Carsick Thursday!

Picture me in a nice dress and high heels laying on all four throwing up just outside Columbus Circle...
Yup that's me on a Thursday night:)
Coming in for a nice birthday dinner but a 2 hour start-and stop drive killed all the enthusiasm. 
The funny ( or sad) thing is that the first one to come to a rescue was a homeless...
The second one was a tourist and the third one another hobo who went through his bags and handed me a bunch of tissues...
I will ever never forget what beautiful hearts these people had...
They gave me comfort only in their way of caring, simple and pure humanity!
Me on all four in a blue leopard pattern dress and funky high heels in front of the entrance to the mall!
Im also very grateful there was no hidden camera:)
Today is another day and the whole weekend is in front of us with free time, good food and hopefully beach weather!
Long island here we come!!!
Hippy happy Friday 

Wonderful is short!

I love flowers!
I love roses for their elegance and tulips for their happiness. 
But lilacs, they kind of touch the inner of my heart and brings out good old memories...
When the season for lilacs is here my soul is smiling...
Lilacs are graduations, new summer dresses and the " summer holiday song"!
it is clogs, summer plans and freedom!
Lilacs means sleep in mornings, shorts and suntanned legs. 
They stand for carefree, swimming lessons and mild summer nights. 
Lilacs also mean beautiful, intensive and short. 
But that is sometimes how life is. 
We only need to learn to fully appreciate it while we have it. 
Just like we do with the lilacs!!!!

Summer house progress...or not:)

Just want to give an update of the work at the summer house!
People are working so hard to finish up everything before we are invading this place for the summer:)
And time really flies... 
Soon and very soon we will be there. 
So now they have finished the painting and are now focusing on the landscaping and terrace before finishing the balcony and indoor activities. 
Right now it looks like there is no hope at all...
Here there will be a big terrace with a nice sofa and chairs, lots of soft cushions, maybe a Bali umbrella, lots of green plants in pots and absolutely no mosquitos!
The sun is on this side the whole afternoon...
And it's very close to the kitchen:)
If we continue around the house this is where the utilityroom is. 
A terrace connected to the big one will be made and will make it easy for me to bring out wet clothing to dry in the sun. 
So nice of my husband to think of just that...:)
It's hard to believe that this chaos will lead somewhere...
But in front of the house they have prepared for the new steps that is waiting at the side of the photo to be constructed. 
And tadaaa!! Also that one is coming together...
At this side it's morning sun and the plan is to have a dinner table just in front of the house and another little sitting area on the "naked" plot. 
Its all about relaxation, calmness and harmony this summer:))
Even though we are not just there yet!!!
And I'm here at the other side of the ocean looking at picture sent to me, dreaming, planning but suffering for not being there already. 
But  dreaming is half the pleasure is it not?!?!

Relaxing Monday!

Today was Memorial Day which means no school...
And I was as close to a hangover I can come:)
I never drink alcohol so I can only imagine what it is but when I get overwhelmed by lots of impressions I feel drained and out of energy the day after. That's my hangover...
So what can be better than spending the afternoon in my neighbors peaceful garden?!
I swear I did not touch this one even though my eyes kind of were drawn longingly that way...
I wish my brain would be this organised too a day like this:)
Her garden feels a little like from a fairy tale with winding path and steps...
Small places where you can sit and relax and think about positive things in your life:)
So clean and sleek that my mind immediately felt calmer...
The winding path is followed up by this tree. 
If there would only have been me and my kids I would have loved to climb up to find a comfortable spot in that tree but there were a few other people:)
And I'm a middle aged woman...
I did go in under it and it offered an already framed picture of the patio. 
My little "CinderBella" found secret hideaways too although this one was not the most hidden one...
( Olivia and her friend came up with that nickname and I love it)
Some action was going on in the pool area but it came from the kids. 
Here is Max trying to get a basketball into the basket in as a difficult way as possible. 
And never giving up:))
A wonderful and peaceful ending of a wonderful but busy weekend!
Life is goooooood!!!

New York in my heart!

