its all I need...
happy weekend!

Sometimes i miss...

Sometimes i feel an urgent need of visiting a cosy place with homemade cakes and buns, a nice garden to sit in while "stuffing" myself and ideally some clothes, pottery and/ or other decorations for your home to buy.
This place in Sweden ( Hylkegården ) is a very good example of what i mean.
Just a peaceful slice of paradise in the middle of no-where where both your soul, your eyes and your tastebuds get satisfied.
The idea of sitting outside where the kids can run around, alternating between the slides, the swings...
...and the homemade mudpie is unfortunately a non excistent phenomenon here at this side of the big pond.
At least i have not find it yet :(
Tips are greatly appreciated!
The vegetation also invites to explore hidden tunnels or a pretend entrance to a castle.
There is ALWAYS things in this world that a little kindergardener just finds so fascinating...
This urn filled with lemons suddenly became small burning suns and only with superpower you were able to come that close :)
We have a lot of beautiful gardens here but it is the combination of nature and homemade cinnamonbuns I miss very much some days.
It does not have to be fancy at all.
A group of furniture in a corner of a garden is good enough.
Perfect for a family to sit and enjoy with a cup of coffe, a cinnamonbun and loud happy laughs.
Peace and harmony...
Then it is absolutely wonderful to fill your tummy and heart with this kind of life quality during the summer and then in small portions dig into that memorybank when it is dark outside or you for some reason need a boost and just want to feel good!
That is exactly what i just did!

Tiny elephant

Again it was time for another birthday party for Bella.
This time a breakfast in a bookstore!
So sweet, so calm and so peaceful (not all the time though) so you would question if there really were 15 kids...
They started off with handprints on canvas.
I could not understand why they kept on writing their names with the hand upside down till i saw the end result:)
Is it not such a wonderful idea?
So simple but so creative...
So this magical world was invaded by !5 girls and their moms or dads.
I t really is something special with an old fashioned bookstore in this technical oriented present.
Just to hold a book, smell it and to flip a page creating a little noise from the paper, got me sentimental and i decided not to download books on my Ipad anymore.
Everywhere in the bookstore the books were kept company by small dolls suitable for the theme of the books...
The doll displays gave the bookfilled shelves a more attractive and inviting feeling that i appreciated and especially if you are new to a bookstore phenomenon.
Bella with friends were enjoying ( look at the dreamy girl in the background, I wonder what she is thinking...)
This photo is taken ouside from the window before i got drenched by the rain:)
She seemed to be making up her mind whether she should join the birthday girl or... cleaning up the table.
Definitely child labor warning on this one though!
Eventually she decided to continue her childhood, stopped working ( with a free cupcake voucher in her pocket as a thankyou) and joined her friends in the storyreading.
It is great to see all these kids listening with big ears and big concentration and i was glad that Bella got the oppotunity to start her morning like this for a change.
The little cafe that was adjoined to the bookstore ,and apparently just opened, was the one that offered pancakes, fruitskewer and cupcakes during the morning. They did a fantastic job and I will for sure return.
But for that time we just had to be grateful for those hours in that magical world ( i am only talking for my own sake now), grab our umbrellas and head back to reality...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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