Days of sisterhood

A couple of days filled with sisters, laughter and sightseeing have come to an end. 
Short and intense, fast and furious but packed with love, togerherness and sisterhood. 
Love love love to have my family here. 
Sunshine, skyline, a few of New York's landmarks, favorite mall and shops, jumps and some other "musts" were ticked off.
Everything was tied together through that wonderful feeling of safety and comfort you only get with people that knows each other very well and loves you for the very same reason. 
Days that definitely went straight into that memory bank I always carry around in my heart:)
Thank you sisters!
You really made my days:)

Sisters visit...

At the moment I'm busy enjoying the company of two of my sisters! ( Malin you are missed)
We talk, we laugh and we hug.
We walk, we eat and we giggle. 
We go both for walks in the forest and in the concrete jungle. 
We listen, catch up and make plans.
We dream, give advices and understand. 
I feel so grateful being together, being close and being sisters!

My other half...

I just feel I have to share for a moment my other half with all of you.
He is not that tall but there is definitely room for a big heart.
He compensates me and makes me a fuller human being.
He encourages if I hesitate.
He pulls me up if I'm down and he also pulls me down if I'm flying too high...
If I feel i have failed he gives me perspective.
If I feel ugly he says I'm pretty...
He gives me flowers, he gives me jewelry
He gives me attention and he gives me loyalty
When I'm tired he is keeping my flame alive
When I am falling apart he is building me up
Where I am confused ( almost always) he is sorting out
If I'm talking he is listening
Where I am a coward he is the tough guy
When I'm dancing he is playing the music
When I feel lonely he is reminding me that I at least have him...
Love is beautiful!

My little author.

Today I've been surrounded by the noise from the computer keyboard. 
My youngest daughter is writing a book. 
She started yesterday and has kept on writing since...
From dusk to dawn her fingers have been dancing on the buttons with such determination. 
It's amazing how much concentration and focus this little child can persevere. 
I so wonder in what way she will conquer the world. 
From arts and craft to painting to writing...
And everything with a heartfelt engagement. 
That's my daughter!
Did I tell you I love her?!

The pool story continues...

This is our pool situation at the moment!
They finished covering the area around the pool with tiles, finished the steps down from the patio and has moved the excavator a few yards, which in my world means they used it for something...
I must say I really like how it's coming together. 
I love how the stairs turned out. 
How the puzzle finally does not have any missing pieces...
To be continued...

Fun in the forest

This weekend offered sunshine, warmth, wonderful walks in the forest and as always some sister fighting. 
These days have been so warm and almost hopeful despite some mental clouds. 
All the snow is almost gone and I could hear the sound of buds bursting, at least in my mind:)
A slow pace all through while Bella was recovering from her virus attack. 
House has been full of the older kids friends which brought some uplifting energy to the otherwise quiet days. 
I'm so happy for that little piece of forest we got just around the corner from our house. 
It offers trails, brooks, cliffs and freedom and is just perfect for both dog and kids to get some energy out. 
A few moments of ventilations of thoughts normally fits in too...
One can almost say we get both therapy, leg works and some fun at the same time. 
That is quality time at its best:)

Setting the mood

Today my mind felt old, worn out and disappointed. 
So in order for me to create some kind of comfort for my mangled soul I decided to pay some attention to my living room. A room I love to sit in and just be...
As always flowers are such a wonderful energy riser so I ran to the supermarket and bought a few bouquets that I combined into one big majestic centerpiece. 
Then I swapped my natural colored pillows to my more colorful and happy ones and decided to set my mood after the feeling I managed to create. 
So far I'm not quite there yet...
But I know I will. 
Its just a matter of time.
Positive thinking...
Wishing myself and everybody else a wonderful weekend:)

All these viruses...

So it seems like one sickness after another is hitting my kids. 
Last week was the stomach bug and now it's appearently sore throat and fever.
I don't know if it's the weird weather interfering with the immune system or all the stress that's in the air at the moment. 
With fever roses on cheeks and a gently smile in her face my little gingerbread girl manage to still light up my day. 
We have four days off school now so hopefully there is a full recovery to look forward too and no other viruses or bacterias to be attacked by:)
Meanwhile lots of hot tea, chocolates and hugs will get us through this.

Fourth time's the charm

Today was love day and what is more suitable than celebrating it with my dear other half:)
A restaurant in the city we had tried to get into three times before was booked so this time we did not want traffic or carsickness to stop us. And we made it!!!
Did not want to miss this reservation again so climbed up the stairs with the long leg first:)
'I almost never do selfies but here it happened! 
A mirror selfie in the ladies room. 
Swedish rye bread on a heart plate!
So much love.
As always a visit to the big city makes my blood run a little faster in my body and it just added to the wonderful lunch experience. 
Like a cherry on top...
Loved my day this love day!