A weekend has passed with a speed of a lightning!
Love, friendship, shopping, restaurants, roof tops and dancing. 
Everything within less than 48 hours. 
So here we go: picture galore!
Just a good advice!
Make sure you dress to match the floor when going dancing...( well it made some of us giggle)
Love love love to visit this city!
Love the mixture of architecture, the atmosphere, the variety of people and the pride NY breath in knowing that this is a place where the world comes together!
With our head full of impressions, the trunk full of bags and our heart filled with love we left the city and the pulse to go back to what we ( I) sometimes need to escape from - the everyday routine. 
No I'm happily wrapped in memories and dreams and ready to get back in family business. 
But first sleep....

Busy weekend coming up!

( picture from Pinterest)
This is a completely misleading picture of what I'm doing and where I am!
I would say that it is the total opposite...
To be continued...

Pepper house!

 I guess everyone in Sweden has seen this advertisment for a house for sale since it's been mentioned in practically every social media. 
But for those not living in Sweden it could be fun to know what kind of trick this particular real estate agent does to create interest...
Instead of doing the obligatory bowl of lemons she decided to slightly change direction and went from sour to sweet. 
And a few more than would have fitted in a bowl...
More likely to fit in a bathtub...
Or in a washing machine. 
Unless it's just a different way of cleaning them...:)
One of the reasons of choosing a pepper was also due to its soft and round shape. 
And of course the bright colours...
Even the terrace got invaded by peppers:)
Although here it seems to be more sensible and we are back to only a bowl!
(More pictures can be seen on where these photos are picked from. )
So according to the news magazines this house broke the record in "klicks" but I guess the most important is of course that it will get sold!!!!
I am definately a pepper lover and I knew they could be used in different ways and this really confirm them being such a versatile vegetable!!!

Art show!

Must show you the result of what an amazing art teacher can make pre kindergarten up to third grade students do!
She has the tool to make every little kid feel like a Picasso or Matisse and the pride you could see in the "guilty" students was almost touchable. 
I think this was one of the first graders...
Look at those colours!
We could watch  animals...
This particular I can see as a character in a children's book. 
... And houses ( apparently their own)
One wall was covered in portraits...
And scuptures of animals so well done and so detailed your chin dropped:)
Abstracts were a big thing...
And what abstracts! 
Beautifully and extremely well composed!
This is from pre-k...
The school could have made tons of money if they could charge the parents a dollar every time they would say awwww or wow!
Bella though she made a fish:)
A very happy and personal little creation. 
But I'm finishing up with this painting because it summons up the happy feelings that embraced you like a blanket after having seen all of the creative kids productions. 
These kids are between 4 and 8 years old...
Just saying...

Golf sunday!

My dear husband plays golf!
I hate that he plays golf!
Not the sport itself but all the hours it consumes...
Well this time I was pursuaded to walk with him during 9 holes. 
Ive been to golf courses before. 
But I had forgotten how beautiful the surroundings often are. 
At this course I was only offered green...
Millions of green hues...
Completely swept away on a green wave!
And blue clouds!
Occasionally also signs of human beings...
This particular one complained about me being too slow and he was right, I was so overwhelmed by the nature and stopped walking just to admire...
... the perfect golf swing!
I can almost see the steam coming out from his ears when concentrating so hard before putting. ( and no, he did not focus enough)
While I didn't have any problems focusing on everything else but the golf:)
I mean here I just drifted away thinking I saw a woman in a white dress riding a horse...
Or small trolls hiding behind the trees...
As taken from a fairy tale.
Ok so I don't know if my husband was very happy with the outcome of this golf persuation ( felt my focus was a little misguided), but I did enjoy the walk, the nature and the company. 
I still don't like the amount of hours it takes...

A little anniversary...

Saturday was me and my husbands wedding anniversary!
My other half is very good in remembering those days.
He is also very good in finding small loving gifts that sets my heart on fire...
Not to mentioning my neck and wrist...
What girl does not like a bag from this place?!
With boxes wrapped in black love...
Not giving the smallest hint of what's in them.
Only making my heart skip a beat...
My fingers fumbling in exitement.
And when I finally manage to open the box I'm greeted by a small silver globe in a chain.
A globe that reminds me of life:
full of bumps, knots and holes but together form an harmonic and uniform creation, stable but sophisticated ...
And it shines!!!
It also came with a family!
Something heavy that will never make me forget it's there...
Something that embraces my wrist and puts a little glamour to to that part of my body...
Thats my man!!!
love llove love

Mermaid party!

