Wet, cold but happy!

So we finally did it!
We and about 32 000 others. 
We biked the five boroughs, a 40 miles ( 60 km) long tour through the five boroughs of New York. 
It was such a special feeling biking through the city where they had closed of the roads for cars, where people were cheering along the way, playing music and keeping up a positive spirit all through the ride.
It was cold, rainy and nasty but despite the weather it was such a good atmosphere and the loud music everywhere created almost a party feeling. 
Some in my family complained a lot of my slow pace though ( the pictures show the difference in approach to this event 😜) but since I've never biked this long before I wanted to make sure I'd keep a pace I could hold for 40 miles because I really wanted to stay on that bike the whole time...
And I stayed on for just under four hours, and felt as proud as the Lady Liberty looked on the ferry from staten island.
Another activity to tick off from my list.
Wet, cold, a little stiff but oh so happy:)


toppen toppen, bra gjort och naturligtvis en härlig upplevelse speciellt med nya håret under hjälmen
pusspuss mamma

Svar: Det var nog i håret styrkan satt eftersom jag orkade cykla hela vägen :) puss
Maria Lacik

2016-05-02 @ 09:52:51

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