A trip to Zeta’s...

A cold and grey day my beautiful friend took me to a little gem I’ve only heard about but never experienced my self. 
It was a garden center with kind of extra everything if you refer to ambience, style, products and prizes 😝.
Plants and other things for the outside were of course “hibernating” but still I could picture what wonderful place to go visit when the right season will come if you want to go hunting for inspiration.
I so appreciate when they mix in ideas of how to use some of their things so it can be seen in its right environment and us buyers can start dreaming:)
They also have a cute little cafe with just enough selection to satisfy both a savor and sweet tooth.
Luckily 😝! 
I can’t wait to come back to this place when it’s filled of temptations and I can explore their full range of ways to beautify our home and garden. 


Har heller aldrig varit där, men hört mycket om stället och det ser verkligen jättefint ut! Härligt att du fick chansen att åka dit :)

Svar: Jag är oxå så glad att jag fick chansen:). Nu har jag något att längta tillbaka till när den riktiga säsongen börjar. 🌺
Maria Lacik

2017-11-16 @ 20:26:57
URL: http://evelinawilson.blogg.se

Åh, vad härligt det ser ut! :)

Svar: Det var ett väldigt mysigt ställe trots att det inte riktigt var rätt säsong:)
Maria Lacik

2017-11-17 @ 13:50:46
URL: http://tesswaltenburg.blogg.se/

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