From spring to winter Easter land...

So we decided to swap a springy Stockholm to a more wintery feeling in our summer house 🙄. 
How desperate I am though for a warmer season I can not help but admiring the beauty of the wintery Easter land down here. 
It seems like whenever I come here, this place is showing me its different bests. 
So beautiful, so peaceful but so different.
It was maybe not what we had in mind going south but it is what it is and it is definitely good enough. 
Catching up time with parents and one sister is on the schedule for Easter and the rest of the time will be spent in a quiet mood where we take the days as they come and be sure to catch all the moments that might come our way:)
Life is good!

Spring is in the air ...

Long time no see!
Had to put my blog on hold for a while and deal with broken hearts and other important stuff.
As we now head into another lighter and brighter season I can finally feel my spirit is going in the same direction:)
Suddenly the smiles im sending out are being returned, creativity is running through my veins and stores are calling my name for new shoes, dresses and sunglasses...
It is enough just looking at everything happening around our house.
The snow is almost completely gone, although everything was covered in a thin white blanket one morning again...
The ice on the water outside our windows are slowly melting and kind of breaking up from the shore and tiny flowers are fighting its way up the frozen ground. 
The sun is suddenly out and is embracing our pale faces and actually allowing me to sit outside sipping my tea. 
Life quality. Just sayin:)
Spring is definitely in the air!

Miami week

Long time no see:)
Life definitely takes up some time...
Back from a trip to Miami and overloaded with sunshine, warmth and new memories again. 
Our days consisted of family, laughing, beaching, shopping and togetherness. 
But of course also hugging, wynwooding, eating and dogging...
Fueled up on so much positive energy this week.
Our beautiful friends were the perfect hosts. 
Not only did they offer a bed to sleep in but they were the best guides, booked the best restaurants and were the best company. 
A week of teas and talks later I feel a little bit more energetic, more happy and more ready to face the winter‘s bitter cold. 
And that’s because of all the warmth I’ve been exposed to. 
Literally and physically. 
Lucky lucky me!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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