Friday flowers

This week I have neglected my routine of always having fresh flowers at home. 
The ones I have look rather sad:(
But life came in between...
So these pictures from Country life will act as my Friday bouquets today. 
At least to be inspired of...
I thought they were stunning!
So simple but yet so beautiful. 
The vase is actually covered in lingonberry leaves and fixed with double sided tape. 
And these colours are soon to be expected!
To bring in nature in this form, a cup of tea and some lighted candles would definately set me in the right fall mood. 
Not to mention how much beauty we can find on a simple walk in the forest. 
I'm so impressed every time I go out of the power of nature in terms of colours,  balance and harmony. 
So inspiring and life giving...
Fresh air, circulation in the veins and candy for your eyes. 
Not easy to beat that!!!
So a Friday bouquet is a good way for me (for everyone) to bring in all this positive energy coming from the nature and to set me in weekend mode. 
But today I will just look at the pictures hoping that will count too...
Happy Friday!!!
( photos from country life autumn 2012)

Swimming lessons!

While waiting for school to start Bella takes other kinds of lessons. 
Swimming lessons!!!
She loves it!
Im sure she in a previous life had gills:)
We are using the pool at our golf club  
A club full of stiff people and conservative rules. 
It has beutiful surroundings, two pools and free body lotions after shower:)
The only problem is I always manage to get told off! 
Like a little kid!
Every time!
They have so many rules that Its a form of art to manoeuvre in between them...
I don't seem to own that quality:(
But Bella she is happy there!
She is fighting against the clock in treading the water. 
Learning how to free swim. 
Jumping from the edge into deep water. 
 And now and then catching the breath...
 After the lesson she is all smile!
She is either playing in the kids pool...
Or just enjoying the embracing water!
She could sit like this for ages...
 Humming or singing a little song to herself. 
I feel so privileged to be able to share her little bubble of joy...
Despite me not fitting in at this place I swallow my pride...
 Every time leaving this place with a scruffy self esteem but a very proud daughter knowing we anyhow will be back soon...
Just to see her eyes sparkle, her mouth smiling and her body jumping up and down in excitement. 
Who can resist happiness in a Bella package?!
Not me:))


The word lays like a sweet caramel in my mouth!
It tastes so good!
Sometimes that caramel becomes sour though...
I can can not stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with people who lifts you up. 
People who gives energy. 
People who accept who you are and loves you just the same. 
People you can be quiet with and feel comfortable with in the silence. 
People who never would promise to fix your problems but instead be there so you don't face them alone. 
People that makes your good sides bigger and lets your soul grow a little each time. 
Avoid people who drains you. 
People who uses all your fuel without passing the gas station. 
People who leaves a bitter aftertaste when they are gone. 
I try to see friends as small worlds inside us. 
Worlds with suns and stars, flowers and rainbows...
And all together they are forming who you are  
So choose carefully!
Its never too late to create your own beautiful world!
Make that word be the sweet caramel in your mouth!

H&M Studio FW'14 look book

I always feel so proud when it is time for Swedish companies to release new products or ideas whether it's clothing or furniture 
This time I want to share some pieces for next season from H&M new premium Studio line!
The collection was inspired by the nonchalant attitude of the 21st century where feminin meets masculine. 
Colours are black, grey, beige, khaki, off-white and navy with accents of zebra pattern and bubblegum pink. 
The collection is effortlessly cool and playful. 
Its pointed boots, faux fur and aviator jackets worn over draped tops and dresses. 
"Always ready for the night" look:)
Collection will be sold online and in around 260 stores worldwide from September 4th. 
Maybe not my style but definately feel the need of upgrading my wardrobe.
Who does not want to look charming and effortless?
Still hoping for a couple of more weeks of summer though so no rush...
My fridge is filled of leftovers so why not my closet?:))
(Photos from H&M )

Bike love!

