Home inspiration!

Back to reality!!!
Although I love holidays with that careless flow and rhythm I'm a big fan of routines. 
So waking up by the alarm clock this morning almost felt exciting:)
But I'm so full of inspiration and eager to start working with some changes in our home that I could not quick enough get the kids to school...
I came across this beautiful and very untraditional home when I was browsing for ideas and this rock chick way of decorating really appeals to my unorganised soul.
Even my heart took a little jump of joy when I absorbed all the contents in the pictures.
Love love the unusual items like the bird which gives the room an exotic touch and goes well with the mixture of colours and patterns. Not to mention the books on the table with that beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Those chairs look familiar... ( we have the same but in barstools)
This eclectic home is exactly my style and I could move in immediately if needed. 
I don't seem to get enough of those colourful homes which gives me a more intimate and embracing feeling than the "white homes".
Especially during the colder month ( here it is actually still cold and even a coming snow threat )I want to add more warmth by choosing colours, patterns and different materials to make a living home. 
Yup this inspirational home I will carry in my mind when I'm going to finish up what we started here 1.5 years ago...
Time flies, but hopefully not the inspiration too:))
This home belongs to Fall out boy's guitarist Joe Trohman and his family and pictures are taken from Domaine home. 

It's over!

Our holiday is over!
Almost a full week of absolute no musts, no demands and no rush. 
Almost a full week of quiet and peaceful days with only the bad weather as the most exciting part. 
Almost a full week in a slow rhythm and filled with harmony.
This resort will never be remembered as a beautiful or glamorous place in it self. 
But with the help of stunning sunsets now and then, great food, enormous choice of sport activities, a superb spaexperience and very nice service minded people around us it turned beautiful in another way.
We will definitely keep this place in our heart and maybe maybe think of returning here again one day. 
The spa was that kind of spa I would picture in my mind as a real retreat.
From the colours, the beds and the scent to the service, warm towels and afterwards relaxing area. 
Mmmm total luxury for both body and mind!!!
Olivia has expressed a wish of joining the sport academy here and Bella does not want to go back home...
I believe that are signs of having had a good time:)
Me on the other hand, I am relaxed and filled of new energy and I'm definitely ready to go back home, take on spring and deal with everyday routines again. 
But this time with a smile...

Mixed bag

Wet floor!
Thanks for that information!
I had no idea it could rain that much...
Suddenly there was this storm flipping the small hobie cats over on the river, threw the sunchair cushion all over and forced all living creatures to seek shelter ( primarily in the bar)!
We had to be taken to dinner in a golf car because there were nowhere to put our feet unless you were wearing wellies or flippers and I must admit that we did not pack either of those. 
The power of nature... Wow!!!
Apart from exciting weather changes we are still in holiday mood. 
I added on sailing though today ( before the storm) to my usual routine which I loved!
It was the second time on a sailing boat in my whole entire life but now I wonder how on earth have I been able to stay away from that before. 
It was fun, thrilling and gave me a feeling of organic freedom!
So another day has just floated by and I'm collecting all positive experiences, all good food and all happy smiles that cover the faces of holidaying people, so I can distribute that relaxed feeling evenly at home whenever there is a need:)

Holiday update!

The rain has stopped and we have now been able to enjoy both the warmth and the sun. 
Days look more or less the same with the same pattern of routines everyday. 
A walk in the morning, a long breakfast, kids club, pool, golf ( for some of us), long lunch, reading my book under the umbrella, paddle boarding, trapeze ( so far not me), long dinner and early bedtime.
Just letting the days pass by in a holiday rhythm...
Its easy to get used to this comfortable flow of activities and the great choice of non-stop served food.
Nothing beats the luxury of just being able to be...
Love love love it!!!

It's raining...