This weekend it was time for another party for Bella to attend. 
The theme this time was mermaid inspired. 
This place is also a kind of birthday party factory which on a full time basis arrange these parties for all kids who is dreaming about being any kind of princess
So this wall welcomes you upon arrival and guide you into the right room:)
The funny thing is it was named Bella's princess place... ( not her party though)
A little lady waiting for Ariel...
And there she was!
Teaching the little mermaids how to behave when coronated...
But first they needed som face decorations. 
One at the time. 
So patient they stood there in line waiting for their own turn to magically ( with some help from Ariel) turn even more beautiful...
And finally...
Then it was time for the coronation...
And we are so exited...
Can not wait!!!
Easy peacy lemon squeeze!
Yaaay! We all made it:)
And suddenly the party was over and the magic no longer worked...
Only the balloons remained intact and was the only sign of that something very special had happened in that room...
Hope you had a magical weekend too!

Soon and very soon...

Received photos of the summer house today!
Things are hAaappeniiiiing!
New colour...
We only have permission to paint it yellow but there are thousands of yellows out there. Like a jungle.
And to sit at the other side of the ocean does not make it easier:(
Wanted something old fashioned since the house was built 1894. 
We not only have colour problems. 
At the same time we are trying to create a garden...
Also from the distance.
A balcony will be built on top of the veranda. 
And A terrace will be built as an extension of the house's living area. 
But the house itself looks totally unaffected!
So peaceful, calm and patient. 
The complete opposite of the owner :)
Hippy happy Friday!

Thursday sun!

Now I'm as happy again as I never have been before:)
The reason for my happiness this time is orange!
I bought a long time ago ( 3 weeks) something on sale from Macy's...
And when a box from that store finally is delivered to you, one feel like its Santa who brought you something...
And who would think something that makes your heart dance in your chest could be hidden in that bag!?!
But it was the sun!
Sooo wanted something that could enhance the yellow ball in the sky. 
Something that could even work instead of...
Something that would make me smile just because...
Something that would look good even hanging on a chair:)
It reminds me of the skin of an orange ... and they say oranges are healthy!
And it matches my tulips!!!
Welcome summer and welcome purse. 
We will together form a nice team:)
Oh my I looooove handbags!

The Cloisters!

Sometimes it's nice to escape from the everyday routine!
So that's what me and a beautiful friend did and went to a little hidden "oasis", the Cloisters, set on a hilltop with a stunning view of Hudson River. 
Its a branch of the Metropolitan museum of art and devoted to the architecture and art of the medieval Europe.  
Its such a nice and peaceful atmosphere and it's hard to believe you are in the middle of NY...
its just standing there solid and safe welcoming you...
Offering both a typical cloister garden...
... And indoor experiences from a French cloister. 
The whole building is built in the 1930th but made from medieval pieces from mostly Western Europe and put together like a cloister but with a different history. ( a wild guess is that the bench is more from modern time)
Windows from the Canterbury cathedral.  
Plates from Spain and Germany made in early 1300. 
Look at all the details....
Personally I like the gardens the most, with the same sort of herbs and plants that was used in the medieval.
So lush and green...
So peaceful and...
... so lovely!
I also have a thing for benches...
Always placed in a quiet spot...
So simple but yet so inviting:)
Love a little splash of colour here and there!
And the beautiful made ceiling in some of the rooms. Like big octopuses...
Love the fine carvings...
And the pretty ok view!!!
Just to sit on one of the benches and breath, enjoy and relax. 
Yup a perfect combination of culture for your soul and peace for your mind!
A great wednesday!!!


I took a new selfie...
This is me when someone hurts one of my kids. 
When my kid is looking at me with tears falling on the cheeks, pain steaming from the eyes and earth has split ones again. 
Then I transform into a tiger, ready to catch my prey, tear it apart while growling...
Friendship is not easy.
Its not only about having fun together, laughing out loud, sharing secrets and dreams. 
Its also about understanding, respect and tolerance. 
And that road can sometimes be very bumpy...
My job is to guide, to support and to create a safe foundation so the child can deal with these storms because they are inevitable.  Big or small.
But now and then even a mom has to let the tiger out...

Beautiful retro apartment!

