The day before...

So have we come to the day before the big travel day. 
A day and evening that on the surface looks like a normal peaceful Christmas spirited tv night but is when you look deeper filled of stress, anxiety and butterfly filled tummies. 
Grumpyness, separation anxiety from friends and packing difficulties are falsely disguised behind the flames of the open fire, a big cup of tea and the noise from a TV movie...
On top of everything I am trying to suck out the last hours of Christmas in our home since we are not back until beginning of January and all Christmas spirit since then long gone.
Luckily I started indulging everything December stands for in my world, that is light, togetherness and love not only to your closest but to everybody, already day one.
After all the colour of Christmas is red, the colour of love!
We will of course bring all the love on our trip but the light, decorations and tree will have to stay here.
Hopefully the grumpiness, the tears and anxiety we can also leave behind.
With a wisdom tooth extracted and replaced by a hole and some pain in my upper jaw I'm not in the mood for being patient or encouraging...
Yup, a highly normal evening before a big day. 
Tomorrow Argentina will be looking to be shaken up a little...

He made it!!!

I know one member from our family that is extremely happy at the moment!
I know one member from our family that suddenly is looking to spend a few years in the mountains of Colorado. 
I know one member from our family that got accepted to his number one choice of university. 
The science program with focus on bio-chemistry is on the schedule and spare time will probably be spent on skies on the slopes of Colorado mountains and the same "rocks" will be explored with the ski boots replaced by hiking boots when the snow is gone. 
I just can not get into my head that my big little boy is going to leave his nest...
I guess we very soon will find out if we have given him all the "tools" he needs to be able to handle his life without a parent.
If we have properly prepared him for life...
I guess we very soon also will find out if his mom is ready to let go of her first born. 
If I am actually prepared for a life without one of her children...
Till we find out I am happy to enjoy the glimmer that suddenly is surrounding my son.
Happy to see him take small jumps of joy when he thinks nobody is watching.
Happy to know that all his time in front of the books was well spent. 
So so happy and proud of him. 
Colorado college, here he comes!!!

Packing problems...

Today I attended a brunch where both Christmas gifts and wonderful words were distributed to each person around the table. 
Such a beautiful way to start the day!
I do feel so overwhelmed at the moment. Not only is my mind occupated by all beautiful Christmas stuff but I also have to figure out what to pack for our next very exciting trip.
On Saturday we are namely leaving for two weeks in Argentina. 
We will start in Buenos Aires where we are going to explore the city both by bike, foot and from a boat. 
Then we will continue to Patagonia where the mountains, glaciers, hiking, quad biking and boating are waiting.
From there we will fly up to the jungle to investigate the area around iguazo falls with more hiking and boating scheduled. 
After that we are going back to the capital of Argentina to explore the street art and other fun stuff this city has to offer. 
What's keeping my mind busy at the moment is what to pack. ( or more like how much stuff can I toss in the bag before it explodes)
I need to cover summer climate, cold and icy conditions and the humid jungle temperature plus proper clothing for fancy restaurants, beach and hiking. 
And all of this need to fit in one bag each. (!)
Such a delicate, superficial but wonderful problem:)
But, before all this is happening, before we can celebrate our little Christmas, before we leave on Saturday I ,on top of all that, need to have a tooth extracted...
So much going on now!

A grey but colourful day...

Today was again warm and so foggy the roads were wet and the windscreen wipers constantly went on and off. 
With such a grey surrounding it felt good to look back at our week in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. 
What I had in mind was all the colourful house walls on Venice beach that just with their bright and happy paintings brought joy to our stay. 
The walls are a wonderful addition of colours when there is a lack of the rich coloured natural flora.
To me the beauty of a painted wall is unbeatable compare to a normal "boring" concrete building. 
I guess the place it self allows more wild and artsy expressions but I so welcome that in our world:)
The world is such a treasure box filled with all kinds of beauty.
We just have to open our eyes and hearts and let it in.
Maybe it was the combination of the blue sky and the painted walls in this particular case but it for sure planted some sunshine in my heart that is now distributed in small portions on grey days like today. 
Yup, I'm very lucky that my heart is big enough for everything this world offer:)

Christmas buffe time!

It is such a weird feeling being able to wear shorts and t-shirt in the middle of December. 
That did not stop us from having a scandinavian Christmas lunch though with a couple of friends. 
Was trying to find ingredients for a traditional Christmas buffe and managed to at least being able to serve the basic stuff with herrings, ham, meatballs and rice pudding and a few more typical Swedish dishes.
With all the food and Christmas songs playing in the background I think at least one of us ( me) got mentally wrapped in that cozy Christmas blanket of togetherness and that kind of happiness you get of sharing special moments with special friends.
I guess one or two snowflakes would have made no harm but I can not get everything. 
To be surrounded by family, friends and tonnes of food a Sunday afternoon in the middle of December is perfectly good enough if you ask me:)

Some moments...

Some moments are more precious than others. 
Some moments fill your heart with so much love there is a slight risk your heart will explode.
Some moments define family, togetherness, brotherly and sisterly love. 
When I the other day went upstairs to start the daily bedtime routine with Bella I heard giggles, exciting voices and loud laughs from her room. 
There they were, all in and around her bed sharing some stories from the day. 
My task for the evening immediately got changed and instead I embraced that beautiful and shimmering atmosphere that surrounded my kids. 
Some moments make you realise you must have done something right in your life.
Some moments definitely bring hope for a better world. 
Some moments just bring pure happiness...
Thank you kids for making my day!

Candles and zebras...