After an early morning ( we left the house at 4.30am) we arrived a few hours later to our destination in Florida. 
But instead of being met by a glorious sun the weather God realised my husband was present and decided to pay us the usual trick when he is around.
Not a calm and soft drizzling but pouring cats and dogs...
I think my hubby has a spell on him. 
If he would visit a desert it would rain. 
It would actually be a good idea to use him to stop the drought causing all the famine...
Towards the evening it cleared up though and the setting sun showed us a much brighter world. 
Not that the world is not beautiful when it's grey or rainy but it very much appeals to me when my surroundings has a glowing edge. 
Maybe it is my inner need of golden glamour...:)
Anyhow it is warm, food is delicious and we can choose from millions of sport activities so have to consider those things as the sun in our life for now:)
And  who actually needs a sun tan after a "Siberian" winter?😜


I knew it!
Its here!!!
The spring!
I know that we probably will expect some setbacks and you can not really be assure that this is not just a teaser. 
But it does not matter because all that positive, energy filled and life giving feelings are just attacking you from everywhere and are slowly slowly building up a feel-good level in both your body and mind. 
It will be painful if the snow once again decides to cover us in a white blanket but with all that feel-good inside us it will hopefully be a short life pain...
Today in homage of the arriving spring (and to extend the holiday feeling of our coming Florida trip) almost the whole family went to a nail spa for some foot and hand treatment , massage and colourful nail polishes ( not the male side in our family though)
Its a wonderful and non expensive luxury that leaves you with "happy" feet and hands and a smile on your lips:)
Tomorrow early morning we are heading down to Florida for a week of sun, warmth and sports activities of different kinds. 
But for today all those small suns that put this golden edge in our garden did the job just fine!!!

The last snow?

Not only has it been very cold and windy this week but today somebody from above also decided to sprinkle our part of the world in white cotton candy!
Such a disappointment but hopefully this was the last winter storm for many month now...
This photo was taken just after it started to snow. 
Six hours later it is still snowing...
Luckily I found some pictures from my little Sweden trip that warmed me up just remembering all the signs of spring, love and magical light. 
It's amazing how powerful a photo can be in terms of emotions, hope, feelings, scents and everything else that was involved in or around that moment when the picture was taken. 
Tomorrow the snow will be gone and the spring can start preparing for its come back. 
I am convinced that if I think really hard that will be the truth...
Now i will embrace the Friday and the coming weekend!
Hipp hopp hooray!

Architectural digest home design show

Today I escaped the claws of my kids and went in with a friend to have a look at the Architectural Digest home design show!
A very grown-up event and I loved walking around pretending I belonged there:)
It was a mix of everything from kitchen makers, tiles, fridges, rugs to furniture, art and lights. 
The American taste differs a lot from the scandinavian but there were a few things that caught my eyes, especially among the handcrafted wooden furniture, concrete items and hand blown bottles. 
They have a way of decorating that gives me the feeling that everyone has gigantic mansions...
Or they need to show off everything they offer in their brand just to be on the safe side. 
Big, much, many and more...
They had a beautiful tea corner though with all kinds of tea presented in yellow jars or boxes. 
Completely irresistable and a welcoming colour splash to all the neutrals. 
I really enjoyed it and I feel very grateful to my friend who offered me to join him. 
A powerboost of impressions and a carrier bag full of magazines.
What a great way to spend a Thursday :))

Time square fun!

Since my plans of taking Alex and his siblings to go look for colleges in the Boston area suddenly changed ( dad decided to make it a father - son trip) we steered the wheel in to New York instead. 
Our focus was Time Square with its neon signs, busy street life and touristy atmosphere. 
I never seem to get tired of that silhouette and I still get a funny feeling in my tummy the closer I get while driving. 
That funny feeling sank into my legs and I just had to make a little jump of joy that Olivia was quick enough to capture with the phone...
Kind of embarrassing when I think about it, the mature woman I am:)
It was freaking cold so our plan to just stroll around and look at all the people did not seem to be a good idea. 
We rushed into the M&M store to get warm and to fill our systems with chocolate. ( not me though, I'm still good)
Rushed out and down on Broadway to seek some warmth and avoid the wind at Hard Rock Cafe. 
After having filled our tummies with calories we went to Ripley's believe it or not!
A fun place for all ages, Bella thought it was a little scary though with all weird people, animals, traditions and torture things.
You will find strange things in there from the ground and to the sky and everything in between. 
We were lucky the place was almost empty so we could " awww" and "ahhhh" in our own pace. 
We experienced both to climb Empire State building, get our heads chopped and put in a jar, sitting in a farting sofa (or it was a farting Indian) and looked at John Lennon made of dog hair...
 "Believe it or not"  is actually a very relevant name:)
And suddenly the day was over. 
Yup, instead of Boston we did Time Square and that was not wrong either:)
Nothing better than to be tourists in your own city!