This was my birthday present from my husband!
No silly handbags or no bling-bling jewelry.
No, we are talking hard core gifts!
The latest in mountain bikes!
And i looooooved it!!!!
I have not been mountain biking in many years but the excitement I felt was familiar to what I remembered. 
The bruises, the pain and the cramp I got though was deeply hidden in the past...
A biking hippopotamus!
That was me in the forest:)
I have no pictures from our actually ride cause the only time we stopped where when I had fallen...
But that was on the other hand quite a few times ...
Did not feel like taking photos at those moments though:)
So here we already finished our bike ride!
And that smile in my face tells a lot. 
To be out in the wood again, with my hubby, challenging my body, balance and bike (of course, remember the hippo) again is so liberating, so fun and so freedom friendly. 
Yup he did have to try my bike, compare it and then actually rave about it. 
And yes he had been wearing a helmet the whole ride, this was just before getting in to the car...
I think it was such a beautiful gift!
So thoughtful of him to invest in a gift that creates so much quality time together, fun experiences and to care about my wellbeing ( read my incipient belly) 😜😜😜
To be able to do that in style...
Thats loooove!!!
Thank you darling!
You made my day!!!

50 shades of green

Weekend is coming up!
Who hooo:)
Took a walk "around my property" and realized something...
This flower is the only colourful in the whole garden!!!
Its beautiful and rich in its colour but definately not enough to make up for this plot of land. 
When the sun is hiding we need to find substitutes for that warm and glowing ball. 
And to me some bright colours in the garden would easily fill that gap...
Green green green...
Im glad my house is of different colour otherwise it would have been difficult to find in that green jungle:)
I'm always amazed of how many shades of green there are...
I really like the green colours though!
It ranges from peaceful to energetic and everything in between...
But still...
Im missing the suns!
In Feng shui I have learned that we need all five elements ( fire, earth, metal, water and wood) together to create harmony. 
And 50 shades of green do not cover that need:))
The green colour symbolises growing, stabiility, persistence and harmony...
Boooooring I say:)
The weekend feeling in my heart needs fire, sun and sparkles and so does definately my garden!
That only flower had it all!
What an inspiration!!!
Hippy happy weekend!!!


I left my summerhouse project only to continue with a new project in our house here in the US. 
A new kitchen is coming up ( they told us Christmas) !
A kitchen big enough for a big family. 
A kitchen practical enough to cook in. 
A kitchen beautifully designed to embrace family and friends spending time in there. 
For now it's only demolition on the schedule though...
It's hard to believe that this "ruin" is going to be a house wife's dream:)
Lucklily they only closed of half the current kitchen and kept the stove and fridge going so we can still cook...
And why not redo the living room too while we are anyway on the go...?
Then suddenly we get the famous "ketchup" effect!
Olivia"s bathroom for example...
So for now we live in a plastic covered chaos. 
We don't mind. 
Its our dreams wrapped in that plastics. 
Dreams and wishes...
And hopefully it will come true at Christmas time. 
If we have been good....

My little hippie fairy

When jetlagged and tired not doing anything but sitting in a chair looking at life a little bit dull a little fairy danced by...
In a too big dress, too bright pink lipgloss and barefoot she danced right into my heart!
I thought she was bringing her wand but I was wrong. 
She brought her conductor baton! (Hmmm not sure about that word...)
She had created a song she wanted to perform...
So with a mild and soft voice she sang this song for me while conducting ( more like fencing) her performance. 
Oh my...
I thought I was going to melt!
All this love running through the veins in my body started to boil...
Surrounded by piles of garden furniture ( we are living in a work sight now), sheltered by the trees in her white dress she really looked like a little elf in troll feet:)
And she definately made me feel enchanted...
Wether it was her conductors baton, her song or her dance but my dull view of the world just disappeared. 
As if by magic...
My little hippie fairy!
You made my day!!!


Finally home!
We did not have a difficult flight at all but always so so relieved when we have safe ground under our feet. 
Fear of flying!
That's my middle name!
Weeks before I'm going on a plane ride my tummy just clench only by the thought of it. 
When we get closer to departure date my brain gets involved too. 
Sleeping problems, irritable mood and a deep desire to cancel everything. 
I have read every safety reports, every incidents of each airline and watched all the videos about how to calm you down when scared of flying. 
And i do feel better for a moment. 
Till I'm in my seat...
Then I start watching the air hostesses in action. 
Trying to read between their body languages.
Watching every passenger to see if I can find any suspicious sign of a terrorist. 
 Me prejudiced?! Not at all...:)
If I can't find anything upsetting I turn my focus towards the little tv screen. 
If that does not work properly the whole entire system on the plane is probably about to fail. 
Its just a matter of time...
Then I'm starting to watch the flight attendances again. 
But maybe they are not yet aware of what's going on with my screen. 
They probably don't know that the plane is soon loosing control...
And sometimes I think that if the camera does not work it's just because a higher force does not want us to see us crashing...
It is sick I know. 
But still real in my "fear of flying" bubble. 
If I'm travelling with the kids and they are talking to me, I'm telling them to be quiet.
Can not talk right now...
I don't like when I'm going with the kids. 
I need to concentrate on my own anxiety...
100 percent. 
If turbulence strikes I'm trying to remember that plane are built to withstand this. 
But for some reason the very plane I'm flying with, that's the only plane they forgot to go through with the checklist...
When we land I'm utterly drained. 
I have emptied all my adrenaline to the last drop. 
But I'm very very happy we made it. 
This time also...
So now dear family and friends,
to go through all this is just because of you!
Because that is how much you mean to me. 
How important you are to me and how much I value your love, friendship and company. 
Love conquers all!
Even my own sick thoughts:)

