Because I'm apparently worth it!

This weekend has been busy!
We went to a barbecue at a friends house where we relaxed, ate and laughed.
A beautiful afternoon with beautiful friends. A perfect Saturday!
We hosted a barbecue ourselves too on the Sunday for a few of my husbands new colleagues that moved in to our "neck of the wood". 
Also a great afternoon with a lot of food, many laughs and that sort of finding when you realise that the world is full of nice people. 
Still, the shallow me, my delayed birthday gift from my wonderful other half was the thing that sprinkled my weekend with golden dust!
I am just so spoiled!!!
He really must think I'm worth it:). 
tjing tjing

Here we go!!!

Yesterday my father started his treatment!
A first one out of 39!
A bus ride for an hour is taking him to the place where they do magic. 
It has been such a journey since he got his diagnose in May.
Shock, not being able to believe, it can not be true, life is over and all thoughts in between made him stay in a bubble in the beginning. 
Then as time passed by, preparations for the treatment started and a positive answer from more examinations was received, his mood also changed. 
Glimpse of hope made him realise life was not over...
It was so wonderful to see that my old dad was back before I left my summerhouse for going back to the U.S. 
The only difference was an extra sparkle of fighting spirit...
And now his "fight" started.
Good is that my beautiful mom is at his side all the time during this war.
Like a knight in his armor of love, care and support. 
So here we go!!!

"Monkey business" and decoration

Yesterday was a beautiful day!
Both regarding the weather and the atmosphere:)
Neither the beach nor the pool seemed tempting for my youngest daughter though.
She decided she wanted to decorate vases and enjoy "nature" by climbing our trees in the garden!
And who am I to dictate what to do or not to do:)
So home we stayed!
It does not take a lot to entertain my little monkey:)
And with the sound of her humming in the background mixed with joyful shouts and a constant smile it was definitely worth staying home. 
And I my lucky duck was fortunate to experience TWO suns shining that day!

It's not easy...

Life is sometimes not nice to people. 
One would think that only a few obstacles in life would be difficult enough to deal with but in this case another ton of rocks just added its weight on my friends shoulder. 
I so wish a magic wand was for real. 
So I could just swipe it in the air and make all bad things disappear. 
This little lady is having a hard time at the moment too!
Not to compare to my friend though but big enough to cause waves in my daughter's own little world. 
And storms in mine:)
Bad confidence, argues and insecurity is mixed with absolute happiness, mature insights and awareness. 
Again it would have been a lot easier with a manual to meet those mood swings in the right way...
Its not easy to be six!
But in between though, on her way to independence, we are enjoying a fun, clever and thoughtful little girl.
She is both the sun and cloud, sugar and salt and black and white.
Hilarious, loving, absolutely wonderful and OUR daughter!
Tjing tjong

Feng shui forever!

Yesterday was a day in fog!
Groceryshopping, dropping off and picking up kids and a treat at the nailsalon filled my day but in a foggy and jetlagged way. Almost like I was a little bit disconnected from the world. More than usual:)
I also felt a little bit disconnected from my Feng shui studies. 
Therefor it was so good to have a reunion again before I left with my feng shui teacher and two of my classmates.
In the archipelago of the west coast outside Gothenburg in Sweden we met up for some time together. 
Our beautiful teacher was waiting for us with a basket full of goodies!
Such a beautiful and positive way to kick off our time together. 
We stayed at the same place as last time and got the same need of documenting our view from the terass:)
We had a wonderful dinner at a fish restaurant next to the water with a stunning view of what this particular place on our globe had to offer.
Serious talk about life, some refreshing of our feng shui knowledge and question-marks straightened out were mixed with laughs, giggling and togetherness. 
I feel so grateful that I have come across so beautiful people in my life.
Together with that stunning surroundings I think the essence of feng shui ( to create harmony in both home and life) could not have generated more positive energy!
Feng shui forever!

Home sweet home!