Proud mama!

Driving licence time!!!
Our big boy suddenly grew another inch passing his driving test today. 
I guess I also grew but grey hair instead:)
One realise how old one is getting when its time for your kids to independently be a part of the traffic flow on the roads...
So so proud of him!
He has been so patience waiting for his moment time after time due to constant previous cancellations.
Snowdays, sudden businesstrips ( dad had to come with him since he is the primary visa holder) or other reasons but TODAY was the day!
Just to clarify though, the Porsche in the back is NOT his trophy:)
For now he will just be using my car while I will be sitting comfortably in the sofa at home asking him to pick up his siblings, drive to the grocery store or taking the car to the car wash for some tender, loving care:)
Yup not only proud but also very excited to have someone to share the taxi job with!!!
Alex you are the best! ❤️❤️❤️

I did it!!!

My challenge is over!
56 days of no sugar (at least of the visible kind), no bread and no pasta or rice and no cheese!
56 days of reflections and kind actions ( either to yourself or to someone else)
56 days of mental tremor
56 days of constant hallucinations of flying cupcakes, bouncing sea salt caramels and thick bagels with cheese on.
56 days of PMS...
56 days of the power of believing in yourself!
56 days of big changes in your habits
56 days of many insights along the way
56 days of accomplishments
56 days of awareness
56 days of fighting spirit
Oh my what I feel good about myself:))
So what happens now?
Will I go back to my old "friend" sugar or big "brother" bread?
Im sure time will show but for now I'm high on pride...
If only I could live on that:)

Ice skating party!

Phew! What a weekend Bella has had!
The ice skating party was in her eyes a major success!
To me it was major chaos...
I did not really have time to take pictures but a few I found taken by whoever was watching the camera for me.
All the kids were in such good mood and kept up a happy attitude to the minor chaos that occurres in those situations where there are no real guidance...
Everybody was looking forward to enter the ice and seemed eager to finish the hotdogs and cupcakes as quickly as possible so they finally could go out there and perform:))
Bella had been skating maybe twice before so she started off with a walker on the ice. 
Apparently she had given a modified version of that at school because one of her friends came up to her and said " I thought you said you could skate!"
Tjoff and that walker was a memory only... Lol! The best motivator ever:)
After that she fell about a million times but everytime with a smile and a "never giving up" approach. 
I also tried to skate but got so disappointed in that I thought it was like riding a bike. 
Once you learned it sits there...Not!
I was like Bambii on the ice. And I used to do pirouettes when I was a kid...
Those were the times:)
Towards the end when skates were taken off and only sore ankles were the remains of our skating experience some of us handled the tiredness with a complete switch off via the phone and I looked like I was trying to see beyond the end of the party...
But with a happy and sweaty ice princess it was totally worth some pain:)
And all her glowing friends with sparkles in their eyes never wanting to leave the ice rink...
Bella went home with a big smile, car full of presents and dreams of becoming a figure skater!
It could not have been a better day!!!

Birthday Bella!

Today was a very special day for Bella!
Today she left the age of five and begun her journey of a six years old pre-tweenie:)
Usually we would arrange presents, breakfast, flowers and the swedish flag on a tray and gather around the bed singing a birthday song with beautiful morning voices. 
This year looked a little different...
All the unconditionally love from her siblings were the same, maybe a little more concentrated, and we still had the tray with breakfast, a flower and a song, although the swedish flag were nowhere to be found. But this year Olivia wanted us to hide the presents and instead let Bella follow signs (post-it notes) through the house which would occasionally lead her to her presents...
I have never seen my morning tired girl be so awake, alert and focused so early in the morning EVER!
I have a feeling she wishes every morning would be the same:)
I also think we have a new tradition starting...
Those sparkles in her eyes were priceless.
At school she was treated like a princess and they have this beautiful tradition to walk a "birthday walk" through school while teachers and other staff are greeting the birthday kid with small gifts as candy, erasures, a book or similar thing. 
They also get a crown to wear during the day. 
Everything to make them feel special...
But the "biggest" gift came after school. She had been asking for having her ears pierced for very long and I decided to surprise her. 
Sitting in the lap of big brother Alex she felt safe and relaxed and did not say a word ( and she was not in shock) while being pierced.
So brave and so patient and did exactly what the nurse told her to do. 
As a result a tiny little diamond star are now to be seen in each of her earlobes!
So now both eyes and ears are sparkling:)
She also just told me she had the best day in her life!!!!
And then she still has her ice skating party coming up tomorrow...
Seems just wonderful to become six years old!!!

