Delete blood cancer!

Yesterday we were invited to a black tie gala in the city.
An event with the purpose of raising money to "delete blood cancer"...
It was wonderful to change my usual "pyjamas" to something more dressy and feminine:)
My babysitter probably thought the same because she also wanted Bella to take these pictures ( she is the one hiding in the back). Maybe she will use these as a proof that I actually wore something that far from leggings and a tank top.
Anyhow, little did I know these event would cause so much tears so I think I would have been better off wearing a nicely wrapped towel...
So many sad stories and luckily a couple of happy endings too but omg what an emotional roller coaster I hit that evening. 
Despite a performance by Kesha and a very nice goodie bag I'm completely drained today. 
Just play with the thought of one of your children standing in front of that horrific problem that the only way for that child to survive is to get new bone marrow.
But unfortunately there are no donors...
So the fond got a small money donation from us but the world will get another bone marrow donor and hopefully I will be able to give a future to someone who is lacking that very same!
Hippy happy weekend!


Vad fina ni är!!! Det blir många känslor en sådan kväll.

Svar: Tack! Ja massa känslor blev det...:)
Maria Lacik

2015-04-17 @ 23:15:53

Vilket tjusigt par. Ni får nog gå på fler galor, det passar er verkligen uppklädda till max, men ni vänjer er med tiden och du är så fin i din klänning

Svar: Det är ju faktiskt roligt att ha en anledning att svida upp sig så där. Som när man var liten och klädde ut sig:)
Maria Lacik

2015-04-18 @ 14:12:57

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