Good bye Sweden!

Me and the kids are saying bye bye to Sweden!
( Olivia has already left)
We have filled our mind and bodies with the most beautiful of summer ...
Millions of laughs
Tons of strawberries
Constant sunshine
Family and friends 
Love and hugs
Too many wasps
One and another chocolate
Thousands of "fika"
Fun activities
Late nights and sleep in mornings
Salty swims
Icecreams " en masse"
The list can be endless but need to go. 
Packing the last bit and then off...
Off to home and hubby with summer in our veins, sunshine in our hearts and peace in our minds!

Opportunity in Ystad!

I know I have been raving about the cute little houses downtown Ystad. 
Now one of them is for sale!!!
And that give us an opportunity to check out this cute little house from the inside...
Its Sotheby's international realty who needs to be contacted if you are interested in buying. 
All the pictures are from their homepage. 
Pastel and cute!
A floor to die for...
A practical and spacious kitchen. 
And who does not want to fly away in your dreams with a view from the sink like this?
Yes I'm sure some good food will be created in this kitchen. 
Nicely sized living room. 
And the very important cozy safety factor : the fireplace!
A small  bedroom...
And a big dining room. 
With doors leading out to a little paradise...
Oh I would loooove to sit there with a cup of tea and a good book. 
I love those courtyards. 
They embrace you and protect you and shelter you from the outside world. ( and sometimes melt you😜)
But in this case, if you want to be wild and crazy there is a rooftop terrace!
More info and more pictures can be seen at:
So go ahead.!
There are not so many of them for sale. 
Thank you Ystad for once again deliver:))

A melancholic walk

During one of my walks along the beach the other day it suddenly hit my like someone punched me in my tummy. 
Summer here is almost over!
Only a few days left and then back to school, routines and everyday life. 
Almost eight weeks of just being...
The whole place seems to be preparing for the next season. 
Even the beach was "shining" of people's absence and leftovers from warmer and sunnier days. 
Fall is really coming closer here at this side of the world but I'm still not sure I'm ready for it yet. 
Luckily I have a little more time back in the US before fall is approaching:)
Everything here seems to take on a more dull tone...
But of course there are still small "suns" out there brightening up me and everyone else's mind:)
I'm a very flexible person who likes changes but I also always need some time to get use to an idea. 
To prepare and get into a mood which I will benefit most from...
To kind of tie that bag i have filled up with beautiful memories and experiences.
A bag I later in the year can dig into when it's cold, grey and dull and find my goodies that will make my heart smile. 
For now I allow myself to feel melancholic. 
To enjoy every moment like it would be the last...
To make every moment big moments. 
Feeling safe in knowing this place will be the same next year too. 
The waves will still be rolling in like it has been doing since history started. 
Now that I'm thinking of it I'm ready to rock the fall!!!
With a smile:))

Buns and beach

I looooove to "fika" ( having coffe, tea for me, and something sweet to go with it)
My sisters are the same. And all the kids!
And the area around here is a paradise for people like me:)
So what else could we do but visit one of those places which offers "eat as much as you want" for a fixed price. 
Mossbylunds Kaffe stuga! ( coffe cottage)
This is the entrance to that paradise:)
And if you go to the right you have a playground and plastic garden furniture to sit on...
But if you want something different you just walk behind the building and you get more peace and more intimacy...
More of a secret garden...
With kids it's probably more convenient to sit on the plastics though since it's right next to the playground. 
And to the apple trees...
For when your tummy is so full of buns and cookies you just want to lay down:))
Unfortunately I did not manage to catch the overfilled bun and cookieplates on the camera...
It was all gone at the speed of lightning!
But normally there are one kind of bun, another cake and then four or five different cookies. 
Yammi yammi!
Afterwards we just rolled down to the beach ,which is just across the road, to digest...
And to feed our eyes...
So so beautiful!
A wonderful combination of nurturing both your sweet tooth and your eyes!
I had no complaints at all:))
tjing tjong

A day in Denmark!

