A little chipped...

No evil that is not good at all!
Despite the heartache of having two of my kids sent to boarding school, it is still close enough to go up visit when something is going on. 
So when my oldest daughter felt a little chipped both in her soul and her heart it was easy enough for me to come with my special Mama power just when she needed it the most. 
This adorable little place where they live happened to offer her choice of cafe with no people, giving us enough time to feed both our tummies and souls without too many ears and eyes surrounding us. 
A few hugs, a lot of listening and some encouragement later I could start detect a smile in her beautiful appearance which traveled all the way into my own heart. 
I felt so grateful being able to be there for her when she was in a need of a hug from her mom.
It also kind of disguised some of the guilt I feel for not having been able to find a solution schoolwise at a closer distance...
But, a mom would anyway go over and beyond for the sake of her kids. 
Wherever they are.
So being able to be on my daughters side only after a car ride of an hour or two must count as a positive thing:)
Although the kids might have a slightly different opinion 😉

My kids

I found an old picture of the kids!
Almost 8 years old.
A lot has happened since then...
So small, so young and so cute. 
So innocent, happy go lucky and easy. 
Nowadays they are just a little different.
Small kids small problems and so on...
Hormones, annoyances and frustrations.
Love, care and affections. 
In a wild mix.
Im still so freakin proud of all my kids.
Their different characteristics, the way they laugh, their big hearts and their loyal behavior.
And sometimes so disappointed, so irritated and so tired of being a mom. 
But, the second I’m cursing them , maybe a liiiitle bit longer sometimes, I change my mind and embrace the fact that they are just stirring in some reality in my life, mostly bringing me sunshine when it’s cloudy and definitely are putting cherries on my cake. 
Unless they eat it first:)
I love love love the fact that they are making the world more beautiful, more hopeful and more happy just because they are who they are. 
And im their mom so I should know!

My little scones maker

I love breakfasts!
And especially on the weekends I like them to be big, long and tasty:)
Its a wonderful way to start off the day, gather the family around you and take the opportunity to talk to each other. 
There are usually lots of things to be said...
The other day Bella wished for scones.
Best thing is when your kids want to help out and are showing some interest in the food making business. 
That is really something I happily encourage and try to fulfill. 
It does not only have to be breakfasts, it can be everything from a fruit salad, cakes, cookies or a full dinner but whatever idea they come up with I feel I have to accommodate, sometimes modify but always have them come through with their impulse. 
In this case the breakfast scones brought laughter, togetherness and coziness for me and Bella and with its accompany of tea and a scented candle we shared a morning in quality. 
#catching the moments

Cuteness warning!

Warning of cuteness!!!
My youngest daughter had been begging for headphones for a little while just because she wanted to keep on listening to her things without bothering us adults. 
Imagine her delight when we stumbled upon these ones...
I mean, what can I say?!
They are the ultimate combination of practicality and fantasy. 
Bella is such a unicorn lover so I thought these head phones had her name on them...
I don't know how long they will last, but watching her happy face while using them makes my heart warm and puts a smile on my lips too, and only that makes it worth it:)
So, useful, practical and cute. 
A great combination:)

Baby growing up.

My youngest is growing up!
She is outgrowing all her clothes, her toys and her childish way of being.
I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. 
Clothes and toys are interchangeable but to NOT have a little girl in the house anymore is tough.
I know clothes are interchangeable but its not so easy any longer though to buy new clothes for her beacause she wants her sayin. 
I think I know her quite well so mostly I pick stuff that is ok with her but now and then I have to throw in things like the pompon sneakers that I knew she would find irresistible, to get her in my direction.
I guess this time it was a hit:)
Regarding toys it seems like an iPhone is the only thing she needs 😬...
And her vanishing childish way of being...
I so wish there was a little pill I could mix in with her food to stop her from talking back to me, to stop her from delivering thoughtful and responsible actions that make me so proud and at the same time are just painful hints saying my daughter is getting older and soon will be an independent young lady. 
Exactly what the whole idea of raising a child is about but I guess the pain comes from the fact she is my last baby...
But, she is happy, has a pro-life approach and is giving so much love and laughter I am willing to look through my own agony and embrace every little change. 
With love!

Reality is here!

