One of the most devastating experiences must be when the light of someone in your family ( in my case my dad), suddenly switches off. 
All these emotions fighting to get the most attentions...
Sadness, disbelief, anger, hate, grief, guilt but also love, gratefulness and confidence. 
I feel like I’m being hit by waves from a stormy sea. 
I know the storm will calm down eventually and that the waves will keep on coming but less frequent, less powerful and with enough time in between to let us catch our breath. 
It it has been so weird.
So many tears and then suddenly a memory that brings a smile to our lips and we are desperately clinging on to that positive thought to give ourselves a little break. And then a few tears again...
Luckily we are four sisters. 
Between us we share hugs, tears, encouragements, memories and laughs. 
Together we are strong and able to help out our mom who suddenly only feels half...
We can never replace that other half but we sisters will make sure to do our best to fill the ”hole” with love, quality and tons of connection and affinity. 
But for now, the most important is to try to keep our heads above the surface and wait for the storm to calm down. 
Grief is the price we pay for love and oh so much love we got from you dad...


så underbart vackert, här kunde pappa och jag gå varje dag och njuta. nu får tårarna rinna och jag tar med honom i mitt hjärta och tanke och så går vi tillsammans vår promenad

Svar: ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Lacik

2018-04-26 @ 11:40:34

Med vackra ord och foton fångar du känslan som vi delar, älskar dig storasyster!!!

Svar: ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Lacik

2018-04-27 @ 23:49:50

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