The walk!

As a mom to a bunch of kids in different ages its sometimes difficult to get that one-on-one moments which are so important.
One way of getting those moments I learnt is actually to just go for a walk!
Easy, healthy and usually gives you enough time to bond a little extra...
This fluffball is now in a "health conscoius" period of her life so she is very easy to persuade to join and oh my what a flush of information that suddenly fills up your mind. 
Its like pushing a button that opens the garage door...
You get to listen to big things, forgotten things, dear things, crap things and everything else in between that you would find in a garage, which usually keeps a lot from your life, at least our garage does:))
The same happens when my sons are joining although in a more calmer way but still very rewarding in terms of information, dreams, problems or just a good laugh:)
It must be something with the rythm and the pace that creates this liberating feelings that they want to share while walking and that is so healing to the mind. 
The steps feel lighter and the heart and brain as well and we end up walking home with peace in mind and lactic acid in our muscles, not! :))
But we get fresh air and some kind of faster heartbeats...
And to get back to my fluffball it is not only the value of doing something together for our wellbeing but it also fills me personal with a lot of positive energy having her jumping, skipping and laughing around you.
An ego trip with benefits!
When she is in that mood it makes me realise I'm such a lucky mom:)

Bar stools

After being "pregnant" with a kitchen for so long and then finally gave birth to that big heart of our house I suddenly got so tired.
I sort of lost all my energy, inspiration and desire to do anything more in that room ( it still has some things not done yet) for a while. 
It feels good to let it rest now and just wait for the inspiration to hit me when I have got used to be in there and got a feeling for how I want to decorate.
But today I kind of felt a little sparkle when our bar stools arrived!
So beautiful, extremely comfortably and there are four of them...
Now the kids do not need to take turns eating their breakfasts before school:)
Think of how much history these chairs will listen to.
So many emotions, silence and joy they will experience...
Since they are so "buttfriendly" there will most likely be long sittings.
I had my tea sitting on one of those chairs and I can tell you it put my tea drinking into another level:))
Now I will try to find as many excuses as possible to sit on those stools...
Im glad they are in the kitchen where I happen to spend quite some time.
You are welcome to join me!
Shared joy is double the joy!!!

Chef it up!

As I have told before it does not seem very common to host a birthday party at your own home in this country. 
Instead there are different, what I call "party factories" ,which are more than happy to take your money and arrange something fun for the kids. Very convenient and the kids seem to love it.
Through a mom's perspective there are a few party places that are more appealing to me ( Bella loves all and each one of them) and those are the more creative ones. Like painting pottery or in this case make your own food.
It was such a nice experience and to see all these expectant small chefs listening carefully to what food they were going to make just made my heart melt. 
All the kids started off with a face painting of their own choice. 
We can definitely see that it is MY daughter...
We seem to have the same kind of thoughts in our minds:)
After that it was time to make pizza, a beach cookie, some other sweet treats and to make there own lemonade. 
All the kids worked so concentrated and did exactly what they were told to do...
Only a few gigglings and cheerful voices were interrupting the concentration packed atmosphere.
Eventually the time had come to indulge all their foodcreations although a lot of tasting (especially the icing) during the preparation had already been done. And of course they need to know what they are putting on that pizza or cookie, it could have been something they did not like...
Yup it was a bunch of happy and sugarhigh kids that gathered up for a photo at the end ,very proud over the fact that they made their own meal:)
It was so cute to see them working on their things but also sharing and giving advice to each other. 
Also one ore two hugs were exchanged in between..
Such a wonderful age:))
A great and educational way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
Next Saturday it is Bella's turn to host a party. 
That party will take place on the ice...

Spring light!

