One of the most devastating experiences must be when the light of someone in your family ( in my case my dad), suddenly switches off. 
All these emotions fighting to get the most attentions...
Sadness, disbelief, anger, hate, grief, guilt but also love, gratefulness and confidence. 
I feel like I’m being hit by waves from a stormy sea. 
I know the storm will calm down eventually and that the waves will keep on coming but less frequent, less powerful and with enough time in between to let us catch our breath. 
It it has been so weird.
So many tears and then suddenly a memory that brings a smile to our lips and we are desperately clinging on to that positive thought to give ourselves a little break. And then a few tears again...
Luckily we are four sisters. 
Between us we share hugs, tears, encouragements, memories and laughs. 
Together we are strong and able to help out our mom who suddenly only feels half...
We can never replace that other half but we sisters will make sure to do our best to fill the ”hole” with love, quality and tons of connection and affinity. 
But for now, the most important is to try to keep our heads above the surface and wait for the storm to calm down. 
Grief is the price we pay for love and oh so much love we got from you dad...

Spring around our house

I just love this time of year!
The sun, the weak signs of warmth, the tension in the nature and of course the light. 
Since It is our first spring in this house I have no idea what is hidden below the earth and maybe ( hopefully) just waiting to pop and spread beauty all over our yard. 
Me and my daughter took a little stroll trying to find out...
We did not find a lot though but we both could feel the activity going on and that was good eneough. 
Ice is finally gone so greeted by this splashing sound from small waves meeting the dock.
Birds seem to be as happy as we are for this new season to arrive. 
Have to pinch myself in my arm just making sure I’m not dreaming...
Our world is so beautiful and I’m feeling so grateful that I’m here to experience it:)
Happy weekend!

The spring effect

This passed Easter holiday we were spending in our other home made me open my eyes for our new house in Stockholm. 
I walk around in my rooms just feeling in the atmosphere.
Much more positive now than before. I wonder if spring is involved in that? 😉
The sun welcomed us back and seems to continue to sprinkle a golden glimmer to everything around me. Even peoples mood got a dose of that positive energy judging by all the smiles greeting me:)
I decorate with fresh flowers all over and open the glass doors to the back.
The easiest way to lift the energy in a home. 
Of course to clear all the clutter is also important but I’m happy to cheat a little and enjoy the effect spring still has on me and our house. 
Maybe it’s going to be good in the end?!
My house and me:)

Walk and talk

Our week in our summerhouse came to an end and now we are back in reality again:)
It was a week which offered familytime, different weathers, lots of food, many hugs and togetherness.
Not very often, but sometimes I managed to lur my husband out for a walk and of course that was much easier when the sun decided to keep us company...
Walks give you fresh air, get the ciculation going and give you a beautiful opportunity to talk to each other. 
Dreams, problems, plans, kids yes everything is being covered during a walk:)
And with that beautiful scenery around us I could have talked for hours...
Even the snow, that wrapped this part of Sweden in a soft white blanket for a couple of days, did its best to add an extra dose of beauty both to our walk and to the landscape. 
Yup, definitely feeling grateful:)

An ordinary Wednesday

Even down here in the south of Sweden spring announced its entrance today:)
Melting snow, bird song and sunshine. 
So frikkin welcome!
The light is magical and so wholesome for both body and soul. 
An early morning run/bike ride in this scenery makes for a good rest of the day:)
I eventually prioritized reading a book today too. I’ve been doing other things these passed days but today it felt right to wrap myself in a blanket, a nice cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. 
I cant think of a better way to spend a Wednesday in my summer place. 

Our Easter weekend

Last day of the Easter weekend. 
Its been a weekend full of food, snow, sunshine, family and togetherness. 
Eggpainting, walks, art shows and friends were also squeezed in during the days mixed with moments of doing absolutely nothing. 
Just wonderful:)
Lots of colors inside made up for lack of colors outside :)
It is just beautiful to be able to swap our usual routines to something different. 
Makes you gain perspective on things. 
Appreciate what you have and so on...
Three kids are trying their wings somewhere else during this holiday so it’s only been our youngest daughter who has put an golden edge on our days here in our summerhouse and to be only half the family on a vacation still feels so weird.
But, positively thinking I’m very grateful we have been able to give the kids those wings:)
And weird does not necessarily means bad...
Well well, we still have a few more days down here in my little paradise so will try to fill them with fun, relaxation and quality before going back to reality.
I do have a feeling it is not going to be hard to meet those criterias:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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