Max the pilot

Max sent me pictures the other day from a flight to Sweden we did 6 years ago, and asked me if I remembered.
Do I remember?!
Is there sand in the desert?!
One of the previous flights we did before this one was a terrible experience for us with wild turbulence and screaming stewardesses crawling on the floor while the bar cart went up in the air. 
So when this flight ,mentioned by Max, started to feel a little shaky I called the flight attendant to get some external help to get Max calm down...
'The stewardess arrived and just told us to wait a minute and disappeard.
A minute later she came back with the captain.
He then invited Max to the cockpit ( without mom).
An hour later Max returned, full of confident and "know how" and with a smile from ear to ear.
Ever since, whenever he is riding a dancing plane, he digs out from his memory bank what he learnt during his experience in the cockpit and happily distributes his knowledge to the rest of us shaky family members. 
That pilot will forever have a safe place in my heart.
That pilot's uniform hat will forever remind Max of what tremendous impact a nice talk "man-to-man" can have. 

Choose happiness!

Yup, sometimes I have to remind myself I actually have a choice.
I do believe in feeling connected with my "dark" side now and then and experience sadness, feeling low and depressed or just "out of order". 
I also believe that I can steer my mind in a certain direction.
It is of course so many reasons why one would feel all of the above but for now I'm only talking about me and my general moodswing caused by life.
So i allow myself to feel sad but only for a short period of time. 
After that I start trying to find something positive to cling on to. Wheather it's the sun, soft daughter arms wrapped around my neck or the fact that I'm healthy, it really is what my mind, at that very moment, feels appealed to...
If I can't find something to feel happy about I just wait and rest in the thought that something will occur that I can use to change my mood. 
To be honest only that last thought is kind of positive and is sometimes enough to make me choose to feel happier.
Ok, that was my Friday wisdom and it might not make any sense for some but...
I am so happy I actually have the choice to be happy!
You have too!

Ikea again...

Sorry to be ranting about Ikea the whole time but I'm a big fan of this Swedish company.
And when they combine design and collaborate with in this case social entrepreneurs in India who creates sustainable livelihood for rural women, I get extra proud. 
It does not help that this handcrafted collection is beautiful...
(Pictures Ikea press)
This temporary collection includes hand embroidered cushion covers, boxes, table runners and handwoven baskets, bags, laundry bags and floor cushions in renewable bananafibers. 
Run to buy and do good for a better world!

Candle, tea and pillows

In Stockholm we did not go for big shopping at all.
Candy, tea and a visit to the next door interior design shop was inevitable though...
Mostly it was all about dreaming but a few things did cross the "pond" with me:)
Pillows, scented candles and tea ( actually from the hotel) plus a trivet in gold metal are in this very moment putting a very superficial silver lining to my life. 
Sometimes things are better than nothing...
So the plan is to rest my tired head on that pillow while having a cup of tea surrounded by a fragrant sensation of wellbeing. 
Yup, that's the plan!
Its kind of a good plan for a tuesdsy night:)

We did it!

Congratulations to the most angel like eyeservant one can find for graduating the basic skill class!
He has done all new tricks in excellent manners ( at least at school) and easily became the "show dog" in the class. 
So the question is where all those obedience skills go while at home?
The special day called for flowers and a flag.
I'm so frickin proud of my fluff ball, despite him being "imperfect".
The eagerness and the want-to-please mentality easily make up for any sudden change in behavior ( especially when being distracted) and make me forgive him in a blink of a second.
Im well aware of that part of the success came from the pockets in the trainers pants in the form of tasty treats so I'm definitely going to hold on to that winning concept as long as needed. 
Next step will be the "advanced" level and according to the trainer Elvis is more than ready for it. 
'Hopefully I will be too...

Ikea sommar 2017

Ikea is a master in producing pictures of their products that immediately stimulates my shopping nerve. 
Not only do they present nice ideas but the message they manage to pass on through their photos is impressing. 
To take the day as it comes, to be more relaxed and to loosen a little on all the demands from life are wonderful advices that we all would benefit from. 
( pictures ikea)
Being a swede I just love the way they encourage easy and green living but in style. 
A picture tells more than 1000 words...
I can not but agree to that statement. 
Now i I want summer!

Good bye Stockholm...

So our time here in Stockholm is over. 
Tomorrow we are going back to sick kids leaving this bubble behind.
Im filled with love from friends.
Some I have not seen in years, some are new but all of them so beautiful and I feel so grateful our roads have crossed and I got to experience them. 
Then I of course one of the highlights was seeing a couple of my sisters. 
'Do I need to say my visit here felt fulfilled?!
So much fun, so many laughs and so much sisterly togetherness...
I am grateful!
For my beautiful friends, for my sisters ( one was missing) and for life!

A Swedish update...

A little swedish update...
Its cold, grey but definitely has some colorful splashes:)
I realise that I'm extremely out of fashion, its very expensive here and the cinnamon buns are all over...
But, to just wander around and soak up the athmosphere, to feel embraced by the well known is a wonderful experience.
I kind of never get tired of all the water always present wherever I walk, the majestic architecture and the smiles greeting me on my way ( maybe i look funny but I'll give them that).
Unfortunately the kids back home are sick with the tummy bug which puts a little cloud on my happiness being here but I can't do much from where I am...
Well well, only one day left and then I will be back in reality again:)
Till then i will try to do my best eating Swedish chocolate, beautiful bread and seeing sisters and friends. 

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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