A “golden” day!

If there is a rainy day in your life, become the sun by wearing a golden jacket and have afternoon tea with your sisters!
So enriching, filling 😋 and cozy. 
Worldly problems were ventilated, many laughs were shared and a feeling of togetherness we’re running through our veins. 
I also love to spend time in this beautiful store which also have this little tea room in it. 
They have timeless furniture, both colorful and calm textiles and accessories that really are calling my name:)
The showrooms are completely styled as if someone would live there and makes the whole impression welcoming and warm. 
And on top of that a nice cup of tea with my sisters ( unfortunately one was missing)...
A truly golden day!
Grateful is what I am!
Thank you sisters for sharing your time with me!

The boat is here!!!

So our boat arrived last night!
A proud "captain" drove it all the way from the marina back to our house with flying colors like he had not done anything else his whole life:)
Unfortunately the sun set so quickly it was difficult to capture the event but a little sneak peak on our addition to the Lacik's residence I managed to share. 
We did not even know where to park the boat so had to try different positions:)
This boat is suppose to carry us wherever we want to explore in the archipelago and whatever lunch restaurant that are still open can count on a visit from us.
Not to mention all the fresh air, the beauty of nature and the experience of having water instead of ground underneath our feet, all unique happenings to us that we can write down in our book of life. 
This weekend we know exactly how we are going to kill our time...
Happy weekend!

A visit to India...

This weekend offered Indian vibes. 
Bella and I are members in a mom and daughter book club and it was our turn to host. 
The book we have been reading was about a girl in India so of course it was given to serve a chicken tikka masala, mango lassi and naan bread. 
Some henna tattoos, sarees and lots of colors were represented too:)
Many wise and interesting comments regarding the character and the different culture in the book were shared. 
Again I get filled of amazement and pride listening to what the kids have to say from their "level". So full of insight, understanding and a healthy curiosity about other ways of living, thinking and being. 
It is such a pity some people seem to loose those qualities growing up.
I could not think of a better way to spend a Sunday than a visit to "India"…

In preparation...

Sunshine, warmth, snow and cold. 
The weekend in a nutshell.
Despite weather condition and a homecoming son my dear hubby still needs to prepare for his crazy upcoming "race across America".
A 3089 miles ( ca 4500 km) bike ride done in 7 days next summer is what he needs to be prepared for...
To prepare you need a bike.
But not just any bike, you need a "batman bike" and all other equpments that fit into that expression:)
The batman bike is for speed on flats...( a more normal bike will be used for up hills)
This race is also called the "the world' s toughest bike race" and of course you just don't need the right bike, the right gear and the right training.
You also need the world's toughest heart, determination and brain to be able to do it.
My husband is the perfect candidate for that kind of challenge!
Just saying...

The book fair nook!

The reading nook for the book fair is done!
Im done!
Completely and utterly done but in a happy way.
After hours of climbing, carrying, lifting, taping, glueing, dragging and crumbling I eventually was able to see the vision i had in my mind when we started, turn into that wild theme of this year's book fair. 
I had wonderful help from a few moms, we were able to share both a few laughs, a little frustrations and a lot of creativity. 
It was wonderful to see how a tent, a few trees, some soft plush animals and hard rocks together could become a "wilderness where the kids could get lost in a book". 
To bring in nature creates a feel-good feeling even in a gym!
Me like!

A day in the spirit of Feng Shui.

Time to round off my stay in Sweden!
And I think I did it with a kick:)
After an annual Feng Shui ( one young member in my family calls it Feng sushi...) meeting in the Swedish archipelago with my former teacher and one of my "classmates" I feel my ego got boosted, my soul nourished and my heart hugged.
In rain and shine we shared life issues, ideas and projects. 
We also found time to jump, laugh, eat, shop and laugh a little more.
Even though it was so rainy and grey the clouds almost touched the roof of the car when we drove back my mind was light and packed with inspiration and a desire to get this Feng Shui business of mine going. 
With all this positive energy running through my veins I'm ready to leave Sweden and take on US with all that entails.
Im so grateful for life!

A trip to the zoo.