Holy macaroni!
What I'm just showing you is one of the most stunning home I have ever come across. 
If I ever would go retro in my style I would do exactly the same as in this inner-city apartment in Stockholm. 
Photos taken by Idha lindhag ( from dust jacket attic)
Love love love it!!!
So welcome into this modest home!
I see we share the same taste for lamps ( have the Flos chandelier myself)
Love the mix of modern and traditional furniture!
A natural colour palette that manage to pass on a rich and textured feeling. 
Beautiful floor and ceiling...
A sleek and clean kitchen with naturals and design classics in a wonderful combination. 
They seem to have made their home work in the "clear the clutter" bit within feng shui:)
I can't understand why I find it IMPOSSIBLE to keep my kitchen counter as clean as this?!
Even the small details create "want-to-get-the same feelings!
Love everything from the furniture to the art... the statement lights...
To the plants that add some life to the neutrals. 
Yup I can move in at this very moment...
straight in, don't need to change anything:)

App fun!

The weekend has been busy with different parties, dropping off and picking up!
Managed to watch Eurovision song contest and think Denmark did a good job hosting. 
Sunday gave us a glorious day with true summer feeling and a promise of what's coming...
Since the older kids have been busy doing stuff Bella was busy doing her stuff. 
On my iPad. 
With an app she must have found very entertaining:
She has a few favourite expressions...
But this time it's double the effect...
And probably double the fun:)
Again I wonder what's in her mind...
Or whats in her mouth...
She is probably practicing ways of taking a selfie...
And using this app seems to be very efficient since she gets 2 selfies in 1 shot:)
Do not think there are no more photos, there are kind of a few more but the computer seems to have had enough of these selfies because it will not download any more. 
I could stare at these pictures from my little clown all the time. 
They fill my heart with joy, love and pride but also a quiet wonder what on earth did we do before the ipad?!

Colour of love 2

After being surprised yesterday with the beautiful flowers in the colour of love I got surprise "numero" two.
Same procedure as yesterday...
Box outside the front door, red ...
But this time filled with strawberries dipped in chocolate!!!
Milk chocolate, white chocolate and all of them surrounded by this colour of love:)
They say love also goes through your tummy...
So I'm covered with love from my dear "hubby" in all 5 senses:
through my eyes, nose, fingers, tongue and ears ( love is like music in my ears)
i guess im ready to take on the weekend!

The colour of love!

When it's raining both outside and inside, your head feels padded and your heart empty ...
I can really advice you then to make sure there is a big box outside your front door when you pull up after The day is over. 
Inside the box there has to be red roses... a handmade crystal vase!
All the sadness kind of goes into that box...( when it's empty)
And instead a smile is slowly starting to form in your soul. 
Is it not the most perfect and accomplished flower one can think of?!
So full of beauty and pride...
And looooove!
Enough to fill out an empty heart, soak up the rain inside that wet your cheeks and remind you someone in this world appreciates you for being who you are. 
Yup that's how my husband is...
Good night

A little excursion!

Blue sky and a yellow sun!
What could be better than to explore the area around here a day like this?
One of my beautiful friends suggested to meet at a restaurant where you could sit outside on a terrace overlooking a lake...
So this is the restaurant...
And this is the view! ( it actually looks like the right fountain is giving me the finger...)
Along the lake is a path and walking there offered many nice and colourful spots...
What a great place to sit and relax and maybe watching your kids go wild and crazy in a paddle boat.
Or just enjoying the flowering trees that looks like gemstones against the sky!
For sure I was not alone enjoying the day at the waterside:
Although I would ever never consider going in that water. 
Not only can you sit, eat and paddle but also play adventure golf and visit the little zoo I took the kids to a couple of month ago ( without knowing about what was around the corner). 
Yup! That was my Wednesday!
Ending the day with a big cup of tea and burying my nose behind the neck of a freshly bathed little princess. 
Life is good!

Workday is art day!

On one of my trips to the grocery shop I suddenly realized how beautiful everything is displayed!
Colours, shape, texture... It's like walking around in a gallery ( hmmm weirdoooo) but it definitely brought  my shopping experience to another level:)
Should we not try to see the beauty in even the most trivial things...?
I tend to challenge myself in trying to find prettiness wherever i go. 
I just need to open my eyes, my heart even more and in this case also my mouth:)
And suddenly a box of sunshine...
A Damien Hirst ( the master of creating art from absolutely nothing)
And I guess Andy Warhol would have been happy to be the responsible for this one...
Anyway, what I'm trying to say again is that we really live in a beautiful world  and we should appreciate the small things around us. 
And the people...
Yup that was my good advice for today!
Feel free to use it...!
Sunshine to you all!

