A trip to the zoo.

Today was a perfect day for a trip to the zoo.
It was a zoo I have not been visiting in at least 35 years and I will probably not go back in the next 35 years either.
It is the world's largest animal park hosting Nordic animals so Bella was very excited. 
Unfortunately we seemed to have bad luck with the animals sleeping, hiding or not even being there because the only creatures we saw were seals, pigs, goats and a sleeping bear. 
No moose, no Lynx, no wolf or no golden eagle. 
The environment was very pretty and idyllic though, with scenic wilderness mixed with tamed Swedish countryside. 
Like walking around in a children's book...
All the people working there greeted us with a big smile and a friendly "hello".
Maybe they were trying to keep us happy knowing we will not be able to see any animals…:)
The playgrounds were great, the nature beautiful and the seal was cute.
Bella was still happy so I guess it was a good trip after all anyway. 
And her mom got to ride in that mechanical tractor attraction in "Shawn the sheep land". 
I knew I had a country girl inside me:)


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