Reality is catching up on us!
I feel like I've been hit by a truck. 
A huge fatigue has taken over my body and soul.
We have finally reached the days when the everyday routines are knocking on our door. 
School is starting!
For two days now the two middle kids have been "moving in" to their new school, meeting new friends, new challenges and hopefully a bright future. 
At this school all preparations and help they would need for success are served on a silver plate but the student's own effort is apparently something the school does not provide...
A lot of emotions, nervousness but luckily some excitement too...
And for some the real world immediately showed its "cruelty" by not having prepared the bed in the room but left that activity to the guest. 
They actually have to make their beds everyday, wash and change their bed linen on their own and properly clean the room once a week. 
Woohooo, miracles are to be expected:)
The oldest one is leaving tomorrow and that's when I brutally will be thrown in a new way of living. 
Only one child at home, new house, silence, old but long-time-ago-lived in country, new area, not so many friends yet, worrying, sending positive thoughts to the kids and so on. 
List can be long but clinging on to all those small but positive steps the kids are taking towards a more positive direction. 
"Everything is going to ok in the end, and if it's not ok, then it's not the end"!


Our youngest daughter is detoxing.
From her iPad. 
Its not popular.
I'm the most cruel mom ever...
I'm trying to convince her that life has a few more things to offer than different games. 
That her perspective on life gets a little squarely only looking on a screen. 
Im trying to tell her that it's difficult to grow socially when she never interacts with real people...
This addiction just hit her as cold.
And it sneaked passed me too without noticing. 
Going from an active, independent and balanced little girl she has ended up almost shrinking and with no other interests than if her tablet is within reach.
So action needed to be taken. 
She is right now painting and if I listen carefully I can also hear some humming...
There is definitely hope!

Two blondes and a ball

Summer is approaching and all of us seem to enjoy the outdoor life:)
Elvis has not been trying out our new pool yet but he likes to run around and play close to it so I guess it's just a matter of time till he either falls in to it or jumps in it deliberately. 
Sunshine, warmth and togetherness.
I don't know who enjoyed the play the most but I loved watching the two of them having fun together. 
Two blondes and a ball:)
My heart is getting bigger and bigger...

Bella the horse rider

Bella has the world's best big brother!
A while ago he invited his little sister to join him and his girlfriend to her barn and to go horseback riding. 
Do I need to tell you she had the day of her life?!
She acted appearantly like she never had been doing anything but being on the back of a horse 🐴. 
And she got to try everything that is included in the care of a horse. 
Grooming, feeding, jumping (!), trotting and everything else one need to try when you have the chance. 
Im so impressed by this little girl who without hesitating and with a smile in her face always are up for unknown adventures.
Is it anyone who that sweatshirt "stay cool" belongs too so is it my daughter!
The only thing now is to try to explain why she can't have her own horse...
Every day.
Max, you are the best!
Thank you for always having the best in mind for your little sister. 
My heart is overflowing with love.

Siblings love

These two kids!!!
Since some time now they really get along well but we have also gone through periods of times when Max love to his little sister seemed to be too much to handle for her.
It kind of only created resistance, arguments or fights and annoyed parents:)
Nowadays the love from Max is the same but definitely much more well received and reciprocated...
Nowadays they have fun together, laugh together and are cuddling up together in the sofa watching tv. 
Nowadays Bella even wants to copy Max in some ways because he is cool...
Nowadays the heart of their mom is smiling, bursting with love and blushing with pride:)
My kids!
And I have two more!!!
Happy happy me!

A walk with the girls.

If ever feeling a bit down or low, just invite two teenage girls to join you for a walk. 
It is so entertaining to listen to their conversations, to their quick change of subjects, to their singing and to watch their dance moves and silly walks. 
And everything sprinkled with laughs and a great portion of positivism:)
Of course other people are also present via cyberspace.
I guess this is how the world is now a days...
So much positive energy in that tree:)
So not only did we get to move our legs but also ventilate, laugh and solve worldly problems. 
It was a great challenge though trying to follow every sidestep the girls brains took them and which they so easily immediately continued for a bit till next opportunity to change subject occurred. 
Wow, I'm so impressed of their capacity to follow every thread their minds were offering. 
I think my brain got as much workout as my legs.
And my stomach and facial muscles of all the laughing:)
A teenage girls walk. 
What a treat!!!

Whoop whoop! Driving license time:)

Without exaggerating I think we have the worlds most happiest son today. ( and the world's most nervous mom)
Not only is he handsome (!) according to the ladies at DMV but he also got his driving license. 
Whoop whoop!
Happiness showed in a little dance and a jump so fast he would not even get caught on my camera:)
Month of waiting, tons of patience and miles in preparations.
And just like that, the roads are suddenly open for him to take him where he wants.
And just like that, my hair turned white...
But still, freedom in a credit card size.
Thats big!!!
Max, I'm so freakin proud and i will be so freakin worried but...
Congratulations, you are the best!

My little author.

Today I've been surrounded by the noise from the computer keyboard. 
My youngest daughter is writing a book. 
She started yesterday and has kept on writing since...
From dusk to dawn her fingers have been dancing on the buttons with such determination. 
It's amazing how much concentration and focus this little child can persevere. 
I so wonder in what way she will conquer the world. 
From arts and craft to painting to writing...
And everything with a heartfelt engagement. 
That's my daughter!
Did I tell you I love her?!

