Friday burger

After fighting the sleep demons that had me completely knocked out I woke up past lunch and woke up the rest of my family so we would have a chance to see daylight. 
i can't believe it is so difficult to adjust to the time difference...
We went to renew the passports, went for a walk and suddenly it was dark again!
Decided to go wild and crazy and took the kids to their favourite hamburger restaurant:
Friday night around 7pm and the restaurant was completely empty...
 So we had everything to our selves...
Max was eager to get to Max hamburgers although he always goes for nuggets...
Does all the empty chairs mean we are the only one who likes this place?
 They started up their business even before the American hamburgerbrands invaded Sweden so they should know what they are doing...
Oh wait I forgot we were in a tiny little town where Friday nights mean pizza and beer in front of "let's dance" on TV. 
Too hungry to remember to take pictures of the food...
Another fan of this place...
And with no people around I'm probably allowed to sit wherever and how I want ,Bella thought!
Little sister has not been punched in her eyes but found a pink eyeliner and wanted to look pretty this Friday night...
And even mommy seemed to be happy for this restaurant choice:)
Yup that was our Friday night...
Hope you had a good one too!!!


Gott på Max tycker jag med, bästa burgaren är den man får insvept i stort salladsblad ist för bröd ,Om Bella börjar träna med rosa eyeliner redan nu kanske hon en dag kommer att lyckas riktigt bra, ett svårt uppdrag själv har jag aldrig lyckats med den färgen😉💄💅 . Ha det så gott i blåsten☔️

Svar: Gillar det stället fast utan eyeliner för min del:) Vet inte om vi hinner komma upp till VÖ även om det skulle vara urmysigt. Annars ses vi till sommaren... Kramis
Maria Lacik

2014-03-15 @ 08:14:10

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