This weekend we have almost drowned in this wonderful, promising warmer light that comes when spring has decided to give us signs of its arrival not far away!
I can not find the right words to describe that bubbly feeling in my body, that hint of madness sweeping through my mind and that wave of happiness which makes my heart jump when warmer seasons are approaching. 
The light shows the world from its best side and makes people smile when you meet them. 
Suddenly I can see things from different perspectives and actually get a more positive approach to certain problems. 
The spring light also creates an urge for a change in my appearance. Maybe I should have my hair cut, my leg waxed or use that gym card I bought after the summer ( when I was dreaming of a bikini body for our miami trip) a little more often so I will have a chance to finish my "project beach 2015" in style:)
The spring light also makes me want to finish up the decorations in every room and is giving me a lot of new inspirations and energy.
It also makes me tired thinking of everything I suddenly need to fix...
Maybe only one weekend with all this light was still not enough for all the actions that are awaitening me. 
Nahhh a little more spring will probably has to show...
While waiting for the next spring boost I will just enjoy the dripping sound from melting snow, the songs from singing birds as excited as I am and that special light flooding our rooms in the house making them magical...
What a wonderful way to finish a week!!!

Home sweet home!

I'm  back!!!
Back to hubby, kids and early mornings!
Back to reality, snow and routines!
Back to my new kitchen, cooking and washing!
Back to snow days, icicles and the cold. 
Back to clear blue sky, pink sky or just grey.
Back to fireplaces, hot tea and dreams about warmer temperatures.
Back to family, being together and blue and white tea cups!
Back to new days, friends and hugs
Back to life, new blank pages to fill and new challenges. 
Oh it feels so good to be back!
Happy friday!
Tjing tjing

Postcards from Sweden

So has the time come when it's time to pack our bags, tidy up the house and say good bye to my parents. 
I have filled my heart and mind with love, fresh air, the sound of waves and serenity. 
Thsee last couple of days in this beautiful environment have put me in a more peaceful mood and I see things in different perspectives...
I feel I'm coming back to the U.S. as a more fuller person ( actually weigh wise too)
Here comes a picture rain from my piece of paradise:
Our house is five minutes walk from the beach and a 10 minutes bike ride to the little towncenter.  
Definitely the best of two worlds...
Despite a town and beach in winter mode it still passes on a peaceful atmosphere but it's easy to picture all the flowers that will dress the house walls and make the streets bloom or all the people that will overflow the beaches just a few month away.:)
And then I will be here again!

Business and pleasure

Even here I do not seem to be able to escape the snow:)
It really does not matter though cause we are surrounded by warm love and the snowflakes only reinforces that warmth.
Paid a visit to the big swedish furniture store today to indulge more swedish but also the big danish store of similar products was honored with my presence. And money:)
More candles, cushions, pots and vases were purchased.
A must for me (and probably everyone ) when there is a need to rise the cosy factor.
Especially when it is snowy, cold and dark I want to bring in the light and warmth by using candles, flowers in a vase and place soft cushions in mild tones in sofas and chairs.
 I found great cushions in a soft grey and "dirty" pink knitted cover that matched both my chairs, room and mood:)
Bella and my parents were the best company and agreed of course with my choice as long as Bella got the "chocolate ball" she always gets in those stores and my parents the coffe...
Since I'm still on that challenge I declined both the delicious carrot cupcakes and mud cake with pecan topping and stayed with a sparkling water. Yay! Not:(
In my challenge (two more weeks) they are also encouraging more workouts, but running up and down the aisles in big department stores for hours must as well counts as exercise I hope and is actually more fun...
I'm so enjoying the fact that I have accomplished not only to make my house more cosy but also fulfilled my points on my scorecard...
Business and pleasure , swedish and danish - what nice combinations!

Peaceful days...

It is so peaceful and quiet here that I think I finally managed to stop the time a little. 
We are filling the days with family, walks, good food, movies and a lot of cuddling and lit up candles. 
It is cold here although it feels like summer compare to what we left back in the states:)
The sea is roaring, the wind seems to be angry but Bella and I have sunshine in our hearts!
Despite the cold there were a few of those "crazy swedes" who believes it is swim friendly weather all year around...
I can definitely tell you that I do not belong to them:))
Also squeezed in a whole afternoon with feng shui homework with my school buddy. 
We had to throng with the barbecue, some outdoor furniture and teacups but we managed to finish what we planned on and had of course time for a nice lunch and lots of good laughs too :)
Tomorrow is yet another day in this peaceful part of the world and I'm fueling up as much as I can on salty breezes, parent time and serenity. 
I so love to be here!!!
tjing tjong


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