Bye bye boat...

The time has come for our captain to put his pipe and captains hat on the shelf for the winter.
We got a little more than a month with trial and error, exploring and havIng fun with our new toy so it felt a little sad saying goodbye for this time. 
I was driving the car with Bella to the marina but the “captain” said it was such a beautiful boat ride.
The calm water, that kind of winter light that makes knife sharp contrasts and the snow made the whole trip magical. 
Now the boat is going in for a long sleep and we will not be reunited until some time in spring. 
Sometimes I wish I could do the same...
I think I would have loved to go hibernating till warmer month arrive.
On the other hand I would miss out on the hot chocolate season so I don’t think it’s worth it :)
Better just to like the situation and make the best of it. 
Bye bye boat!
Till we meet again.


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