In preparation...

Sunshine, warmth, snow and cold. 
The weekend in a nutshell.
Despite weather condition and a homecoming son my dear hubby still needs to prepare for his crazy upcoming "race across America".
A 3089 miles ( ca 4500 km) bike ride done in 7 days next summer is what he needs to be prepared for...
To prepare you need a bike.
But not just any bike, you need a "batman bike" and all other equpments that fit into that expression:)
The batman bike is for speed on flats...( a more normal bike will be used for up hills)
This race is also called the "the world' s toughest bike race" and of course you just don't need the right bike, the right gear and the right training.
You also need the world's toughest heart, determination and brain to be able to do it.
My husband is the perfect candidate for that kind of challenge!
Just saying...


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