Im home!
It was with mixed feeling I left Sweden.
I have been there for eleven weeks and so I kind of got rooted...
But to be welcomed already at the airport with flowers from my wonderful husband and then coming home realising 48 big red roses were waiting for me in vases ( did not have one big enough) for sure helped to cheer up a slightly sad mind:)
I have had such a great summer filling up with Sweden, family, walks, friends, nature, books and food. 
So not only my heart and mind are overflowing but the scale too...:(
But despite the fact that I left the beautiful swedish summer, my parents , sisters and my house behind it feels good to be back to more summer, my own little family and my life here. 
With a house full of roses I have a feeling it is going to be great year...

Ystad in my heart

I had to go for a little walk in the town and document the beauty of my summer city before we leave on Sunday. 
It is such a pretty little pearl decorated with roses and hollyhocks. 
A welcoming break from neon signs and flashing advertising. 
This quaint impression together with the beach, the little harbour and the surrounding endless fields makes my staying here feel like I'm in a fairytale. 
The serenity, the colours and the cinnamon buns also add to it...
I really think the world is beautiful and I'm so grateful that I'm able to look closer into what beauty our globe offers.
Ystad is definitely one of those places...
Ill be back!!!

Fun on a pier

Kids are done here!
They just want to go home!
Sometimes there is a crack though in their complaints, fights or heavily sighing. 
A crack where positive energy is peeking out.
And joy and playfulness. 
Some wind, sun and the sea seemed to be the recipe for bringing out all that happy craziness:)
They were dancing, jumping and posing on that pier for ages...
Max and dad, we really missed you out there!
As I always say: we have to catch the moments!
And so I did!
I enjoyed, laughed and let my heart overflow with all that love again.
Sometimes it is only wonderful to be a mom!
Tjing tjing

Jansro home and garden

I've told you before but this area down here in Sweden is full of cosy places to get a coffe and a bun ( fika) at and to enjoy or buy things for the garden or home. 
Almost always surrounded by stunning nature and a peaceful atmosphere they invite you to take a brake from your normal schedule and just sit down and breathe.
Although, don't  bring your bored daughters to a place where calmness rules!
 For some reason at that very moment I was very disappointed that that thing for flowers to climb on ( brain freeze, can't remember the name) was not more of a cage. With lock!
I love places like this!
Who would know that such a pretty place was waiting for you at the end of that road?!
The serenity and all the love the owners put in to make it nice is really noticeable and gives you a warm feeling in your tummy.
And if I then can add the most delicious and fluffy cinnamon bun into that warm feeling too my day is saved!
So were my daughters!

Under my coffe table...

Im a real sucker for animal prints!
We don't have a dog ( unfortunately) so maybe this craving of filling my home with artificial animal is instead of.😜
The floors in our home in the US is covered in cow hides and sofas are filled with different wild animal printed pillows.
Here in our summerhouse I have slowly integrated sheepskin and animal printed lampshades into my summer style but apparently that was not enough!
A "zebra" had to move in under my coffetable too!
I just love the twist it gives the room!
It is such a mixture of different things in that room but i believe as long as you love what you pick ( no matter what style) it all comes together in a beautiful way. 
A few different pillows in the sofa and I think I can consider my living room being almost done. 
Just in time for us to leave to go back to the states:)

A special visitor

I am so grateful I am surrounded by so many beautiful, wonderful, supportive and uplifting people!
Especially when i was feeling a bit low and down this weekend this beautiful woman shows up like the sun in a cloudy sky and wipes away all bad energy and makes me smile!
How wonderful is not that?!
This is the mom in the family I worked in as an aupair when I was young and who became my second family since then.
Many years, moves, countries,and kids later they are still there for me. ( and of course I for them too)
The daughter in the family also came to visit a couple of weeks ago.
Only for a few hours but worth a lifetime. 
A friendship that has grown into my heart and is now part of my pulse...
Love love love these people!
Warm, wise and wonderful!
Thanks Inger ( and Lisa) you really made my day!

My sideboard is fantastic!

