Scandinavian touch in the Caribbean

Jet lagged!!!
She is 2 am and I can not sleep!
Looking for inspiration for my summer house and got carried away all the way to St Barth and the beautiful home of the owners and design duo  of the fashion and interior brand Day. ( Keld Mikkelsen and Marianne Brandi )
The beach house has a mix of Scandinavian design and timeless coastal island style. A beautiful and heavenly nice combination. Love love love it!!!
Facing the house gives me "want-to-have" feelings but turning around...
There is no way back:))
Love this very balanced kitchen...
Where  modern meets arts and craft.
And there is always a way out...
No words needed:)
Guest room! I wouldn't mind sleeping in there...
Master bedroom! I can feel the breeze from the ocean all the way up here in the cold north...
A nice and cool living room ...
With a pretty ok view.
Nice idea for us collectors, hang it on the wall!!
Oh and don't forget to open the doors...
Ok so as wonderful and amazing this home is I still kind of love what I have here in the very south part of Sweden.
And I'm finally tired now...
good night


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