Yesterday we spent a day in Copenhagen In Denmark. 
Half a day at the American embassy and the other half at the Tivoli. 
Just the word itself tastes positive:)
A magical, fun filled and ageless place!
A place where everything seems to get a golden tone. 
Where the sky sometimes just opens and drenches you but you really don't care cause there is this positive atmosphere that keeps your heart dry. 
And you know the sun just can not resist catching an eye on all the fun now and then anyway...
A place where Max can empty his adrenalin depots. 
And his mom too only by watching him...
Fast, upside down and twisting is "da thing"!
A place where as high up as possible is a rule...
But also a place for Bella and her dreams...
Whether she wants to ride in a carousel. 
A veteran car...
Or a little free fall:)
She was just happy to be there in that magical world!
I was happy too walking around in such pretty settings...
kids enjoying...
and Max constant care for Bella to make sure she had a great time. 
(This time she allowed him, normally she refuses his tender loving care)
The bad thing is we did not have time to explore the whole garden but the good thing is we are so close from our summerhouse so we can easily go back and continue where we stopped:)
In other words a day full of fun, laughs and love!
And friends!
Two beautiful Danish women from my UK time met us up for a loooong lunch.
A lot of chatting, bubbling and gossiping...
A wonderful ending of a wonderful afternoon!
So with me on the train home I had a new passport, smiling kids and a boost of friendship. 
I have said it before and I'm saying it again:
Life is good!!!

A bouquet of roses!

I have turned one year older, wiser and maturer!
Two of my family members are already back in the US but they made sure I woke up in style:)
This gorgeous bunch of roses was delivered to me in the morning. 
It really made my day!
The combination of all these pastell colours and the perfect shaped petals that form this magnificent flower made my eyes smile and my heart warm.
True beauty! 
Not only did it brighten up my day.
It lifted the whole room!
Things that increases the positive energy in a room and makes it more beautiful for the eye does not have to be a big change. 
A beutiful bouquet of flower does that job!!!
So even my bald kitchen really benefited from my birthday:)
Also an almost black and white photo shows the power of a bunch of flowers.
And me, I smiled everytime I passed the kitchen and every time I came to think of the roses and what they stand for. 
Thank you "hubby"!

Kafferosteriet at Österlen

Decided to try out a new pizzaplace recommended by almost everyone around here. 
And of course we wanted to see and experience what people were raving about...
Drove out in the middle of nowhere and there it was!
Surrounded by open rolling fields and located just off the winding main road the former old school turned into a restaurant glowed welcoming in the summer dawn. 
 My beautiful sister seemed very comfortable and looked like she was the host of this place:)
 Not many places can fit all of us around one table but in this case there was no problem at all. 
We could have brought our neighbours too...
Luckily we did not bring them cause then we would still have been waiting for the food:)
It was a pizzeria for adults with advanced toppings on wood-fired baked bottoms. 
With local and ecological ingredients. 
It was also a pizza place for people with all time in the world...
Not a place for hungry and tired kids ( read our kids)
We had to wait too long before we even got a chance to order. 
But I guess that is what to expect when it's fully booked...
Luckily one could spend the time during the wait watching all the things for sale...
Oh I love colours!
Outside it was also a very relaxed atmosphere. 
A beautiful surrounding garden perfect for the kids to run around in when they had have enough to eat. 
Or even before while waiting...
We thought...or hoped. 
But not this time...
It was definately a place I want to give a second chance though...
It was definately a place which deserves another first impression. 
A place where you would think you want to spend a whole evening. 
Where you would think you would enjoy the food and laugh together with friends. 
Where you would want to think your kids would love to happily climb the trees and do acrobatics in the garden.
Yes we definately want to return!
Next time will be the perfect experience!

