A trip to Zeta’s...

A cold and grey day my beautiful friend took me to a little gem I’ve only heard about but never experienced my self. 
It was a garden center with kind of extra everything if you refer to ambience, style, products and prizes 😝.
Plants and other things for the outside were of course “hibernating” but still I could picture what wonderful place to go visit when the right season will come if you want to go hunting for inspiration.
I so appreciate when they mix in ideas of how to use some of their things so it can be seen in its right environment and us buyers can start dreaming:)
They also have a cute little cafe with just enough selection to satisfy both a savor and sweet tooth.
Luckily 😝! 
I can’t wait to come back to this place when it’s filled of temptations and I can explore their full range of ways to beautify our home and garden. 

My fluffy marshmallow

I dropped Elvis off at the hairdresser this morning.
I left a dog in there but came to pick up a fluffy marshmallow:)
I think even him did not really recognize himself because he walked in a funny way, like he was a balloon only attached to the ground by the leash I was holding.
 I don’t know why the pictures came out so weird but something seems to be wrong...
Anyhow I wish there would be a “smell button” too that could catch that special hairdressed fur fragrance that surrounded my dog and made me bury my nose in a fluffy marshmallow both once and twice:)
 So much fluffy love!

The weekend

Its been a busy weekend!
First my dear hubby surprised me by taking me to a concert and managed to keep it a secret all the way till the artist entered the stage.
I had no clue at all but i did welcome it by all my heart when I found out it was one of my funniest favorite Swedish singer, Lena Philipsson.
Love my husband for doing this kind of things for me!
Love him for other things too...😝
And today was his day.
Actually it was the day of all fathers out there...
But he was the only one getting a gift from me.
I gave him a book for him to write about himself, his past and current time, his plans for the future, good things and bad things...
It will hopefully give him time for reflection, bring out emotions and a possibility for him to pass on his experiences to other generations to learn from.
He immediately started to write his autobiography so I guess there is some stuff to be told:)
We were thinking to take the boat out for a trip in the archipelago to have a Father’s Day lunch but have not really got used to the short days yet so ended up in our local hotel. 
A beautiful building next to the marina, great food but completely empty.
I so hope the new plans for this pearl will make this place hustle and bustle and become the new waterhole for both locals and visitors from far.
A few kids were missing...
Will I ever get used to that?!
A weekend filled with activities and sharing of love and a wonderful ending of the passed week.
Hopefully it will set the tone of this upcoming week...
Did I mention I feel so grateful?

A glorious morning

The other morning when I stumbled out in our garden to let Elvis do his things it was like entering a painting. 
The world looked so beautiful and it felt like it passed on a message of “today will be a good day”.
It was cold, a little foggy and a beautiful light.
It was just magical!
It immediately created a feelgood feeling and I felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of peacefulness, no worries and lots of hope for this world.
A glorious way to start my day:)

Still the same...

All quiet on the western front.
Absolutely nothing is happening in our home.
Its still the same pillows, same furnishing and same kind of “just moved in” atmosphere.
With leaves falling down I feel the inspiration took the same way...
Maybe I’m suffering from a light version of a fall depression.
We are still waiting for the architects to come back with The solution.
Till then it feels a little unnecessary to invest in colors, furniture and paintings so I just keep on refilling my vases to at least get some uplifting energy going:)
But still, honestly, we have roof above our heads, food to eat, beds to sleep in and love to share with each other.
Should‘nt that be enough?!
I do believe the right pillow should be in that equation though:)

Ambience in pictures...

Just read that this coming winter will be the coldest in 5 years...
Luckily we have December with all its warm lights and decoration wrapping us with a soft and cozy blanket making us believe that it’s actually not so bad.
HM home delivers the same message with their pictures:)
( pictures HM Home)
Love the mixture of traditional and glamorous as well as the mix of simple and grand and sumptuous.
Think of how far a single twig in a beautiful vase can take you ambience wise...
Right now I’m happy just experiencing the feeling through pictures though:)
Happy new week!

Activity day...

When fever is gone the energy comes back and suddenly my daughter was ready for some adventure.
We decided to go visit a medieval manor in the middle of nowhere at the countryside outside our summerhouse. 
She was lucky to have one of her cousins joining her, which added some extra positive dimension to this whole cold trip:)
A medieval calendar making with the use of the same sort of colors they used back then ( hard to work with said Bella) had them focused, and warmed up, for a little while.
After that it was time for the next thing...
Of course some of us, no matter age, had to try to put their neck in the pillory. ( right word?)
Everything seemed to be of interest but when it came to go treasure hunting in the manor Bella chickened out already in the entrance. Despite the company of my sister, it was too dark, too narrow aisles and apparently to steep for my daughter to feel comfortable so we stopped the fun there.
Instead we went to a bakery to stock up with goodies and went home to top off our day in our warm kitchen waiting for my family to join us for a coffee/tea and snack. 
Best moment of that day according to me:)
Love my family, love exploring the neighborhood and love being here!


Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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