All these viruses...

So it seems like one sickness after another is hitting my kids. 
Last week was the stomach bug and now it's appearently sore throat and fever.
I don't know if it's the weird weather interfering with the immune system or all the stress that's in the air at the moment. 
With fever roses on cheeks and a gently smile in her face my little gingerbread girl manage to still light up my day. 
We have four days off school now so hopefully there is a full recovery to look forward too and no other viruses or bacterias to be attacked by:)
Meanwhile lots of hot tea, chocolates and hugs will get us through this.

A winterworld in a box.

Place arts and craft thing in the hands of Bella and her friend and the success is given.
To paint, glue and build give so much stimulation and satisfaction and to do that with a friend definitely takes their experience even to another level. 
I bought this winterland in a box for them and they immediately got to work to transform it the way the wanted. 
Together, in peace and with a silent, implicit goal of how they wanted this world to be.
Two hungry artists later and a looong play with this self made winterworld made up for bad weather and was a welcoming break from iPads and tv hang. 
I love the creativity that just explodes with either a purchased box of crafts or after a small hint of what can be done from what you find in nature. 
Sometimes this kind of friendship in a box is such good value for your money:)

'Our elf on the shelf.

We have a temporary December addition to our family!
A little elf on the shelf has decided to keep an eye on my youngest daughter.
A little elf that every morning is being found at different spots.
A little elf that every night reports to Santa about Bella's do's and dont's.
The magic and the power this little elf owns, according to a well informed source ( Bella ), is amazing. 
It has never been so easy to get my daughter to do what she is being told in terms of homework, teeth brushing and going to bed.
And to watch her wake up every morning with an expectant smile and twinkling eyes while trying to find Santa's little helper is so beautiful it is worth everything to keep this  "elf story" alive:)
A heartwarming, lovable and very effective tradition. 
I wonder what it will take to get her to stay longer...?

Our fairy hike

When my daughter is lacking ideas of how to entertain herself, her iPod is about to swallow her and the weather is inviting, I always feel nature is calling.
We have so many beautiful places to explore and this time we went out to search for fairies...
Flip flop mig not have been the best choice for a hike though but when the rest of my daughter is dressed in a good mood and a big smile it's kind of a thing you have to overlook.
Unfortunately we did not find any fairies but now we know where they live:)
A beautiful way of spending time together, being outdoor,  get some circulation in your legs and together enter another world which can take you as far as your own imagination reach. 
Me like!!! ( and Bella too 😜)

A soft world...

If  you collect all pillows, blankets, chairs and other necessary stuff you would need and can find, it is possible to build a fort. 
A fort big enough to hold two girls, dolls, soft toys and a lot of dreams. 
It might be that you don't recognize the room when you enter but after a bit of orientation and searching you realize this "mess" in your eyes is actually a well planned, highly advanced and creative solution of a perfect sleepover place.
It invites you to cuddle up under soft blankets, share secrets and take a break from the real world. 
The teamwork, the ideas and that nothing is impossible are qualities i really hope the girls will keep.
And by judging from the giggling they also kept a positive spirit all threw their hard work in creating this soft world. 
Dreams, hopes and soft, cozy hugs...
What a perfect way to end a Thursday:)

A magical place

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated myself by doing absolutely nothing.
No trips, no documentation, no party, no extravaganza, only time for contemplation and later a dinner with my parents. 
Qiet, calm and kind of necessary. 
The other day Bella and I went to a magical place though...
A place that offered beauty, peace, kittens, pigs and chickens. 
A place with fragrant flowers, wonderful cardamom buns, goldfish in a pond and secret pathways through the vegetation.
A place for just being...
Together with the rest of Sweden's population that is... 😜
Kids friendly, eye friendly and tummy friendly:)
A very inspiring soul trip!
But when I asked Bella what she thought was best with the day, she said "mom, I just love being with you"!
After 8 weeks of 24/7 being together...
When I thought about it, most of the magic with that place layed in those words.
i so love my daughter!

My birthday girl!

Today its my oldest daughter's birthday!
She is going from 14 years old to 15 years old. 
She is going from a girl to a young lady.
From a bud to a flower.
She is going from pretty to beautiful. 
From sweet hearted to warmhearted. 
And from mature to wise. 
This beautiful, funny, adventurous, responsible, sporty, ambitious, bighearted and energetic young lady lightens up her surroundings when it's dark, encourages and supports when mr Serious knocks on the shoulder and now and then also slams her door in my face ( that's balance).
That girl is having her birthday today!
Hooray!!! 🎈🎈🎈
'In case you did not know it I love her all the way to the moon and back, actually a little bit more. 


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