Rowing at Svaneholm's castle

I loooove to visit castles!
It is so "freakin" romantic!
I can feel the history in the walls. 
I can hear the clogs from the servants clatter in the bailey. 
I can see white dressed girls in curly hairdo's playing in the park. 
In the area around our summer place there are lots of castles!
One of them is this one: Svaneholm. 
This is just a side door but still majestic!
I can picture a caravan of horse carriers with men in high hats and women in long dresses driving up for a ball...
The purpose of our visit was far from that fancy though...
We came to use the lake!
We came to row!
We came to get some energy out of the kids. 
Sisters with kids in one boat...
Max in one...
Alex in one ( who immediately got mentally transferred into his fantasy books)
And no he was not standing in the boat the whole time and yes we should all have life vests but they only provided that for the small kids and we did not know that...
In the last boat My dear parents had to drag me and Bella around.
To every spot that was covered in waterlilies ( such a besutiful word: waterlilies)
And those spots were many!
An elegant wrapped death trap!
Imagine swimming with all the stems clinging on to your legs pulling you down down. Yuk!!!
 Luckily no one fell over board:)
Instead we could enjoy the castle from the sea. 
Listen to the happy laughs from the kids. 
Watching ducks swimming pass you curious to see if we brought food:)
Looking out for fishes ( must have scared them because we did not see a single one)
The bigger boys just rowed out to the middle of the lake, anchored,  found a comfy spot in the boat and plugged in their headphones...
Many ways of enjoying the nature:)
So much to tell these walls....
Anyway the castle is a nice spot for a picnic, a lunch in the restaurant or a trip on the lake!
And as a bonus happy kids, happy moms and yammi ice creams!
tjing tjong

Going green!

I have bought a dress!
A dress with a colour that brightens up any day!
A dress that put some glamour to the summer!
A dress that puts a smile in my face:)
 Even surrounded by brooms and garden chairs I do look a little glamorous:)
Of course I also have good help of Bella ...
 It's not the cut that does it. 
Its the material, soft and flexible. 
And the colour!
Like a big green juicy apple full of vitamins and energy!
A bright happy green tone that easily can replace the sun a cloudy day!
Going green is " da thing":))

A trip to Simrishamn

This week I'm having two of my sisters and their kids keeping me company down here in my little paradise. 
I soooo enjoy it!
Two beautiful women that make the world smile!
And of course the small cousins also wanted to be in the picture...
We took a little trip up the coast to another little village Simrishamn. 
Also an origin in the fishing industry but they also have this:
" the pharmacist's garden". 
A mediterranean garden where you can sit and enjoy the peaceful garden while eating a nice and healthy lunch. 
When you are done and got your energy back there are some shopping to be done in the shops in the surrounding area. 
Pots and plants...
Colourbeauty and fragrance ( all provided "au naturel")
If you are in the mood for a morrocan mosaic table there are plenty to choose from... from the morrocan plates and dinner wares!
When we got tired of windowshopping we walked down to the harbour just to enjoy the view and to feel the fresh sea air caressing our cheeks as soft as it would have been made of velvet. 
Love that feeling!
Note Bella's pose...:)
Big brother had a more chilled attitude to our need of exploring:)
While my little flower princess was running around jumping, climbing and cartwheeling!
To me a perfect day filled with sisters, love and laughs!!!

Feng shui lesson at Hönö

Last weekend I paid a visit to the west archipelago to have a "live" lesson in Feng shui. 
It was a great experience and a welcoming change from my online course. 
Not only did we learn a lot but I also got a chance to meet my "classmate" and teacher. 
Two wonderful people with beautiful and big hearts.
Hearts ready to welcome new people and open to share their story. 
I feel so lucky to finally have met these two girls whome I have only been laughing with through internet and now could see their big smiles in real life. 
Here we are like two wise owls fighting a problem, together this time though...
( photo by Annette)
We stayed in a cabin like this. ( teacher Susanna Utbult waiving)
No one would ever guess that a gas station was behind this building...
When the view from the terrass looked like this...
Or this! ( one morning and one evening shot)
We also found time to explore some of the interior design stores:
 This one had such an inviting display outside so my " eye just wanted to know more" :))
Cushions en masse!
That is according to me one of the easiest way to lift a room and create some coziness...
And each one of them was shouting my name:)
 Simple styling gives great inspiration!
Looove those stores where I just can pick and choose and the only thing stopping me is money...
Peace for your eyes was also offered in the little harbour where we enjoyed both dinner and lunch. 
Despite a little threat of rain we still decided to sit outside and it turned out to be a beautiful night!
Sweden is fantastic!!!
And these are the girls who made my weekend!!!
Thanks Susanna and Annette for a wonderful time. 
After being able to master the search for " curry lines" I went back to my summer house and have now started operation " refurnishing"! 
No more sleeping on currylines:))

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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