I can not get enough of candles, candle holders and all these "flora" of scented candles. 
I also have a big hit on animalprinted interior decorations. 
So guess my level of excitement when I found a box outside my front door?! 
A box with a cool and scented candle and a zebra printed small stacking dish. 
I am if course to blame for that box but still...
Everything is from Jonathan Adler and I'm in love with that brand. 
They have fun and cool stuff which makes wonder with every space you want to give a little spark. 
Most of it is very classic but with a welcoming twist to it. 
Its unbelievable how sometimes "dead" and superficial things can make me feel so happy...

Happiness in a bun

Managed to almost slice off a piece of my thumb making an apple tzatziki earlier tonight which made me realise how spoiled I am having fingers and toes, limbs and senses all usually functioning. 
Now im just sitting in a chair with a pounding thumb, drinking tea with my left hand feeling sorry for myself...
Feeling happy though with the fact that some of our Christmas baking took place this passed weekend during our forced indoor activities due to Bella not feeling well. 
Swedish Lucia buns with saffron was on the list...
Would not have been easy with only one hand even though I had some great helpers:)
Just before I took the picture the dough looked like a balloon. 
A smooth, round and absolutely perfect Lucia bun dough. 
Then it said "poof" and all the air went out and left a sad moonlike yellow lump behind. 
That did not seem to bother my kids though. 
They happily started to knead, roll and brush like they had never done anything else and they were eagerly cheered by big brother's watchful eyes.
Fifty buns later we managed to fill the whole tray with these yummi calorie bombs just waiting for us ( me) to indulge with a cup of tea or a glass of cold milk.
I believe I can say without exaggerating that this is happiness in a little bun. 

Our eclectic Christmas tree

What a beautiful weekend!
I have not been able to enjoy any outdoor activities in the sunshine due to a daughter who has been feeling ill but we could still enjoy it through the windows:)
We did take the opportunity though to squeeze in some extra Christmas spirit while anyhow indoors so first on our list was the Christmas tree.
Our christmas tree always end up looking as the world does. 
Different colours, shapes and origins come together in the tree but in this case in peace. ( might have been some fighting before ending up in the tree due to different individual tastes but when finally hanging there it's quiet)
All of the kids except the oldest one ,who leaves that to the younger generation, has their own idea of how a Christmas tree should be dressed. 
And what kind of mom would I be not accepting or allowing their dream to come as close as it can to be fulfilled no matter how chaotic it will end up looking. 
It is very entertaining listening to their arguments, their ideas and their approvals. 
They want to try their own thing but still want it to work with the rest so there are many changes before the final look. 
And maybe it's not the most estethical Christmas tree out there but its not so important. 
It is still the inside that counts and our tree was built of blood, sweat and tears, teamwork, a common dream and with a glimpse of their own future reflected in the glimmering balls. 
Kids, love and an eclectic Christmas tree. 
How beautiful is that?!

Americas riviera

I never mentioned our trip to Santa Barbara during our LA stay.
Time just flew by too fast and other things kind of fought for attention so our whole experience got put aside blog wise but absolutely not in our hearts. 
This "Americas riviera" made our Swedish hearts to pound a little extra...
Maybe because of the small size city but also the climate, the mountains in the back and water in the front ( good feng shui) and all the friendly smiles greeting you. 
We took a little sightseeing tour both on land and on the sea.
I love doing that because being a first-time visitor I have no clue about anything and being guided immediately gives me an idea of what we are in for.
It was mostly from the sea I was able to take pictures but i think you all can get an idea of what paradise this seems to be.
There seemed to be room for everyone no matter colour, shape or lifestyle...
Yup I really love to explore the world and I think our globe offers so many beautiful and interesting places and I again am so grateful that just I am getting to see and experience all this beauty with all my senses wide open. 
Family, travelling and sunshine. 
Three things I love!
Yes I can not complain at all. 

Yeeehaaaa! I did it!!!

Today was a rainy but still beautiful day.
Today was the day I got certified as a feng shui consultant. 
Im so so happy I can't find any words to describe my feelings.
My heart is singing out loud, my brain is giggling and i constantly need to wipe away sparkles falling down my cheeks...
I never thought I would make it the way I did.
I never thougt i would feel so accomplished ( in a humble way)
I never thought I would feel almost sad that this learning period is over...
Im so grateful to my teacher and classmates for putting up with all my questions and comments and for allowing so much laughing during our lessons.
I have loved every bit of this feng shui journey I have done and I can't wait to start helping people to find harmony in their homes and lives.
Whether it's about the interior decoration or on a deeper level the goal is to create balance and harmony and to bring out all that positive energy we need to be surrounded by in order to feel good. 
I can do that now because I'm a CERTIFIED FENG SHUI CONSULTANT!!!
Hooray for me:)

A little hint of Christmas.

Today I spent the whole entire day in different shops with the goal to fill up my fridge again and at the same time trying to get those missing pieces in my Christmas decoration. 
To me the whole month of December is very festive and I appreciate the change of colours, the nice ambience the decorations bring out and i love that bubbly feeling of the same excitement I had as a kid to the coming winter's peak...
Yesterday I almost panicked since I did not have the flowers or green twigs I felt I needed in my eagerness of finishing my Christmas decoration so I just went out and
cut some leftovers from a half sleeping tree in my garden.
And I love it!
I thought they were so beautiful in their thin red "outfit" and went very well with my Christmas thoughts:)
Actually I don't need much to feel the Christmas spirit spreading through my veins.
Candles, some glitter and a poinsettia ( I can not resist buying one for every Christmas even though I'm telling myself to stop because I don't actually like them...who am I fooling?) definitely make me going. 
I might also change the colours of my pillows in my sofa and I always decorate the mantelpiece with a fir garland.
If I then am listening to Christmas music, drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream in front of the fireplace, then I need a crane to be moved away...
Maybe I should skip the whipped cream then:)
Now im only waiting for the snow to complete the picture!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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