In love with dirty blue colours!

I can really feel spring around the corner even though it is VERY cold but still...
Got so inspired with the colours in this home from a stylist in Denmark.
It i so nice with a break from all the whites to this "non-colours" in sand and stone and bluegreen tones mixed with black elements.
The table is from Mulberry and she mixes that with Eames chairs in a dirty blue colour and continue to take up the blue all through with accents like in here in the kitchen bottles.
Love love love...
The blue continues on the walls...
( all photos from Mikkel Adsböl from Bo Bedre)
And in the colours of the textiles like here in the bedroom and the the old studio.
A beautiful home where all the rooms almost melt in together and creates harmony and a very nice flow!
Me like a lot!


Visst påminner köket om det kök ni har på Tvärvägen.Det känns som tanken bakom finns hemma hos dig med. Nu längtar jag riktigt mycket.Pussochlängt M

Svar: Otroligt fint! Tror det var Kvänum om jag inte minns fel…Längtar också!!! kram
Maria Lacik

2014-03-04 @ 18:03:04

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