My little scones maker

I love breakfasts!
And especially on the weekends I like them to be big, long and tasty:)
Its a wonderful way to start off the day, gather the family around you and take the opportunity to talk to each other. 
There are usually lots of things to be said...
The other day Bella wished for scones.
Best thing is when your kids want to help out and are showing some interest in the food making business. 
That is really something I happily encourage and try to fulfill. 
It does not only have to be breakfasts, it can be everything from a fruit salad, cakes, cookies or a full dinner but whatever idea they come up with I feel I have to accommodate, sometimes modify but always have them come through with their impulse. 
In this case the breakfast scones brought laughter, togetherness and coziness for me and Bella and with its accompany of tea and a scented candle we shared a morning in quality. 
#catching the moments


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