The weekend

Its been a busy weekend!
First my dear hubby surprised me by taking me to a concert and managed to keep it a secret all the way till the artist entered the stage.
I had no clue at all but i did welcome it by all my heart when I found out it was one of my funniest favorite Swedish singer, Lena Philipsson.
Love my husband for doing this kind of things for me!
Love him for other things too...😝
And today was his day.
Actually it was the day of all fathers out there...
But he was the only one getting a gift from me.
I gave him a book for him to write about himself, his past and current time, his plans for the future, good things and bad things...
It will hopefully give him time for reflection, bring out emotions and a possibility for him to pass on his experiences to other generations to learn from.
He immediately started to write his autobiography so I guess there is some stuff to be told:)
We were thinking to take the boat out for a trip in the archipelago to have a Father’s Day lunch but have not really got used to the short days yet so ended up in our local hotel. 
A beautiful building next to the marina, great food but completely empty.
I so hope the new plans for this pearl will make this place hustle and bustle and become the new waterhole for both locals and visitors from far.
A few kids were missing...
Will I ever get used to that?!
A weekend filled with activities and sharing of love and a wonderful ending of the passed week.
Hopefully it will set the tone of this upcoming week...
Did I mention I feel so grateful?


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