I'm so happy that my new sideboard has so many advantages and areas of usage!
This must be what is called value for money.
Bella has found out that the small wooden bar underneath the table is actually perfect for hanging her new designed creations.
Or just for things that needs to dry.
Not to mention that the teddy bear family now got roof over their heads.
I think it so beautiful how kids are able to think outside the box!
Shelter, protection and a display for new designs. 
My sideboard is fantastic!

A dream house anyone?

A year ago I showed a house for sale in the center of Ystad. 
Now when I'm kind of wrapping up my time here in my little paradise I found another house that made my heart beat faster. 
Located just outside Ystad in Löderup with stunning surroundings...
The view from the windows are like having a beautiful painting hanging in front of your eyes. 
I can only imagine how magical it would be to follow the change of the seasons from that house. 
I think the combination of the Mediterranean-inspired garden and the swedish landscape is stunning and gives you the best from both worlds. 
And its only a ten minutes bike ride to the beach. 
And 15 min to my house...
So dream on...
Or take action!
Pictures from Fastighetsbyrå

Small jumps of joy!

When the good energy is flowing, the kids are happy and the sun is out I just think life is so good!
Im trying to catch every moment that fills me with happiness and satisfaction and when I think about it those moment are so many!!!
A good book, a smile from someone, the sun, a piece of chocolate ( or a whole bar) a friendly gesture, a cup of tea, a hug from my kids and flowers from my husband...
The list can be made endless but they all have in common that it brings my heart into love mood and my mind into harmony. 
In this particular case it was the sun, the sea, the nature itself and my two beautiful and funny daughters that made bubbles run through my veins and made me take small jumps of joy:)
So seize every small moments throughout the day!
I feel if we only are waiting for the big things we are missing everything else life has to offer.
We only live once so better make the best out of it!
Yup, that was my Wednesday wisdom! 😜

A visit to Alma & Artur.

In my search of a small cabinet to our bathroom we stumbled upon Alma & Artur!
A barn just outside Ystad filled with goodies from India. 
Its ran by a couple who yearly spends half the year in India running a school for girls.
The girls get to learn how to read and write but they are also taught karate for self defence, they get lunch and health checkups. 
All the profit from the store goes back into this school.
I could not help but strolling around looking at all the beautiful things with a slightly different view. 
First of all I felt so proud of the owners doing so much good. 
Also hope was a feeling that popped up.
Hope for a better world. 
The cabinets were too big for my bathroom though so I ended up not buying anything although I tried hard to create another need to buy something just to be a part of all the "good-doing".
When the owners are back again in the spring with full containers I will be "hanging on the lock" to their door with a list:)
Amazing that an old barn could pass on all that positive energy. 
A barn with a soul. 

A big birthday girl!

Yesterday was my day!
In all aspects!
Its only me and the girls in the house at the moment but they made sure I was greeted in style already in the morning. ( Bella contributed with hearts, a note and her trolls (!).)
I got spoiled with birthdaykisses, sunshine and a wonderful dinner with my two girls and my parents at the hotel down at the beach. 
Not to mention all the wonderful birthday greetings, phone calls, texts and messages which created this beautyful weave of love that filled my heart and day with happiness and thankfulness!
I loooove birthdays!!!

A big birthday girl!


Busy day in our back yard!

Olivia survived her first day after her friend left!
One reason might have been that we "suddenly" ( after 2 years of failed attempt) got wi-fi installed.
The best painkiller, comforter and bandage in the world:)
The younger part of our family was busy doing other stuff. 
 After serious preparing of a lemonade stand the business actually got going:)
She did not want to stand down the street but instead in the middle of our back yard...
I think we need to talk about the importance of business being accessible to many people (and not just three) if that shop is going to survive.
At first she was also too expensive.
It was not until she offered her product on sale the first customer got interested. 
Instant satisfaction at its best!
Unfortunately her little shop died completely when she found a balloon.
Pleasure before business seemed much more important:)
So easy to be a six year old...
One little balloon is enough to get bubbles of joy to run through her veins.
I love love love the way she looks at life!
Wi-fi, balloons and sunshine!
Not too bad of a day:)

Another farewell...