The house of Tine K

Browsing outdoor furniture for our summerhouse! 
Found this amazing home from a Danish designer of home interior that made me count the days till we are heading over for the summer!
Only the house it self is candy for my eyes but on the picture you can also see the outdoor furniture I'm interested in. 
Also the diningset would go perfect in my garden...
Beautiful still life! Peaceful and yet striking...
Less is more!
Very calm colours perfect for a bedroom. 
Living room!
A wooden floor without rugs is very summer housy to me and invites you to walk barefoot...
A clean and tidy kitchen with leather straps instead of ordinary handles on the cabinet. Love it!
Even a mess ( although probably styled) looks beautiful in this environment:)
Another peaceful display...
Does this picture not glow with summer vibes?
This photo speaks for it self!
A little bit of the colour of sunshine will end this visit and remind us of what's coming...
And during my journey now through Tine K's home I have more or less decided to go for her outdoor furniture since I'm enchanted by the summer spirit this entire home is surrounded by:)
Hopefully some of the magic will come with the sofa...
( pictures from femina dk, est magazine and Sköna hem)

Child labor, a new lamp and flowers

Most weekends are good but some weekends are even better! 
This weekend happened to be of the better kind:)
We did not see a single person but we accomplished a lot at home!
Although some of us were not so happy with the weekend...
They really had difficulties understanding why we could not hire someone to do the job we asked the boys to do instead ...
And they so regret not having planned to meet up with friends :)
But they did a good job in the end. 
Inside the house we cleaned out the storage in the basement. 
We also put up the new lamp and dusted off our old table we kept in the storage and just swapped the wooden one with this modern and I'm so happy we did:
 We got a completely new corner!
And that lamp...!
 It's golden ( I have a thing with golden) and inside it has a rose garden!!!
Im looking forward now all the time to when the sun sets and there is a need for some electrical sunshine:)
Love love love my own little sun!
I got so inspired of my Rose garden so I just had to get real ones...
The lamp also matches our coffe table ( what a coincidence) we have in that room!
 And the roses found a perfect spot on there too...
 To top up the whole weekend experience the sun was shining and temperature like a Swedish summer day. 
This field of tulips was found outside the art museum. 
It kind of summarise how I feel...
Life is good!!!

A newly washed world!

So wonderful to wake up this morning and the whole world felt washed and clean and kind of ready to take on May!
I could easily imagine the house rubbing its eyes, yawning and stretching a little while inhaling the oxygenfilled air.
The asphalt was almost steaming and colours looked brighter and more intensive than yesterday. 
The petals from our magnolia tree which had been forced down by the rain formed beautiful patterns on the ground ...
While some of them still clinged on to the tree:)
Even our little "bird pool" was magnolia decorated! Everything to welcome the change from April to May. 
One of my rare flower in the garden...
Good thing we can always add extra from the nursery! 
Oh I just love this tine of the year when nature seems so fragile and crispy but is acting in a stubborn and strong way... Like We Will get there, no matter what!
If I stand quiet and just listen I think I can here it " pop" everywhere...
Thats the good thing with rain:
it comes
it cleans
It nourishes. 
Although I think the world is washed the rain somehow forgot my windows:(
Oh my!!! ( there are hundreds of them...)
Well it's May and everything that comes with it:)

My outdoor dinner furniture!

i can't remember if I have shown my outdoor furniture since they arrived but in case I haven't ill do it now. 
I'm so very happy with them so my heart makes a jump in my chest every time I catch a glimpse of them ( and that's all the time since they are just outside our kitchen)
They are comfortable to sit long in and the brass with the weave is just so cool looking:)
Unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs at the moment ( actually the whole entire day and it will continue through the night and tomorrow)
Kids are hoping for a "rain day"...
This means I'm stuck with my jumping heart in the kitchen cause there is no chance of finding a dry spot outside what so ever :)
At least something is happy for the rain!
My pot of herbs just exploded in growth and has almost doubled in size in just a couple of days...
The strange pattern on the table is leftover rain from the morning wash of the world:)
Outdoor dinner Furniture, brass, herbs and comfort! What a great combination!
Now we are only waiting for the sun...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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