Some feng shui entry tips!

I am about to finish my first course in feng shui and have three more to go. 
What I have learned so far has more or less been a selfish confirmation that i am going in the right direction with my home styling tentacles. That feels soooooo good for my ego:)
So if I'm summing up important things to think of in different rooms it would look like this regarding the entry and hall:
Remember it's the last thing you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you are coming home again. 
It should be easy to find your entrance. Lights, sign or number is a good way to show the way!
Use the main entrance instead of a side door! This is where all the energy comes in to the house and we want all the energy to be positive so it should be light, open and welcoming!
No mirrors directly in front of you when you enter!
The first impression is important! So next picture is a no no...:
What signals are we sending out in this case? ( I know it is a little excessive but just to make a point)
Make sure there is a minimum of clothes, shoes and furniture! Work with hidden storage to give the eye a calm experience and to let the energy flow without interruptions. 
The hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house!
All the five elements should be represented to create harmony! ( fire, earth, metal, water and tree)
With this simple suggestions we are making sure the energy is laughing and what better start can we get coming home?!
Happy weekend!


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