Now begins the melancholy appear!
I drove our last visitors to the train station this morning and suddenly it feels so quiet.
Our own return is in two weeks and the summer has finally arrived to Sweden so it will not be too hard staying those weeks but still...
Its been so nice for Olivia to have her friend here!
Laughter, dancemoves, bike trips, walks and more laughter became the normal pattern of the day.
Sunshine was constantly surrounding them despite the lack of the real sun most of the time. 
So wonderful to be a part of such beautiful friendship. 
And it was so great for me too to get to know her mom on a more deeper level.
A fun, warm and wise woman with a wonderful hint of a hippie:)
My kind of girl!!!
This beautiful sunset will have to symbolise our mood right now.
The sunset itself is the beauty of friends, we know the darkness will come when they leave but we also feel safe in the fact that there is a tomorrow and the sun will hopefully be shining again:)
Today I have a feeling the darkness will be present most of the day though...
Tjing tjong

A day in the "city"!

Here the days are passing by in holiday speed!
Late nights and loooong sleep-ins and a suitable ( not too much of an effort) activity in the afternoons. 
I had to show my beautiful friend our little town center before she will leave so that is what we did yesterday. 
The kids went to the pool house and the moms took a little stroll in the sunny "city":)
Ystad is full of art and crafts and some of it definitely worth to document. 
I dont think my friend knew how well she fitted in in that environment with her outfit but she will definitely find out when she sees the photo...
If you take a little step away from the main shopping street there are a few hidden courtyards that make you think you are stepping into a fairytale. 
Peaceful and quiet they are just welcoming you to take a little break from the "busy" world outside, in some of them you can have a little coffe or a small lunch and some of them just offer candy for your eyes with it's prettiness. 
Im so happy my beautiful friend has such curious, open minded and appreciative approach to this little part of the world.
I always feel proud showing my slice of paradise but of course it is always more pleasant when people are able to see what I see.
To me shared joy is definitely double joy!!!
Only one more day to go before they leave. 
I wonder what today will offer...?

Picture walls!

I never showed you my new picture walls!
Remember I was collecting old paintings from flea markets and antique stores and finally I had enough to create a little group of pictures on some of our walls. 
I'm so happy with my paintings!
I think it gave the rooms some life, colours and personality.
My new sideboard only got company of one picture but the rest of the walls will never feel lonely again:)
So slowly slowly our summer house is turning into a home. 
Just in time for me to leave! ( only about two weeks left)
Tjing tjong

A walk in the sunshine!

Im so lucky!
I asked my friend ( the mom of Olivia's friend) who was coming to visit to bring the sun.
And she actually did!!!
We immediately took the opportunity to be outdoor and went to Kåseberga just outside Ystad to enjoy the nature, the scenery and of the course that life giving golden globe hanging in the sky:)
We walked up and we slided down, we walked along the beach and we walked in the village.
All the time accompanied by laughter, sunshine and excited shouting when having found something beautiful, weird or maybe just having lost balance on the rocks.
I never get tired of this place and I feel so proud when I'm able to show this little corner of my paradise. 
I feel even more proud when the people I'm sharing with also are able to see the beauty this part of the world offers. 
That same night I think we all had that satisfied feeling in both mind and body coming from a relaxed day in beautiful nature and sprinkled with sunshine:)
Friends, moms and cousins united in one positive experience.
What a great afternoon!

My big little boy!

Today we suddenly have an 18 years old son in our household!
Holy macaroni!
I can't believe it!
This also makes me realise how old I'm getting...
Now you have taken your first step into the adult world!
Now you have reached the age of getting your swedish driving licence!
Now you can get into jail (!)
Now we as parents are officially not obliged any longer to support you financially! ( he he)
But anyhow Hipp Hopp Hooray for the best Alex today!
My beautiful, quiet, anxious, wonderful, loving, sensitive, ambitious, intellectual, big hearted, softrebellic, lazy, frustrating, and loyal big little son!
You are the best Alex I could ever wish for!
Love you too to the moon and back!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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