Today was a perfect day for a trip to the zoo.
It was a zoo I have not been visiting in at least 35 years and I will probably not go back in the next 35 years either.
It is the world's largest animal park hosting Nordic animals so Bella was very excited. 
Unfortunately we seemed to have bad luck with the animals sleeping, hiding or not even being there because the only creatures we saw were seals, pigs, goats and a sleeping bear. 
No moose, no Lynx, no wolf or no golden eagle. 
The environment was very pretty and idyllic though, with scenic wilderness mixed with tamed Swedish countryside. 
Like walking around in a children's book...
All the people working there greeted us with a big smile and a friendly "hello".
Maybe they were trying to keep us happy knowing we will not be able to see any animals…:)
The playgrounds were great, the nature beautiful and the seal was cute.
Bella was still happy so I guess it was a good trip after all anyway. 
And her mom got to ride in that mechanical tractor attraction in "Shawn the sheep land". 
I knew I had a country girl inside me:)

Canyon ranch a last time

I just wanted to add a few last things regarding our trip to Canyon Ranch in Lenox Massachusetts. 
My husband and I came back relaxed, mindful, golfed, stretched out, yogad, nourished, spinninged, nutritioned, massaged, shock waved and very very happy. 
No matter what life path your on, what intention or expectations you have I think all the guests at this place kind of felt the effect of the healthy lifestyle and just experienced something very unique, a start to find your own personal
way of physical, spiritual and nutritional happiness. 
For groups of friends, couples, families, kick offs, conferences, or however you choose to travel I really think this is a great way to come together and be inspired of living a healthier life. 
I feel so grateful that I had the possibility to experience this and will try to carry that feel-good spirit I brought back as long as possible, well it actually did not last long because yesterday I got fever and have been in bed since, but mentally I still feel gooooood!

Wet, cold but happy!

So we finally did it!
We and about 32 000 others. 
We biked the five boroughs, a 40 miles ( 60 km) long tour through the five boroughs of New York. 
It was such a special feeling biking through the city where they had closed of the roads for cars, where people were cheering along the way, playing music and keeping up a positive spirit all through the ride.
It was cold, rainy and nasty but despite the weather it was such a good atmosphere and the loud music everywhere created almost a party feeling. 
Some in my family complained a lot of my slow pace though ( the pictures show the difference in approach to this event 😜) but since I've never biked this long before I wanted to make sure I'd keep a pace I could hold for 40 miles because I really wanted to stay on that bike the whole time...
And I stayed on for just under four hours, and felt as proud as the Lady Liberty looked on the ferry from staten island.
Another activity to tick off from my list.
Wet, cold, a little stiff but oh so happy:)

Sunshine, skating and sugar

Last weekend Olivia was invited to a birthday party in the city. 
Skating was on the schedule and after that a lunch at the Sugar factory in the meat packing district.
What a day!
The sun was embracing us with its warming rays and all the kids were chatting and giggling and filled with so much warm and positive energy they could easily contribute to the global warming:)
Many kids, many Uggs, and many smiles!
Bella somehow always manage to be included in the friendship groups which I find so generous and absolutely amazing of the girls. They were taking turns in helping her out on the ice so afterwards she told me she had the best time in her life... How heartwarming was that?!
Personally I was also lucky enough to be surrounded by laughing girls, skyscrapers and beautiful friends.
A great way to spend a Sunday in the city if you would ask me. 
After a ride with the subway we finally arrived to the exciting Sugar Factory where you almost always have a chance to bump into celebrities ( this time Salma Hayek was there to the kids big delight), and where you get sugar filled drinks big as swimming pools. 
When the level of starstruckness, food and sugar was about to burst the day was over and we all headed back. 
The carride home was just one long praise over a fun filled day with sun, skating and sugar.
Can you ask for more on a Sunday?!

More New York!

I just can't stop raving about New York City. 
The architecture, the people and the food.
The colours, the smell and its friendliness.
Modern and old.
Buildings as high as Mr Trump's own confidence...
Craziness and individuality.
People everywhere at anytime ( picture above is just before midnight)
I just love the mixture of everything the world can offer in people, art, architecture, time era, food, atmosphere and everything in between.
I just love how the whole world come together in this wonderful city.
And they do it in peace!
Sharing all these with my friend puts an extra golden edge to my experience too!
Tjing tjong!

Delete blood cancer!

Yesterday we were invited to a black tie gala in the city.
An event with the purpose of raising money to "delete blood cancer"...
It was wonderful to change my usual "pyjamas" to something more dressy and feminine:)
My babysitter probably thought the same because she also wanted Bella to take these pictures ( she is the one hiding in the back). Maybe she will use these as a proof that I actually wore something that far from leggings and a tank top.
Anyhow, little did I know these event would cause so much tears so I think I would have been better off wearing a nicely wrapped towel...
So many sad stories and luckily a couple of happy endings too but omg what an emotional roller coaster I hit that evening. 
Despite a performance by Kesha and a very nice goodie bag I'm completely drained today. 
Just play with the thought of one of your children standing in front of that horrific problem that the only way for that child to survive is to get new bone marrow.
But unfortunately there are no donors...
So the fond got a small money donation from us but the world will get another bone marrow donor and hopefully I will be able to give a future to someone who is lacking that very same!
Hippy happy weekend!


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